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  1. i can confirm it works. @Starwaster https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2/issues/1073#issuecomment-445350982 MJ person says it should compensate for ullage.
  2. uh, so the procedural heatshield... overheats and explodes.
  3. irl, yes, but pretty sure you just can't cut it off completely in ksp with RF
  4. you can go down to 5%. i usually set 10k max Pa unless it's a weird rocket where i need less
  5. you got too much TWR. and the problem is exoatmosphere, on final stages, etc
  6. it has a function to keep miniumum 5% throttle, but that doesn't work if you end your gravity turn in atmosphere
  7. uh, it sorta does. it tries the engine, and then when it doesn't start, uses RCS. i usually use a 24 restart for my service stage, but its still annoying, especially when MJ decides it's prudent to intercept to rendezvous at close approach at 100m/s. i know my way around github too, so that's ok.
  8. it used to be good, i remember, but i haven't really played since 1.2ish. now im on 1.5.1
  9. true. i think part of my problem is when MJ doesn't compensate. and has a bad trajectory, running into my station, lol. but it is what it is.
  10. seems to work fine, only problem i've found is that making something a "service module" where it's supposed to be pressurized... does nothing. still get unstable fuel all the time.
  11. 3m docking ring is really... touchy about alignment. probably TOO touchy. almost thought it wasn't working, but found it doesn't have the pull like the clampotrons.
  12. ah. i guess i didn't realize just how experimental it is.
  13. doesn't seem to do anything. rocket still acting like a wet noodle.
  14. can someone put this and the dependency on ckan? (sure, i remember how to manually install, but it's a bit of a pain sometimes
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