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  1. Hey man, Thank you! I'd been going nuts trying to figure out how to re-enable the transparency since the 1.5.x thing. I had thought it was something I had done wrong, heh.
  2. Renegrade

    .loadmeta garbage

    Sorry for the "massive" necro, but I felt it important to add this to the discussion here, as this thread is the top link in my google results about "KSP .loadmeta". To expand on Snarks' point about reasons-not-apparent-to-the-consumer, I'd like to say it's likely that the way Unity (or the KSP codebase...or whatever is reading the save files) handles these .sfs files probably involves automatically parsing the whole thing on open in a manner that isn't easy to override. Putting the data in a separate file could very well then be a simple addition to the existing code, rather than having to rewrite a (potentially) large percentage of the load system. Furthermore, keep in mind that older versions of KSP won't expect the .sfs to start with a metadata stanza. It might be possible to embed it in comments at the start, etc, but that is considered poor form as comments aren't supposed to be machine-readable... BTW, the hash is what brought me here (it's a binary md5sum if anybody else is curious). I wonder why they didn't use mtimes though instead of a hash. Wouldn't have to read the whole .sfs file at all then
  3. Renegrade

    1.4.1 bugged to all hell. unplayable.

    I do believe we skipped the pre-release phase this time. Maybe it's showing? No amount of internal playtesting can even remotely come close to a pre-release...
  4. Renegrade

    So I bought KSP on March 29th, 2013.

    My earliest copy was bought in October of that year (and a second one in Nov or Dec, I forget). There are people who can't afford $15 though. Not many (most who can't, don't have a computer anyhow, especially not a KSP-ready one), but they do exist. For the vast majority though, yeah, it shouldn't be a major stumbling block.
  5. Renegrade

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    That's only in the states - in a lot of places (including Canada), incorrect police procedure only results in punishment for the officers involved/responsible, and does NOT invalidate the case. And you might find the current administration down there is less interested in procedure and more about results... By the way, since what you said does not constitute legal advice from an attorney (that's why I asked), it's also 'conjecture'. Heck actual legal advice is also conjecture too, although a degree of responsibility occurs in that case. I am indeed not an attorney either, nor offering legal advice, just some friendly conjecture based on my reading of the rules and situation. I'd have to say though, conjecture vs conjecture, I'm saying, "be super cautious with this, it could land you in hot water" and you're saying, "everything's fine, there's nothing to worry about". I dunno, but one of these sounds prudent and the other a bit reckless. Okay, here's the thing: 1. Fair use prevents you from infringing copyright when you have an unauthorized copy (and unless Take Two specifically authorizes it, it's unauthorized). 2. Without fair use's protection, all you're left with unauthorized copy, which is copyright infringement. Which is a felony. 3. The law you quoted states that an agreement can nullify the protection of fair use. No more protection -> infringement -> felony. Again this isn't legal advice, but my conjecture, based on the reading presented and my knowledge of the law. And again, I'll point out that you're offering nothing but conjecture either. You can read about Fair Use and it's erosion at the hands of nasty things like the DMCA at the Electronic Freedom Foundation. They have dozens of articles about it. Anyhow, enough of this crap, I have an expansion to play (which thankfully didn't present me with any sort of EULA. I'm taking people's word that the EULA they saw is the same one that appears on Take Two's site, as the application itself has never shown it to me, and the only thing I found in the installation directory was basically Creative Commons Attribution credits), and as much as I like teasing our hardworking moderators, they're probably getting seriously annoyed at this endless EULA talk by now, so good day sir. (or ma'am. or whatever you prefer).
  6. Indeed. Science badly needs an overhaul and the tech tree is .. still basically a placeholder. Even today, with the larger, heavier science tree, I think you can still fill it completely with the science from Kerbin's SOI. I actually liked it better when scientists couldn't reset experiments, and that you had to use the lab for that. Made it rather worthwhile without a huge science boost.
  7. Renegrade

    What’s the point of rovers?

