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  1. Correct. I do not record them. But you are likely right, in that there is a global shortage of KSP videos.
  2. in my early KSP days, I used brute force (BF) to get where I wanted. Now, I still do not avoid it, but I find that where I might BF a mission to start with, I try for each subsequent mission to try and add more logistics, science, options to each flight. The end result is that after a number of missions, I end up with a reasonably fun scenario. Sadly, I don't typically share them.
  3. Pretty cool! Did you get your kerb back to kerbin?
  4. Oh well, guess it's back to "one eye only" for the performance boost!
  5. I would tend to think that a truly immersive IVA experience might also include some VR options. It’s beyond my ancient technical capabilities to even discuss architectural details of it, but from a user perspective it could (if well executed) be a very cool experience.
  6. The same reason I look for lost items in the brightest lit room of my house.
  7. I find the prop engines totally non-intuitive based on the in-game control framework. How about an expert tutorial @SQUAD ???
  8. why do the turboshaft engines show up under "robotics"?
  9. Can someone explain how this feature will work with deployed landing gear on a planet surface? Will Kerbals once again be able to bump their little helmets against a landing gear and not explode? Or will landing strut parts continue to be only phantom - allowing "walk through"? In other words, @SQUAD, kindly reshoot that video after swapping all those elevons with LT-2 landing struts.
  10. As long as they can be attached to anything then I tend to agree.
  11. Hmmm... was going to respond with some snappy comment and then realised... on a serious note... is this a “comb over” to a deeper unfixable issue in unity?
  12. Omg - insane and I love it! Well played Sir! Well played indeed!!!
  13. That’s cool. I always find it interesting to see how other players operate in the VAB. Everyone has their own procedures/style of building a vessel. Well done!
  14. so... only just digging back into RO/RSS after a long hiatus... When I select the links on the recommended list I really get no joy. the RSS ref is a dead link, and many others all seem to reference 1.3.1. I did not check them all, as I lost the will. Has there been any maintenance on the OP to assure any references and links are pointing to the appropriate 1.6.1 (or compatible) mod? I'm not complaining, I can figure it all out given time. My concern is if there are any new RO/RSSers out there it might be (more than) a bit confusing, especially if the OP of this thread is their first point of call. Our RO/RSS modders have done a lot of work on the latest RO release - I'm sure updating all the links are the least of their worries.