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Found 4 results

  1. KERBAL CITIES PACK Finally quick and simple and INFINITY various cities are upon us, thanks to the blender city plugin "Scene City" which the Facebook community of ksp were kind enough to crowd fund the purchase of, this plugin allows me to model say 11 different building types of different sizes along with a set of roads, i click generate with some perameters and BOOM we have a city! BUT the bad news ("how can there be bad news with something this awesome" i hear you cry!) the process of turning this into a city is fairly long ( about a days work on and off with bug testing) so i cant ha
  2. i am currently making a city for kerbal konstruct a concept that many have tried, failed or succeeded on, the problem is that most people get caught up in real life, but i am a student with loads of free time to work on stuff like this. the problem is i don't know how to get what i have made into ksp, i know there is modeling then unity and last coding but i don't know how to perform the last two steps. and help designing or even modeling or texturing buildings would be great. thanks
  3. Note: This challenge requires skill be warned! Gilly, among other things, is small, really small. Making a city there will be really hard, because of the very poor gravity and high inclined orbit. But it's possible! What you have to do to win the challenge: A functioning solar power station (No more than 50 solar panels) A hotel/dormitory holding at least 35 Kerbals. Fuel Tanks SSTO Fueling Station landed on gilly (Needs to be having an Advanced Grabbing Unit and has connection to the fuel tanks) Mining Station Have it connected to each module (Opt
  4. Well, I think a mod could make cities using the existing ksp space centers assets, combining the 3 tiers with the old KSC and the island airport, there is somewhat variety of buildings, repeating and combining them in some way, we should be able to recreate cities or other kinds of settlements, could even be procedullary generated by a seed, is not like the videogames aren't full of repeating buildings I don't think I'm the first thinking this, but I don't find anything, and I don't have the skills nor the time for doing that, so I give the idea for whoever wants it.
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