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Found 5 results

  1. So I've run into a strange bug. I'm on unmodded KSP Career mode and got a rescue mission. The title says 'Rescue Jebediah from orbit of Kerbin' Already strange, since this is my first rescue mission on this save and Jebediah is alive and well. I click to see more details to find the white boldened text again mentions Jebediah, but the task list contains 'Save Desby Kerman' and 'Recover Desby Kernan on Kerbin' The biggest issue is, no ship even appears in the tracking station! I have tracking ships turned on (as well as all other tracking options just to be safe) but nothing. At first I thought I needed to upgrade my tracking station, but pretty sure that's not a thing and that didn't work anyways. I don't like cancelling missions, or even declining them for that matter. Is there any way I can get around this? Attached an image of my mission below: https://imgur.com/a/g83PS8D
  2. Doing my first Mun MIssion in a new game, I designed my Rocket put Valentina in the pilots seat and went to bed. Reloaded the game this morning and launched and half way to space I notice that Jeb has replaced Valentina. I prefer to use Valentina for everything over Jeb. No real reason other than I like her better. How can I promote Valentina over Jeb permanently, so that she's the default Kerbal crew member. I realise I can simply turn off Kerbal respawning and fire Jeb into the sun but I'd rather not do that. Game file modding is fine by me.
  3. So recently I was flying to Mun for a Mun base mission. but as I was landing, I forgot to start another stage and Jebediah was killed almost immediately. instead of reverting the flight I accidentally switched to the space center. I have already switched Kebediah's status from "Dead" to "Available" but that hasn't worked. MANY OF YOU WILL READ THE TITLE AND LEAVE THE COMMENT SAYING "its fine, Jebediah will respawn" HE WONT, ITS BEEN 5 DAYS NOW PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT . Thank you
  4. Yo, lads! I'm Maland, a new dude on these here forums, but CERTAINLY not new to KSP! I've been playing KSP for quite some time. (Why I'm just joining the forums now is beyond me.) ...Anyways, I just wanted to share this video here, my 50 sub special! I made a rocket, and flew it to the Mun. And, I didn't die! (It did take a few takes, though.) Hope you enjoyed, and I'll see y'all around. Glad to be here.
  5. I had an idea for a full-length feature film about the history of the space program's most well-known pilot: Jebediah Kerman! Many of you may not know this, but I AM Jebediah, and the film would be based off of true events which happened in my youth. Surprisingly, as a young pilot-in-training, I was actually quite a coward! I could barely sit in a cockpit without screaming my head off. The film would cover the story of how, when I was still in training, an SRB test failed, killing most of the test pilots, and causing the rest to leave. I was the only one left, because I'd never heard about the disaster. At the same time, VAB workers had forgotten to put gyros onto the 50-million-fund Kerbal XXVI Mun mission, requiring a probe send them up after launch to add them to the spacecraft, piloted by Bill and Bob. However, with the munar intercept burn rapidly approaching, the VAB had no probe cores, and required a pilot to perform the few simple tasks that pod-mounted autopilots could not do. I, being the only pilot left, was reluctantly selected to pilot the ship. I was tricked into thinking I was testing a simulator, then beaten unconscious and put into the capsule. When I woke up I was launched kicking and screaming into space. The docking went well, but I mistakenly jettisoned my own capsule, and therefore had to go to the Mun with Bill and Bob, and out-of-control adventure that, upon landing back at Kerbin, turned me into the cold-blooded badass I am today. Let me know what you think about the idea for a movie that tells the true story of my life!
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