    Pretty much, yeah. The "game" has some serious balance and progression issues. Sandbox is basically fine in that respect (it's sandbox, it's supposed to be entirely user-driven goals, that's the whole point of a sandbox), but the career mode should be bringing challenge and progression to the table. And it's not. The rover thing is just a tiny piece of that issue. I'm hoping the DLC can change that, as I imagine the more skilled of the forum people are better at this than Squad ever was.
  8. Renegrade

    when can i expect making history to release?

    ...wait, why are they even being coy about this? This isn't one of the classic Squad-style free-updates, it's paid DLC. do they NOT want my money? The sooner they release, the sooner they can have my cash.
  9. Renegrade

    What’s the point of rovers?

    Meh! I'm only half American (mom's side). So I stay at home whenever I can, and take the transit when I can't. Parking is a bee-with-an-itch anyways in Toronto. The corned beef antenna was delicious, I imagine. I love me a corned beef sammich. Anyhow, I'd probably have more fun with rovers if KSP was more like Space Engineers (first person build-weld-drive)... as it stands, they're less fun than orbital stuff, at least for me. (also, glitchy wheels are not cool) (disclaimer: I'm not saying Space Engineers has good rovers either. They have a bunch of glitchy issues, but when they aren't randomly exploding they're quite fun)
  10. Renegrade

    Brainlord’s Petition to Change the EULA

    Yes, please do. In fact, I think we should establish some sort of watchdog process for this. A regular review of the information sent. Currently, it looks fine based on dumps presented here (although my concerns about MitM remain, and I have a rabid hatred of unauthorized internet usage), but that could change in the future. I'd definitely like to know if that was the case, because that's instant uninstall and GNU Space Program time.
  11. Renegrade

    What’s the point of rovers?

    Yes, I have, but the sliders only go down to ten percent, and it still becomes sciencepalooza once the Science Lab is unlocked. And I'm not doing that just to make rovers practical. And they still wouldn't be, outside of aforementioned fuel trucks.
  12. Renegrade

    when can i expect making history to release?

    In the old days, I would have been "screw the free DLC" and bought many, many copies. Now though, the screw-you stuff is making me wish I could beat them with the free DLC bat. I'm only gonna be getting one copy of the DLC (assuming they haven't forgotten that it's "today" today), and will be very cautious in the future...and writing my OWN Space Program (and never buying anything else from 'em again) if they ever get frisky and inappropriate.
  13. Renegrade

    when can i expect making history to release?

    Funny thing is, TT/Squad/whoever probably actually has a schedule, and could answer the question .. if they wanted to.
  14. Renegrade

    What’s the point of rovers?

    Meh I have plenty of money and reputation. It's usually 80% / 20M by the time I launch for the Duna window. More if I have KAC installed. And if I did need moar science, it's easier to just send a second Minmus science station up, transfer the lander and two scientists to it, hop all the equatorial biomes, and science-lab it to death. Orbital rendezvous is both faster and more fun than long boring glitchy-wheel rover drives. Especially as the current (expansion has yet to be released at the time of this writing) rover wheels being rather obnoxious to pack into a craft. By the way, to put it in perspective, my usual Minmus science hopper has less than a half-ton of fuel, so a 4T fuel tank can easily provide significantly more than 8 landings. Now if that mod that was mentioned above was stock, I might re-consider.
  15. Renegrade

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

    Literally every place I've worked at, consulted at, worked with, etc, has been like that. And they weren't small places either, but places who could buy Take Two with petty cash. Names you'd recognize. Places that have had Superbowl ads. In fact, the bigger they are, they less they seem to care. Not that the smaller ones did anything either, but they were more along the lines of a regretful "we don't have the manpower to look at this" rather than a dismissive "whatever, we'll set up a cron job to delete this trash". In any case, DO NOT do this without OPT-IN user permission, AND if they agree to it, do it with total transparency (as in, human-readable text output of ALL data being sent). In fact, I suspect it's illegal here in Canada to collect said data in an opt-out or non-optional fashion. I strongly recommend consulting an attorney before implementing it any other way. And then not doing it in any underhanded way even if said attorney says it's fine, as you don't really want to be the very first case that establishes the new precedent regarding responsibility in MitM or data theft incidents.