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  1. It might, but C++ itself isn't particularly fast unless you really know what you're doing (and that ends up looking like plain ol' C, strangely enough, only it takes six weeks to compile vs forty-five seconds). And mixing a GC and manual-memory-management language sounds like one of those 'worst of both worlds' things. I disagree with the memory thing - I have 32GiB and I still get GC stutters. The only way to avoid such stutters is to not do dynamic allocation at all. All the "disadvantages" of manual memory allocation with none of the benefits. (note that these stutters don't r
  2. Ditto. And Civ 4. Lots of Civ 4, even though it needed a better "huge stack of units" management UI. And sometimes Civ 1/2/3 (although they feel kinda same-y to me). I'll still play KSP1. Heck, I kept backups of all of my Squad Store downloads, just in case I want to say play 0.22 again. Heh.
  3. I suspect it is over-ambitious, and I worry about the consequences for future space-y games if they do faceplant....but on the other hand, you must have some sort of ambition to accomplish something big. Like the original Moon landing.
  4. Do you understand Amdahl's Law? The need for critical sections and mutexes? Order-dependent operations? I'm a professional programmer. Are you? Ironic that you should mention the 90s - most of the crap you're using today is just tired old rehashes of 90s stuff anyhow. You're running GameSDK on Windows NT (or OpenGL on Linux). All of the 'advanced' stuff (SMP, SIMD, 64-bit, PIC, cache, etc) of your CPU was invented by Westinghouse and Cray and Burroughs and IBM and DEC and such before you were born, and saw their first iterations in the 80s and 90s on PCs and home computers. None o
  5. What the eff? Comparing Unity and Java is .. not really right (as in apples and oranges.. or maybe like.. apples and machine screws), but if you consider the underlying language when in a .NET/mono build, there's an element of truth here. People don't seem to get that .NET/mono is not native, and runs as bytecode on a VM. Does that sound even remotely familiar? Anyone? Bueller? Anyhow, I'm kinda sick of Unity cropping up everywhere. I understand Squad's reasons (it's a lot easier than rolling your own engine or using one of the big names, and cheaper to boot, especially back
  6. DStaal covered the explanation perfectly fine, but I'm going to add another thing: the limitations of parallel computing have been known since the sixties and seventies. "Get with the times" indeed. By the way, a slavish devotion to parallel computing can end up with a program that is not only NOT faster than the equivalent single threaded/serial processing equivalent, but also has the added bonus of requiring vastly more resources. Hooray! I'd also point out that Windows is egregiously bad at thread scheduling. I remember back in the SupCom days, when we'd manually assign thread
  7. Given that they've chosen Unity again, it should be fairly trivial to produce a Linux version. Unity only has two good points: Linux support. Relative paths for movable installations.
  8. Hey man, Thank you! I'd been going nuts trying to figure out how to re-enable the transparency since the 1.5.x thing. I had thought it was something I had done wrong, heh.
  9. Sorry for the "massive" necro, but I felt it important to add this to the discussion here, as this thread is the top link in my google results about "KSP .loadmeta". To expand on Snarks' point about reasons-not-apparent-to-the-consumer, I'd like to say it's likely that the way Unity (or the KSP codebase...or whatever is reading the save files) handles these .sfs files probably involves automatically parsing the whole thing on open in a manner that isn't easy to override. Putting the data in a separate file could very well then be a simple addition to the existing code, rather than havin
  10. I do believe we skipped the pre-release phase this time. Maybe it's showing? No amount of internal playtesting can even remotely come close to a pre-release...
  11. My earliest copy was bought in October of that year (and a second one in Nov or Dec, I forget). There are people who can't afford $15 though. Not many (most who can't, don't have a computer anyhow, especially not a KSP-ready one), but they do exist. For the vast majority though, yeah, it shouldn't be a major stumbling block.
  12. That's only in the states - in a lot of places (including Canada), incorrect police procedure only results in punishment for the officers involved/responsible, and does NOT invalidate the case. And you might find the current administration down there is less interested in procedure and more about results... By the way, since what you said does not constitute legal advice from an attorney (that's why I asked), it's also 'conjecture'. Heck actual legal advice is also conjecture too, although a degree of responsibility occurs in that case. I am indeed not an attorney either, nor offering
  13. Indeed. Science badly needs an overhaul and the tech tree is .. still basically a placeholder. Even today, with the larger, heavier science tree, I think you can still fill it completely with the science from Kerbin's SOI. I actually liked it better when scientists couldn't reset experiments, and that you had to use the lab for that. Made it rather worthwhile without a huge science boost.
  14. Pretty much, yeah. The "game" has some serious balance and progression issues. Sandbox is basically fine in that respect (it's sandbox, it's supposed to be entirely user-driven goals, that's the whole point of a sandbox), but the career mode should be bringing challenge and progression to the table. And it's not. The rover thing is just a tiny piece of that issue. I'm hoping the DLC can change that, as I imagine the more skilled of the forum people are better at this than Squad ever was.
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