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  1. Technically, that's savegames, not craft files. Seems a lot of the old parts are in KSP2, so I could imagine if they wanted, they could put in an import feature. Might not fly the same.
  2. Anybody else notice a big increase in Electricity usage since the update when PRE is on? I've found some of my craft are using 50x more power. I noticed as my KOS module runs out of power, killing my programs. So it could be specific to KOS too. I can fix it by turning off PRE, but that work around obviously makes the far craft unusable. To complicate things, I've been running these scenarios in the KRASH simulator, since I'm running Kerbal Construction Time.
  3. Love the mod. Question: Is this a bug or a feature I'm not aware of? I landed and KCT recovered my 1st stage booster, edited it to plop on a new upper stage / payload. I made sure staging was correct, but when I eventually launched, the first stage rocket wouldn't activate upon staging. I had to right click and click on activate engine to get it to start. I can activate it via Action Groups, if that matters. Other possibly relevant points, this was running under KRASH. Initially, I tried launching using my standard KOS script, which spat out an error due to an inactive engine. That's when I found I couldn't activate the engine through staging.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm having a bit too much fun with KOS. I just wrote a function to determine how much delta-V I need to get a good boost back based on current ground speed and compare that with how much delta-V I have left in the booster stage. This allows me to leave a different amount of fuel based on how heavy my payload is. Since heavier payloads means I'm going at a slower ground speed at MECO, I actually need less delta-V to get back to KSC, allowing me to use a greater fraction of the 1st stage booster fuel. In other words, a fixed percentage isn't ideal. I'll post a video later.
  5. Gotcha. Thanks for the quick reply. In other words, I've already been doing the work around, since I've been focusing on the booster landing anyway. I just wasn't sure what was going on, or which mod was causing the issue. As I mentioned, on at least one occasion, it landed fine (well, presumably fell over afterward, but I don't have landing legs unlocked yet) while I had focus on the upper stage. Part of the reason I was hoping to stay focused on the 2nd stage, is because I'm planning on using this in a cross-feed "Hawk Heavy." Right now, my Launch Pad can't support a big enough rocket to matter as the entire core booster + 2nd stage get into orbit. Eventually, when I get my big payload on, I'll need to be able to keep focus on the core + 2nd stage during ascent, as KOS requires focus during Staging. I may be able to do a work around by using Action Groups with docking ports instead of decouplers and staging, but I'm not sure yet. Worse comes to worst, I can re-install Stage Recovery and "pretend" the boosters landed. FYI, I'm playing a bit casual this time, so no DRE, and I've never installed RSS. Anyway, thanks for this great mod. Can't do any of this without it.
  6. Great mod! I've been playing with booster landing using kOS. I've had some inconsistencies. I'm not sure if it's kOS or PRE. To make things more complicated, I'm running Kerbal Construction Time, so most of these runs are being done in the K.R.A.S.H. Simulator before I actually "build" them. Quick background: I launch a 2 stage rocket, and do a stage separation around 400 m/s at a bit above 32 km altitude. The 2nd stage continues to orbit, while 1st stage does a boost back and lands back at KSC. You can see from this video clip and this clip, the 2nd stage continues fine (upper kOS window) when I switch focus to the Booster. You can see a Side booster version with this clip, but PRE wasn't running, so the upper stage disappeared. Yet, if I keep focus on the 2nd stage, most of the time the Boosters window disappears, and presumably the Boosters also goes away. At first, I thought it was the Stage Recovery mod, as they'd appear in the SR recovered window. I figured it was despawning them. I uninstalled SR, and it happened again. I kept with the 2nd stage until orbit, so by the time I tried to check on the booster, it wasn't showing up on the map anymore. So either it may have despawned as a low altitude suborbital craft or crashed into the surface. It was 25km that the booster disappears. To make things more complicated, it works fine sometimes going through to landing while unfocused. I've got the range set up really high at 800 km, which is probably an issue. I don't have a lot of debris floating around, maybe 10 objects around Kerbin, 4 of which are on the ground. Rest in orbit. Thoughts? I know I can re-install SR, but I'd rather land it legitimately, as I use KCT recovery, and plop a new 2nd stage on top for a faster build time.
  7. Been working on a pod racer lately and stumbled onto your Boonta Eve Classic event.

    Do your ships still work with the latest KAS/KIS versions? Can't seem to get a non-rigid connection, even after following your video.

    1. MikeKerman


      NM. Musta been a different mod conflicting. Now to finish the build and record the run!

  8. I tried loading it in my 1.2.2 game, and it didn't work.
  9. Sorry. Too late. And that would force everybody to stay on 1.2.2.
  10. Oops. I missed that part. I'll add to the Munar Orbital on my next turn.
  11. You can make a copy of your 1.2 game folder, continue with your regular game, and update the original.
  12. Here's the current configuration of the Curie Orbital Akademy and Gas Station. I posted it before, but that was prior to installing Scatter/SVE/etc. I've also docked a different SSTO (same class) onto the far end, instead of the somewhat crowded mid-station docking area. Been emptying the fuel bags on various missions, so the station looks quite different. Mostly, it's a nice angle. Those heat-shields on the MKS Akademy Module are also new, and are 4 copies of my nifty re-entry kits, you can see here: I've recently unlocked Gigantors, and will add a Solar Array with more Radiators to help with the heat when I need to run the nuklear reactor (future planning for on-orbit manufacturing).
  13. Sorry, I guess I meant the Munar Base, not the orbital station. Edit: Talking about the Munar Base, I had to search the thread for the maximum part count on it. I came across 8 parts, with 4 legs maximum. Do the 8 parts count the legs? I think there was also a different part count for rovers. I suggest this go onto the OP.
  14. Could try bringing in another asteroid. I just tried ore mining at KSS in 1.3. Still no luck. By the way, why is the Munar Station so far off the equator?
  15. Finished my turn (47). I added a 7 part Munar Shuttle to the Munar Surface Station. It's landed a few dozen meters from the other modules, and has 1695 m/s delta-V left. As I'm sure everyone knows, 1.3 dropped, meaning I couldn't use KER, Precise Node, much less my kOS launch scripts. I've only recently been playing post Alpha, so 3.75 parts are still new to me (barely got them in my Career game). For this shuttle, I build a 3.75m launch vehicle with 2.5m Asparagus boosters, and a 2.5m Poodle upper stage. Without the use of the mods, it was refreshing (but a bit time consuming) calculating delta-V and TWR for all of the stages by hand.Here's the launch and landing. I did move it closer after that initial landing. Landings did not always go well. Eventually, I'll bring up a small ISRU rig, based on this design. This took a few days, partly because this was the 3rd thing I launched. I originally tried to sort out the asteroid / ore issue. I sent up an ore tank, and docked it between the drill module and the rest of the station. That didn't help. So I sent up another drill/ore tank. Still nothing. I even released the asteroid, and redocked it. No luck with the station, but grabbed it fine with the grabby module / drills. Still no ore. Guessing its empty? (not sure how to read that resource thing) Mabye we should try capturing another asteroid. I reloaded all of these, so the KSS is exactly how I received it. GIF of these attempts. Anyways, I've removed myself from the queue, added myself to the end, and uploaded the save file.