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Found 10 results

  1. THE MULLETEX MISSIONS A MISSION REPORT THREAD FOR THE LUNEX CHALLENGE THREAD I haven't played KSP since August 2019. My last mission was an Elcano of Duna, along with a Von Braun of Duna and fly by return to Kerbin via Eve. Given I hadn't booted up KSP in anger in well over a year (and its been a rough year or two) I trawled the forums and happened across the Lunex Challenge thread. Its something very familiar to me as a one time (Self considered) Shuttle connoisseur and I thought it'd give me a nice easy route back into playing the game again that wouldn't put me off, a
  2. Stock Glider Catalogue Although KSP lacks wind and thermals, or indeed any means to actually maintain altitude in a glider without self-propelling, I have still found a tremendous amount of fun in building "sailplanes", aircraft with very low stall speeds and very good glide ratios. I think there's a lot of fun to be had in throwing them off cliffs and seeing how far it's possible to go, or what dangerous aerobatics you can perform. Thus, I present the Greenhayes Aircraft Glider Catalogue: four different sailplanes, each with their own handling characteristics and visual appeal.
  3. This is an Idea i have had pretty good luck with in the past so.... why not make a game out of it? Rules: 1- All Propulsion must be provided in space of Runway 2- Only Stock, no mods (other than aesthetic) or DLC 3- Glider must have no propulsion past the Runway 4- Glider must survive the Landing 5- Glider must be manned. If you want to mosey on in post in this format: *Picture* Glider Name Time in air Form of propulsion And that's it, have fun, any questions about rules just comment.
  4. hi everybody, quick question: What is an appropriate wing surface to mass ratio in order to glide towards a proper landing zone on Eve with a space plane?
  5. A few days ago I built a glider in KSP. Pretty awesome at fist, but it got boring after 3 flights or so because there was no way of staying in the air without descending. So I started thinking: "What if weather, wind, turbulences and thermics was added into the game?" This is basically what this suggestion is. Weather, wind and thermics. This would give gliders a sence and make the game more chalenging, for example when you want to land on Duna or Eve, but there's a storm underneath you or if you want to launch a rocket. Would you like to see a feature like this in the game? (And yes, I know t
  6. Sir George Cayley Glider Often I like to reflect back to the early days of flying to educate myself a little about these Aeronautic Pioneers. Today I would like to show some honor to Sir George Cayley. In 1799 he set forth the concept of the modern Aeroplane as a fixed-wing flying machine with separate systems for lift, propulsion, and control. Straight out of Jebediah's Junk Yard is what I'd like to say about this craft, although the craft will give you the sensation of how fun flying these early craft must have been, well somewhat! Powered by two Juno Engines and controlled by Elev
  7. So, I know this may seem a little silly, but I would deeply thank someone if they could be able to create a glider cockpit? Or like a parts mod for gliders, since the stock/modded cockpits are either for Space Shuttles, or jet fighters. By the way, here's a picture for reference.
  8. [Stock] Extremely long range glider. This is a stock glider that is able to traverse the planet with ease and let you explore the wonders of Kerbin. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Specs: Parts: 42 Dry Mass: 8.501t Wet Mass: 14.502t (Not Incl. Monoprop. 14.532t with it ) Height: 3.9m Width: 31.6m (Wingspan) Length: 10.4m _________________________________________________________________________________________ Manoeuvrability: Slow on the roll and yaw but very stable. Stru
  9. Hello, everyone. This is my first post here and I come to show you my latest creation. I've put a good amount of time thinking on how I was going to do this, and I made an imitation of a glider the most realistic way as I could. As per say, it glides and does not have motors. It takes off from the runway attached to the back of a two engined jet by a Separatron. When in cruising altitude, the jet decouples from the glider. Both the jet and the glider have capacity to one Kerbal. I've flown them a lot and, when deployed at 10,000 meters, the glider gets up to 10 minutes of flight tim
  10. Let me introduce workhorse of kerbal space program - passenger space plane "Bor". It is almost perfect solution for transporting crew/tourists to Kerbin orbit and back, after refueling you can simply reach Mun/Minmus orbit or surface. Comfortable in flight, cheap, fast and compact, you can order this piece of engineering art in our company "Blue "Whale for only 21 977 kerbucks (flight cost is only 5444 kerbucks). Brief stats: Mass on launchpad / empty craft: 33t / 4.5t Details on launchpad / in space plane: 36 / 27 dV on orbit 100x100 km / fully fueled: 600+ / 2164
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