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  1. much appreciated for the update this is something stock should implement imo
  2. i basically still play with it on and hope and pray. and also sometimes cheat myself funds. don't judge me.
  3. the full release that's publicly listed on ckan, version
  4. what is the fileset listed as on CKAN? i'm not seeing it ne'er mind, it popped up recently
  5. just fyi but the griffon rocket stack's attach nodes aren't angle snapped, so the griffon century fins don't get snapped properly to them.
  6. how would i go about using the flight computer to align a probe telescope to point directly at a target celestial body? using tgt grd+ doesn't do it, just makes it point along the orbital prograde and i can't use the natural SAS modules to point directly at target given there's about a .2 second delay and it flips out and overcompensates. the best working result i can manage is a custom heading input but that seems ridiculous
  7. ;-; this is so beautiful. i pray for its swift arrival on CKAN.
  8. For 2., I noticed that it was happening and immediately found a contract to do to reproduce it, so I basically went directly from that contract acceptance screen to doing it, in that 16 minute mission time window, and touched down and immediately screenshotted the notification for it. The save file is at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74775048/output logs/Jackson/quicksave 5.sfs .
  9. *prays that a 1.25m stack recycler is added because the radial one man recycler offsets thrust torque*
  10. Does anyone else have issues with the Contract Slot Machine's rewards not actually being aligned to the ones it says on the contracts list? I have CSM III and this tends to be what happens for me : The listed rewards values ^ The actual rewards values v I was under the impression the rewards are what's listed in the contracts window, as THOSE are what's randomized, not that it's randomized all the time because that'd be kind of silly given the strategy's whole point.
  11. Now we just need incorporation or development of something that lets IVA use this alongside RPM! Banks of customizable indicator lights on interiors.
  12. I seem to be unable to download this from anywhere because taniwha.org is listed as down.
  13. that's what i'm doing now it's just that i'm using supplies and had to send an unmanned first, as i don't have the supply generation up there for a kerbal. but i'm working on it!
  14. i somehow managed to miss the references to it in the previous pages, but yes. it actually does appear, i was confusing it for another icon, it just does nothing on clicking it. maaaan. well, i can't disable l-tech given it'll disable all the ships i have with their parts. hopefully a fix or workaround gets thought up.
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