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  1. I'll see your "console first" and raise you with a "Mac OS only" straight flush - BAM!
  2. WDIDIKSPT? I waited for a Dev blog update.
  3. reading this entire sequence of messages in this thread is likely even more entertaining as the actual Mod itself! Regardless, I will try this mod and then consider how best to describe it at some point in the future.
  4. K.S.P. or M.A.S.H. ??? Stop the bleeding and get it back into action regardless of other lingering issues. EDIT: Regardless, a fix is a fix.
  5. That which was never born cannot die, and that which can never die will live forever in our false memories or threads like these.
  6. I kindly request... we can avoid devolving this into a "failure to communicate" response thread. This specific response is intended to short-cut that. So, I will do my responsible part to clarify and expand so as to eliminate any doubt... and do so in a respective manner. I trust that neither of us (nor your friend) is trying to minimise anything - if we are like-minded folks, we are more than likely trying (or should be trying) to maximise... So, in all seriousness, when you say... I only know "your friend" based on what you typed.... Also you didn't clearly indicate
  7. Well said. Also, people forget that all software has bugs even after passing a QA process. Also, QA in present times now includes community input - and game that arrises from a community/early-access mode retains many aspect of its earlier community QA approach. We should all continue to support community bug identification and documentation - its all in our best interest.
  8. In my opinion your friend appears to be a bit narrow minded. The 12 crew and mission teams proved the pinpoint landing capability of the Apollo system, and allowed us to retrieve (at that time) relatively long duration equipment from the lunar environment. If by "camping" we mean that the 12 mission demonstrated that it was then relatively easy to put men on the moon and let them operate in a relatively stress-free setting and also return safely, then sure... "campin'" is a great word. In my opinion, we should strive to never appreciate people or messaging that purposely minimises t
  9. Yes, except if you want to eliminate fuel reserves without affecting DV - that said, purging fuel without combustion STILL creates DV, but without the high energy release, just more like the old "throwing bricks off a snow sled", but it's still physics. But if there is no DV impact implemented, then one can always plug a dump valve on opposite sides of the tank in question - just to assure a more reality based model.
  10. Cool! So, it's a switch (Or a DLC - thank you @DStaal) so there is no player barrier in this hypothetical scenario We should likely assume that the switch/DLC includes the necessary parameter changes to parts/contracts/science. Oh and BTW, your "100% Sure-ness Prediction Capability" is not functioning correctly - see last paragraph... Now, just for clarity - when you say that the problem is player barriers, and then you say that if it is a switch then it wouldn't be a barrier, but the switch would never be used - are you saying that this solution is actually a barrier if a playe
  11. Clarity is most effective when established up front. The OP is confusing.
  12. Currently the restocked and restocked+ links via the GitHub are identical - slightly confusing
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