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Found 17 results

  1. Hello all! As you probably know, on the vBulletin forums, we had reputation bars under our names. The number of bars was representative of how much reputation we had, and after 500, the bars turned light green. Well, sadly, now we just have a number, and we don't have the distinction of a light green bar. So instead, join me in honoring the people on this forum with over 1000, 1k, or 1 grand of reputation points. Which makes them the famous.... Rep Grand Group! Note: The old LGG still exists in it's final updated form. I updated it right before the forum migration, and
  2. .jfif is the same as .jpg (.jpeg) and should be supported.
  3. Is it just me, or did the notification sound just come back? I heard it this morning!
  4. See title. I was thinking it would be handy to have a subforum specifically for sharing missions, akin to the Spacecraft Exchange. Thoughts?
  5. The file sizes for the cover photo and profile picture are far too small. I can't even use a screenshot from KSP as a cover photo due to the size limit. Everything has to be shrunk so much it looks bad. Please, hear me out here and change this! You can see the distortion in my profile photo by the way. I had to remove the background for my profile cause it was too blurry.
  6. Preparing to colonize Duna, from Eeloo!
  7. Hello. I was quite unsure of where a question about the forum itself would go, so I put it here. I've probably just completely missed it, but is there a way to change my display name, or will I just have to make a new account? I don't quite like the one I am using now, and have a new one in mind. I checked user settings, but the "display name" thing cannot be edited. Whether I simply cannot change it, or I have completely missed the option, any answers are appreciated.
  8. So basically you just tell about what was your first post,what was it about and why you created your account My first post was on the Planet cyran thread telling about a problem with the clouds on the planets in the game. I created my account to write that comment because I noticed none of the bugs I found were being mentioned.
  9. This will probably be the dumbest question ever asked on the ksp forums... How do I change my rank!?? In my profile settings, it says nothing about changing ranks... Help me...
  10. Does anyone on these forums know how to upload a craft file? Answers greatly appreciated!!!
  11. I have been on KSP for almost a year, but I still can't post a photo, please take mercy on my mortal soul
  12. A lot of people come here for help. The Tutorials Forum should carry these sub-forums. Getting into orbit. Rocket Design Spaceplane Design Lander Design Intercepts. Landing Docking Orbital Construction Space Stations RCS Explained SAS Explained KerbalNet Explained Science Explained To make this forum Noob Friendly, there should be sub-forums in the Tutorials Section for all these things. I would be happy to post tutorials too but the current section is a jungle and finding anything is difficult at best. The more people that are interested in KSP then t
  13. Suggestion and Request: With a lot of new players entering the fray I'd like to suggest a seperate forum for at least PS4 Technical Support, PS4 Gameplay Discussion and PS4 Suggestions. It's already hard enough to follow the discussion with people between vanilla and RSS+TCC+ABFS+KKLT+KAS+TAC. Imagine the turmoil when every second poster and his dad suggests using a mod that cant be used as the original poster plays on console or vice versa.
  14. Not a big one at least, I can be small. You see some mods think the whole "battle" between the "krakenist's"(see the " ?) and dres lovers is a massive set up for role playing, but in actuality it's a forum war. You may think "but role playing gets too aggressive." Actually... No, role playing may be a tiny bit aggressive, but that aggression is quickly resolved. So please, KSP forum staff. Add a role playing forum so those who want roleplaying can get it, and they will leave the rest of the forums 99.9% untouched. Please...
  15. The title says it all really. In a few different browsers on mobile, there is no Earthly way to remove quotes from posts, as far as I can tell. On Desktop, it is as simple as right-clicking the quote box. On Mobile, I have tried double-tap, hold-press, swipe, pinch, you name it!
  16. ...is in the way that robot account creation has been optimized for it. Seriously, I've been here since the end fo 2013, and I have seen maybe three random spambot threads on the KSP forums, ever. All three of them, I will point out, were in the last two days! This is a very worrying development from my point of view, because it looks like the start of something I've seen in pretty much every IPS-based forum I've ever frequented. The technology as it comes out of the box is extremely vulnerable to automated account creation. And if the operators of the automated spam robots notice th
  17. So, it's been a few days since the forums got migrated to the new forum hosting software, IPS. Many of you are displeased, some of you like it, and some of you don't care. However, I'm going to try to put together the best comparison between the two that I can. I consider myself somewhat unbiased, since I have participated in many other forums on different softwares than vBulletin, so I'm not a fanboy. And I've also never been on an IPS forum, which means this is all new to me. So, here goes: NOTE: This comparison isn't just IPS vs. vBulletin. This is a comparison between what we had with
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