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Found 15 results

  1. KSP - Ultimate Tutorial This is meant to be a step by step guide for new players (but old players are welcome), updated for 1.10 and 2020. This is a WIP so the tutorial may not be complete. This is made to be the tutorial I wanted to find when I started playing. The progression of this tutorial follows the game progression. i.e Game Menu -> Difficulty -> Building a rocket -> etc. The full menu is in the spoiler. If you are looking at this while it is WIP, it will show you a proposed road map of what I will add. I am open to suggestions about adding topics, moving topics, and if
  2. Hi! I have a (what i believe) a really useful mod idea and an even vaguer idea of how to execute it, but it involves reverse engineering an already existing squad part. If anyone is feeling extra kind and has a few hours in spare time, feel free to reach out to me on discord at Fishfinger#8513.
  3. Howdy All, I just recently bought KSP and pretty frustrated right off the bat. I've done most of the tutorials and really enjoyed those, but when I tried to start career mode on normal or easy, I cant do anything. I literally built the exact same "flea" rocket from the basic rocket tutorial, and mine cant go up past 500m before it flips over and the parachute deploys. I've added fins, turned on SAS, tried to turn in all kinds of direction to prevent the flipping, but nothing works. Really bummed i spent money on a game I cant even play. Any help is appreciated. Here is a link
  4. I am a few months into KSP and I was not enjoying Career mode. I wanted to explore the Kerbol System in a logical way, but without the extra restrictions of Career mode. Science mode seemed like the answer, if I could do it without having to grind, or to do missions that were more science focused than exploration/progression focused. So here you have my “Logical Progression” Science Mode guide. There is minimal non-destination science or biome hopping, and each mission gets you progressively further into the Kerbol system. Part 1 – Kerbin and it’s Moons Mission 1 – Lear
  5. I am relatively new to the game, and after logging in about 40 hours, I have finally managed to land on the mun! It was especially hard because it was a dark side landing and I only had 6 lights to keep me for destroying all my (un-quicksaved) work. And without further ado, here are some of the screenshots that I took. I would also like to see any first mun landing post that you may have
  6. Guys, Sorry for the simple question, but i'm new to this! Currently i'm trying to complete the heat shield testing (.625) and I was curious on the altitude part. The requirement is 30-36,000m, does this mean the testing needs to take place within this altitude or needs to be tested through the entire range? Also, does it matter if i'm ascending or descending? -Thanks so much!
  7. Hey all, I am still fairly new to Kerbal Space Program (about 90 hours) and I have recently established a space station. I have several designs for disposable launch platforms, all of which successfully get Kerbals to and from my space station. The thing is, I want to use at least a partially reusable launch system. My mind immediately jumped to NASA's late great Space Shuttle, which, as I'm certain you all know, was capable of carrying cargo to and from the ISS, as well as being able to put satellites in LEO. I have begun developing my own space shuttle, but it has numerous problems (fli
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Nicole but I also go by Pabu. I'm new to KSP and am learning all the cool things to do within the game. I'm currently working on watching all the training videos and learning everything. I just wanted to say hello and see if anyone had any tips for a beginner like me! Also to make some fellow kerbonaut friends!!
  9. KSP Career mode, from start to first orbit. Full album at https://imgur.com/gallery/0zCVG
  10. Im not sure what to do next in career mode... I've researched Basic Rocketry, Engineering 101, Survivability and Stability and have a Science Jr and a Goo Containment Unit. Im trying to get into orbit with a ship made up of just fuel tanks and a couple of stages and of course engines but not having any luck. All I'm getting is sub-orbital missions... To try and get more thrust Im hitting the limits in parts and weight of the launchpad. Where do I go from here to get more Science?
  11. After taking a break from KSP I recently returned and decided to replay the Science Mode to get the hang of the stuff I'd forgotten plus the new additions. When I first played through the Science Mode, (IMO the best way to become familiar with KSP) it seemed to make sense to head to the Mun first and then onto Minmus. It's closer so must be easier, right? This time round and with the benefit of hindsight, I reversed that order. Getting to Minmus is only a little more complex (as you need to tilt your orbit to match that of Minmus) but you can make huge fuel savings during landings, espe
  12. So I'm new...ish... I was hanging out with a friend who has the game but never played it and figured I'd try it out. Next thing I know I've purchased the game and more or less dumped every free second of my life into it. I've been playing for about two months now and feel I've got a fairly solid grasp on the mechanics of the game. I'm a decent pilot and most of my designs function the second or third attempt. I've gotten quite a few mods and cherry picked the ones that ireally like that don't completely wreck my pc (CHAKA is one of my favorites but my game randomly crashes every t
  13. I'm in the process of creating a new set of beginner guides for version 1.1. The latest episode is here and the playlist here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY4XNTtbpFqinD1Mjxyl43Ymlf0Du_Awn Thanks again (and again and again) to Squad for a great educational game. Always so much to learn. I truly do believe that many great engineers and future NASA/SpaceX employees will be employing people that started off loving this game. Would love everyone's feedback on the channel. Please do subscribe if you like (as I'd love to keep creating this content).
  14. Hi all, As my other thread evolved into what this thread was always meant to be (eventually), I figured I'd just jump right in and make my Mod Development thread. I will have a lot of questions as I am still getting my head around how c# and the api works. I have created a Git repository for the Mod as it currently is (or rather isn't, nothing quite works yet), but it will make things easier than me pasting code all the time The readme has some basic information about the mod and what I'm looking to achieve, the readme itself is still a work in progress so may have some bit
  15. Hi all, Been poking around here for a while, and have started on a mod (which for the moment is a secret....sssshhhh :-P) I'm making really good progress so far but I'm very very new to c#, I have some knowledge of vb.net, so the translation isn't too hard so far. Chances are I'll have a few more questions on how to do a couple of things I need to do, but for now I'll start with....... What I have at the moment is a bunch of objects spread around Kerbin and what I would like to do is get the straight line distance value between a Kerbal and the closest of these objects (all
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