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  1. Whole lotta Chicken Littles in this here thread. Discarded stages may be falling, but the sky isn't. Cool your jets and wait to see what actually happens before you assume the worst.
  2. Oh, so it's not just me getting part failures, also usually underthrusts, every single time? Good to know.
  3. Not sure how but that seems to have been the case. Thanks so much!
  4. Have done so, still happening on brand new sandbox save. Even deleted GameData\Squad and had Steam redownload it to make sure everything was on the up-and-up. KSP.log is here.
  5. Decided to dive back into KSP again after a few months of hiatus, and after updating all my mods, all Kerbals only have an inventory size of 1.00 L, not even enough for a screwdriver, and nothing that can fit in their inventory has any kind of action menu—can't use a wrench, for example, even with a level 1 engineer. I do use a ton of mods, are there some that are known to cause conflicts in this regard? It's a brand new save from just a couple days ago.
  6. You know, I can definitely see the resemblance. It even crashed at about the same rate!
  7. I seem to have been outclassed even while I was still working on my entry, but oh well, I'm posting it anyway because otherwise that's time wasted. Here's my FAR entry. Gets up to 530 m/sec in level flight. Didn't attempt to get its max dive speed because doing any kind of maneuvering in this thing is a bad idea. Takes off on its own with zero player input at the speed shown. As long as SAS is on, it requires absolutely no player input at all until it starts wiggling at around 5-8k altitude. Velocity shown is the fastest I've been able to get it in level-ish flight. Do not under any circumstances attempt any kind of maneuvering without fine controls turned on, especially at or below wiggle altitude, or bad things will happen. Craft file MechJeb is there because I prefer its readouts over Kerbal Engineer's, even though I ended up not using them for this flight. No automatic controls were used in the making of this entry!
  8. Does using TweakScale to resize stock parts count as making them not stock any more, or no? Should clear that up.
  9. So I've thought of a potential solution for the "Phobos and Deimos have no solid surface" bug. Do asteroids have a maximum size that the game engine can reasonably support? Not talking about max that it can spawn, I know that has an upper bound, I'm talking about the max that it can actually handle before things get wonky. If it doesn't, then how feasible would it be to just make P&D a couple custom asteroids with the right size, shape, mass, and orbital characteristics?
  10. I had the same problem and it's definitely the nuclear turbojet engine that's doing it; I tested a 2-part craft, just a cockpit with the nuclear turbojet strapped to the side, and the same thing happened.
  11. Oh, I see why I couldn't find it. I was looking in the cfg for winch1, and winch1 doesn't have that parameter, at least not as of 0.5.1, only winch2.
  12. Is there any way to tweak the force that the winches eject with, for longer-range harpooning? I looked in the part.cfg files for them and nothing jumped out at me, so to speak. It seems difficult to get them to retract cleanly with the harpoons or other implements still attached, too, which can make reusing them kind of a hassle.
  13. Rock on, thanks, that was nice and fast; less than 8 hours from bug reported to fixed version released. Thanks for keeping on top of things.
  14. I can't transfer science at all any more after the 4.2 and updates, regardless of whether realism mode is on or not. At first I thought it might be because of some other mod, but I removed all the likely culprits (DMagic Orbital Science, ScienceAlert, Ven's Stock Part Revamp, Crowd-Sourced Science Logs) and started a new game and I still can't. Has the method to do so just changed, or is something wrong?
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