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Found 6 results

  1. Outer Planets Expansion Pack About Long ago, one of my first planet mods I ever played with was the famous Outer Planets Mod. For a while, I had great fun exploring the various moons, but soon I realized that something was lacking. The moon systems of all the gas giants felt almost... empty. Thus, I set to work to rectify this problem. Now, years later, I actually know how to planet mod, and I am proud to announce the Outer Planets Expansion project! This project will take the form of six mods which will each modify a different segment of the expanded Kerbol System. Each mod can function independently, but it is recommended to have them all because let's be real none of them realistically start with enough moons for a gas giant system. At least one of these, NeidonPlus, has the majority of its work created by @Interplanet Janet, and was originally its own mod. The next release of that one will be here and coincide with its departure from the alpha phase, and come with several new bodies created by myself and a set of full biome maps. Dependencies Like all planet mods, each OPX mod will require Kopernicus to function. @Pkmniako's MitchellNetravaliHeightMap plugin will be bundled with each installment as they release. Don't forget it, or everything will break. OPX-JoolPlus – Github, Spacedock OPX-JoolPlus is the first installment of the project to be released. It comes with full biome support for each object that it adds. Below is a map of the Jool System with this mod installed. All objects are either stock or added by this mod (except Aditel, from JoolRetexture) Features (if you want to discover them yourself, dont open this): Recommended mods for compatibility: Janet's Minor Planets – Created by my friend and collaborator, JMP adds two systems of Joolian trojan objects: Euribanne/Eurbon and Paloocus/Paloomus. It adds other things, but those bodies are likely more relevant to OPX-SSM users whenever I finish that one. These two objects fit in perfectly with the art style of OPX, and I recommend visiting them for any Joolian explorer. Distant Object Enhancement – OPX-JoolPlus comes with a config coloring the distant points of all three new objects within DOE. It looks great, try it out! JoolRetexture – @Clonos' little mod that adds a new moon and makes a new texture for Jool. You can now install this mod alongside my own, with a settings file in my mod folder that allows you to switch between my Jool and his. I have more compatibility patches planned, but they'll be significantly more complicated. Screenshots: Changelog: OPX-NeidonPlus – Github, Spacedock OPX-NeidonPlus is the second installment to be released. Originally created by @Interplanet Janet as a separate mod, I created two and a half new objects and full biome maps for all the existing ones for its integration into the OPX project. As of this forumpage edit (July 22), I haven't actually released the latest update that integrates it and adds all my stuff, so not all of the features below are present. Since a prior version uniquely does exist, I figured I might as well provide a link anyway. If it hasn't happened by tomorrow please bug me about it. Features (if you want to discover them yourself, dont open this): Recommended mods for compatibility: Distant Object Enhancement – OPX-NeidonPlus comes with a config coloring the distant points of all new objects within DOE. It looks great, try it out! Minor Planets Expansion – Adds several objects to the vicinity of Neidon, making it less lonely. They fit with the artstyle of OPX as a whole, furnishing any Neidon explorer with further destinations beyond. OPX-DwarfPlanetsPlus (when I finish it) – Another installment of the OPX project, this mod adds further destinations in the same vein as MPE. This mod doesn't actually exist yet, I just pretyped this blurb to save some time later Upcoming Installments: In the coming weeks and months, I will continue work on OPX-SarnusPlus, UrlumPlus, and NeidonPlus. The latter is in fact a pre-existing project whose original owner elected to join me in this undertaking, and its next release on this thread will also mark its departure from the open alpha phase with three new objects of my own and new biome maps for everyone. Sometime after these three are done, OPX-SSM (stock system modifications) will be added, subtly modifying the existing inner Kerbol System in several ways. Finally, OPX-DwarfPlanetsPlus hopes to add a collection of dwarf planets beyond Neidon and Plock, complementing those from the Minor Planets Expansion and filling in some gaps left by it. Please let me know if you enjoy this mod, and if you didn't, what I can fix. Thank you for downloading! Licence: MIT
