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  1. The failure to properly indent or index the topics and subtopics in the OP makes it rather difficult to understand. I found this OP rather frustrating. many years ago, in the olden days of computer programming, we used proper design of code to achieve efficiency Now, the kids these days and their crazy language... cracking , hacking, Oh! let's not forget fracking! (Please don't take this post too seriously)
  2. Whereas China seems now to be the current "non-western one-to-watch" (and best of luck to them), it's actually sad that the entire near-space exploration phase of human history seems to be in a continuous devolution into a forced competition. One hopes that there is a future where the human species can sustain a collaborative and diverse expansion of near-space presence and ultimately a common species-driven movement out to the wider solar system. But human/corporate behaviour/history indicates otherwise. It will require the thing we will never achieve - an effective world government and inclusive economy - guess we won't get there anytime soon (OK, back to my Sci-fi fantasies...)
  3. Retrieve it and place it on display at the KSC. There are no other viable options. You must do this.
  4. Not dead. Just freshly dead. Still kicking.
  5. if you want to collect science from kerbin - go planes if you want more science - go rocket and then launch for minmus asap.
  6. Those were hilarious at times. I really enjoyed them.
  7. I don't believe so, that is of course if you are expecting them to use the stock parts without changes to the configs. There are Several mods out there that can give you an approximation of real sized/powered lifters but the most close approximation will be RO. Do a CKAN install - you won't regret it.
  8. I said funny. Not conspiracy. That said... CONSPIRACY!!!! (or not) (probably not) (ok not) (unless it lasts months or years) (The definitely not not)
  9. It’s funny that the above post that says that reactions are disabled, has 6 reactions to it.
  10. I would to see the business case for such a craft debated by the kerbals. However in all seriousness, this is quite impressive. Well done sir!!
  11. I happened to be able to see this in Copenhagen projected onto the dome of the Tycho Brahe planetarium - really nice.
  12. Nice to see these. However, I'm not a big fan of the "horse" related naming convention. But then I guess they've already used up the dog names. Looking forward to further crustaceans... And for those of us wondering whether there is other life on Kerbin, well just look at the way the Kerbals name their stuff.
  13. I suggest we all post various localisations for the word “no”. here’s mine “nein”.
  14. Looks really cool. Are you also using RO? I didn’t see it in your mod list.