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  1. We’re all novices here - In one way or another - there’s always something we’ve never tried. Just try and remember the thrill and the fear and the frustration you experienced in these first steps. That’s what make it all so engaging. Welcome!
  2. Wallygator

    In your opinion, how good is KSP?

    I’ve played ksp more than any game I can think of in the last 50 years. However, just because I’ve done that, doesn’t make it automatically my number one. I’ve not played every game. Also the OP asks “how good” not “what rank” and then based on what? Number of bugs? Hours played? Etc. Its a fun thought experiment, so I put it in my top 50. Many of which I probably have long forgot about. how good? it’s pretty good. Could get better. Not close to perfect. Oh wait, so if it’s not perfect then it must be terrible!
  3. Wallygator

    macOS users PLEASE READ!

    Signing... yea that’s it. Thank YOU! Don't think it matters for the modding community since there are no .app files modified just dlls. I say this and I am not a modder so there is that.
  4. Wallygator

    macOS users PLEASE READ!

    That last I heard was that the ksp.app was not properly registered with apple. But that was nearly a year ago - so I'm sure they must have done something about that? Shirley Surely T2 can afford that. Or, perhaps it remains as "Mystery Error #42".
  5. Wallygator

    macOS users PLEASE READ!

    This is the story of my macOS/KSP life for awhile now...
  6. Wallygator

    Your first hours in KSP

    I remember seeing a blurb about the game on boing boing way back. So I bought 1.21. Was stuck on conference calls while running a project from home. So had way too much screen time while my microphone was muted (Shhhh...) after the thrill of my first orbit I kept building and flying. Ended up with about 35 kerbals spewn across the system in various states of abandonment. Tried to rescue them but, well, ok that’s my confession. I still have that save but it won’t load. Never combine KSP with working from home. Never.
  7. If perhaps the default view (once the vehicle is on the pad) actually looked east it would be an easier adjustment to the players perception. As it stands, you can rotate all you want in the VAB, but once you are on the pad you are always initially looking north - and you have to rotate your camera (if you want). So either way, a bit of consistency would go a long way - configurable would be lovely.
  8. Wallygator

    'Crew Hatch' Part

    Properly implemented? Do this NOW!!!
  9. Wallygator

    KSP store for merch is gone!

    Idiotic. The person at take two who is charged with keeping one of their eyes on this ball blinked at the wrong time. This is a sales channel and product line that doesn’t suffer from software bugs. It’s a slam dunk for profit if it’s managed even slightly well.
  10. You could be right. Let’s see what happens. Frankly, I’m not sure the Comms plan (if one exists) actually has any schedule at all. And to clarify, I really have no preference what they call it - but they did mention it by name if I recall correctly. Still, It doesn’t really matter. The following is IMO... An effective community management strategy benefits from structured and unstructured communications channels. If something is working, keep it working. If opportunities exist to throw random comms messages present themselves, go for it. What you typically don’t do is kill an effective channel unless you are deploying a completely new more effective alternative. Sadly, Squad just did this - they killed the weekly update without a demonstrated more effective alternative. it appears to me that something is afoot internally. A loss of resources perhaps? or perhaps they think that by just pooping out more frequent updates they can skip frequent communications with their community. I’m still thinking about this... something does not add up.
  11. MacOS here --> Strangely, I had to open the 1.5.1 via opening the package contents, whilst in 1.5 I could open the app directly. Did you guys not register this hotfix app?
  12. With recent change in communications strategy announced in the final weekly Kerbal update, this thread now becomes very relevant. How long before we see a new dev blog entry? any guesses? Please note: 7 months elapsed since last devblog entry.
  13. Wallygator

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    Me too. I coined the term "Deadblog" 'cause it seems to be completely dead - until someone pokes it in “its squad”. Also, there should be a more effective communications plan other than "check all your social media channels". This is shortsighted in my opinion and comes across as slightly amateurish. Oh well... welcome to a post-truth reality, which requires a post-communications plan. Edit: oh, and of the several times I did in fact poke the “deadblog” squad and a few fanboys make all kinds of excuses like hey we are all so busy. And then a post appears magically. Like it was sitting around ready to go. Things that make you go harrumph...
  14. Wallygator

    KSP Weekly: The Moon Race

    So are to assume the dev log is coming out of retirement? And the weekly is going into retirement? you guys are cracking me up here. Taking a thing that has been working and replacing it with something that hasn’t been working. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Is there a gap in communications? Are folks really complaining? Are you trying to reduce communications overhead? Oh well... things change...
  15. Wallygator

    KSP Weekly: Mapping with Magellan

    perhaps for 1.5 you might consider enabling the transfer of science points between docked vessels. Or did I miss something, and this is already implemented?