  2. THE MINOR PLANETS EXPANSION - 1.0.7 This One's for the Little Guys! I have worked on this mod for a few months now. It all started after I failed to find a mod that added analogues to various minor planets that was on par with something like OPM, or at the very least compatible, and the few mods I did find were all outdated. I took it upon myself to make a mod myself that would fill in these missing niches in the Stock+OPM system. Particularly, asteroids, comets, centaurs, and dwarf planets. I wrote down a list of nine objects, and now, four months later, I have now created my first planet pack! All of these new worlds were made from hand-drawn maps, with very little reliance on stealing from real world objects to ensure a stock-alike feel. This mod is made to be used along side OPM, think of it as an unofficial, fan-made expansion pack for OPM. The analogue list: Edas - Eros Vant - Vesta Zore - Psyche Lint/Mikey - 67P Crokslev - Chariklo Geito - Halley's Comet Havous - Haumea Kal - Namaka Ki'KI - Hi'iaka Mracksis - Makemake Flake - MK2 (not really, but it's a moon around a Makemake analogue) Ervo - Eris Archae - Dysnomia Soden - Sedna Lon - No Real-World Analogue Images: SpaceDock Link: https://spacedock.info/mod/2383/Minor Planets Expansion?ga=<Game+3102+'Kerbal+Space+Program'> This mod can also be acquired through CKAN! License - MIT (No new objects will be added, those will come in the eventual sequel) MPE 1.0.8 "Scientifically Accurate Enhancements" Havous rotation speed adjusted to better reflect shape, thank you to WarriorSabe! Edas surface terracing mitigated Stock magnetometer definitions added Atmospheric analysis definitions for Ervo added If you have a bug? Report it! GitHub Coming Soon
  3. Have you thought that Eeloo was still lonely even with the other Trans-Joolian Objects? Not anymore! Eeloo has two moons now! Body list: Telsa: A small inner moon that orbits Eeloo in an S-type Binary System. Sar: A large binary partner to Eeloo. Image Spoilers: Download here!: https://spacedock.info/mod/3447/Eeloo Moons NOTE: Requires Niako's Kopernicus Utilities. License: MIT
  4. Just a thread I thought this forum needed. Is Pluto still a planet? Kindly and respectfully share your thoughts about Pluto. I think @Pluto_Is_A_Planet might want to join in. (Sorry for "pinging" random users, but it's sort of for a reason)
  5. The Anziephus System [1.7.3] More screenshots will come, but for now here's a 53 second video briefly showing each world. What does this mod add? The Anziephus System adds a ringed dwarf planet with rings and a fun moon system to the solar system. Anziephus and its moons reside just past Eeloo's orbit. Anziephus: An ringed with an enormous crater exposing some blue ice from underneath. Epam: This tiny moon orbits just outside Anziephus's rings. Its small size and blue coloring suggest it was formed from debris that gave Anziephus its rings and crater. Curious indeed. Ebenus: This darker colored moon sports an excellent view of the system and has high mountains and low plains to explore. Eiwei: This moon seems to be all mountain. Resembling a crumpled up piece of yellow paper, this moon is the go-to destination for all the mountain lovers out there. Pherph: This moon was likely captured sometime in Anziephus's past. It's vibrant color scheme doesn't fit in with the other moons, and its terrain is by far the most chaotic of the system. Science Definitions Surface Scatter Known Issues Due to a kopernicus bug, sometimes achieving too low an altitude will make the ground invisible. It only seems to be an issue on Ebenus right now, so I recommend avoiding the yellow regions unless you're good at landing blind. If you psot this issue on any of the other worlds please post about it in this thread. Pictures (More to come shortly) Download Dependencies: Kopernicus https://spacedock.info/mod/2205/The Anziephus System All rights reserved Thank You to @Mythical Donuts and @XenonMax for helping me with the science definitions and the terrain scatterers. I could not have done it without you! Also thank you to the Kopernicus Discord for teaching me how to make rings and providing the texture!
  6. So, while reading around the internet, I found out that Sedna will reach its perihelion around 2077. Seeing as it has the most eccentric orbit in the solar system, in fact a suspiciously eccentric orbit, I see no reason why we shouldn't send a probe there. This is a chance that humanity just shouldn't pass up, seeing as Sedna reaches its perihelion every 11,400 years. I don't know, what do you guys think? Also, a supposed ninth planet was supposedly discovered today which supposedly caused Sedna's eccentric and inclined orbit.
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