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  1. Il y a aussi que les communautés fr sont dispatchées sur plusieurs autres forum genre : canardpc / kspfr / kerbalspacechallenge ... après certaines ont l'air moins actives depuis quelques temps.
  2. Hello, please can you lock the following threads: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/85834-130-malahs-quick-mods-20170531 https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/90061-11x122-malahs-stock-configs-20170114/ Thanks ;)
  3. Cool, le retour de la section fr, merci longue vie à notre nouvelle section ^^ A ceux qui disait que le français n'arriverait jamais LE VOILA, la patience est une grande qualité qui permet de savoir profiter des choses qui arrivent
  4. Hello, it's a long time that I haven't come here... Sorry for that, but I haven't the time to maintain, correct or update my mods. If someone want to keep them alive you can in the respect of the license (GPL) and Thanks for all the fish
  5. Hello, I haven't found how to reproduce your error, it seems it has something with actiongroups (I use action groups to activate brake function), if you have an other idea/information?
  6. Hello, thanks for this report, can you send the full log please ?
  7. Yes, QuickMods settings are only loaded at start of the game but if you use the QuickSearch window settings you can enable/disable this feature without reload.
  8. Thanks for this return. I will planned to work on the search speed but I won't have many time soon ... For the QuickSearch History, if you found at which moment the window is kept opened it will be really helpful.
  9. Hello, can you send me your log of the bug?
  10. Hello, I want to develop a CKAN plugin, I haven't followed the work on CKAN's plugin or API, I only read the wiki and some plugin code example. One of my mod can deleted or pruned all the MiniAVC plugins at KSP's start. When I want to update one of the mods which uses MiniAVC, CKAN is blocked by an error "MiniAVC not found". The easy idea I have, is to un-prune/un-delete MiniAVC before a mod update/deletion. And if possible delete MiniAVC directly after a mod install. I found that CKAN.Main.modChangedCallback can be used for the after mod install/update/deletion. I wanted to know if there had an event on CKAN which are triggered before a mod install/update/deletion? Thanks
  11. Hello, I translated my mods to French with the stock localisation system, is it planned that this mod can translate others mods ?
  12. Hello, I updated the QuickMods As explained before, I dropped support of LanguagePatches and added support of the stock localisation on all my mods (only in English at this time). Nothing new for QuickGoTo, QuickContracts, QuickExit, QuickRevert, QuickIVA, QuickHide, QuickCursorHider, QuickFineControl, QuickSAS . QuickSearch Download: SpaceDock GitHub Changelog - v3.20 - 2017.05.31 New: Added an history of the last search (requested by RealKolago), New: Added a search button on the RnD, New: Added an option to search only when you type Enter or click outside the text field (requested by RealKolago), New: Added support of the stock localisation, New: Deleted support of the LanguagePatches, Compiled against KSP QuickMute Download: SpaceDock GitHub Changelog - v1.30 - 2017.05.31 New: Added an option to show/hide mute icon, New: Added easy volume control, New: Added mouse scroll hover for volume control, New: Added support of the stock localisation, New: Deleted support of the LanguagePatches, Fix: Rewrite mute to only use master volume, Fix: Corrected icon path, Fix: Corrected new key to set, Fix: Refactor, Compiled against KSP QuickStart Download: SpaceDock GitHub Changelog - v2.14 - 2017.05.31 New: Added an option to disable black screen, New: Added a keyboard shortcut to stop QuickStart (Escape by default), New: Added support of the stock localisation, New: Deleted support of the LanguagePatches, Fix: Refactorize, Compiled against KSP
  13. Good luck, I think it can be nice. All 2K games are in French
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