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  1. It would be neat if one of the star systems is RSS.
  2. True. At least we're starting to see consistent locomotion, or at least the option for consistent movement control. For those who don't VR, teleport is the most comfortable method, but in the early days, it might be done with pressing down on a joystick on the hand controller, or a button, on either the left or right hand. The landing spot might be a straight line, or it might be a parabola like you're tossing a ball. In the non-teleport at this point, it's typically left controller joystick control, but even that has some variety, including relative to your hand (what I prefer, pioneered in Onward), but there's also relative to where your head points. There was also one where you swing your arms like your walking to move forward. I think Creed had you roll your hands over each other like a cartoon boxer. If I'm playing Population: One, I reload and charge my weapon with the grip button. If I'm playing Pavlov, I do the same with the trigger button. Imagine if FPSes didn't use the ASWD + mouse convention.
  3. While it's relatively easy to activate VR support, having a good VR implementation means a lot more work for the developers. A lot of the shortcuts 3D modelers do in games go out the window, as now the cockpit needs to be pretty much fully modeled. A lot of cockpits in games are missing the faces that are hidden from the player's point of view. Same thing holds true for FPSs, where the 1st person gun models are often incomplete, and make no sense if viewed from other angles. That said, I'd love to see KSP in VR, but mostly because I want to build in VR, not so much fly in VR. But to each their own.
  4. This would be ideal, but I recall deformable terrain wouldn't be in KSP2, which seems like it would be required for that kind of devastation. It would be nice to see the asteroids break apart though. As for bases being damaged by an asteroid impact, I can't imagine they wouldn't be susceptible to that sort of thing. I managed to destroy a space station with an asteroid back in beta 0.23.5.
  5. It's where my soul lives since hearing KSP2 got delayed...
  6. While I agree it would be outside the scope of the game, I see perfectly legitimate reasons to build moon sized space stations. For example, you decide to dissolve the Imperial Senate and need to maintain control of the systems with fear. A moon sized battle station armed with a super laser really fits that bill.
  7. Maybe by the time it's out, I'll have reached Duna in my current Career save game, which I started when they announced KSP2. I can appreciate slow and steady.
  8. I promised to get Part 5 up in a couple of weeks a couple of months ago... Check out the earlier episodes in this Mission Report/Cinematic/Comedy in the Project Overkill playlist. No cheats in the gameplay part, some in the cutscenes, and plenty of Quick Saves. This rescue mission came about due to poor planning in my attempt at doing a Jool Grand Tour. If you just want to see the money shot, here's a summary and GIF.
  9. KSP is the only non-VR game I still play on PC. For the record, I'm now playing with the Oculus Quest 2, upgraded from first generation 2016 VR. So the 3-4x increase in resolution is quite an improvement. The Quest 2 costs $300, and you can use it either as a stand alone system, which I've barely done since my 2014 CPU / 2016 GPU (970) can still handle VR better than the mobile chip in the Quest 2. I got a generic USB cable for $25 to connect, and it works fine, but I ended up spending $20 on Virtual Desktop to connect wirelessly instead. You need to have a good WiFi router (WiFI 6 is recommended). There's a little bit more lag, which may be a problem if you're a Beat Saber Expert+ fiend, but I find it quite OK in the PC VR games I've played so far*. I prefer "supervising" my KSP gameplay more than actually flying by the seat of my pants, so I'm not super interested in IVA. Maybe if they really spiff up the stock cockpits, I'll give it a go. For now, if I want to fly in space, I fire up "Elite: Dangerous" or lately, "Star Wars: Squadrons" - so immersive and breathtaking in VR. Like several people have mentioned, I'm most interested in VAB / SPH in VR. I find it very frustrating assembling a 3D craft with 2D tools. Maybe I should invest in a 3D mouse. I did try that janky KSP VR mod and was impressed seeing my rocket at full scale in the VAB, but you couldn't actually manipulate the thing. * Thrill of the Fight (boxing), Elite: Dangerous, Star Wars: Squadrons, Skyrim VR, Lone Echo all work fine, but Half-Life Alyx has a weird voice sync bug for me when playing wirelessly.
  10. I'm having similar problems. According to this post, auto struts may be the cause.
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