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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I'm a Vietnamese KSP player/fan/rocket exploder who is translating the game to Vietnamese since the game is relatively unknown in my country. I've been browsing some threads in the forum about localization but almost (if not, all) of them are from KSP version 1.3. It is now 1.11.1 so I am wondering if anything has changed at all in the process. Are the fonts and the way to change them still the same? Do I have to watch out for anything? Are there any new tools I should use? I've translated roughly 20% of the game and I really want to test it for issues. Every help is appreciated!
  2. ここは日本語対応を希望するMOD開発者と、その作業が出来る日本語スピーカーを結び付ける為のスレッドです。 様々なMODが多言語化の協力を必要としています。お互いに協力し合ってKSPのプレイの幅を広げていきましょう。 ※直訳ではなく、KSPの世界観を活かした日本語対応を目指しましょう。 MOD多言語対応のメインスレッド: 上のリンク先の 「Localization supported; translations needed - Links point to the primary assets in need of translating:」 にリストされたMODのうち「Japanese」と書いてあるMODが日本語対応を必要としています。 ローカリゼーションが必要な行数と単語数も記載されています。 作業手順: MODまたはMODの開発者の要望を確認します。 MODの開発スレッドに書き込んだり、もしくは開発者にDM(PM)して、日本語対応の作業を申し入れます。 このスレッドに、MODの名前と作業開始の報告をして下さい。その内容を私が下の例のように書き込みます。 メインスレッドのリンク先にあるGitHubもしくはテキストファイルから作業を開始します。GitH
  3. Dear Mod Makers, if you want to find a translator for your mod quickly - please just leave a message in English in >this< thread with instructions and feedback way. Thanks! KSP tiene ahora oficialmente compatibilidad con la localización de varios idiomas, por lo que nuestros modders están tratando de convertir sus trabajos en una versión multi-idioma. Este tema está diseñado para ayudar a la comunidad modder a completar más rápidamente la localización correspondiente, con el fin de permitir un mayor círculo cultural de jugadores que puedan obtener la versión nativa de cada país
  4. Addon Localization Home This topic will serve as a database of mods that support localization, a place where people who can provide translation help can connect with mods that need said help, and as place to discuss how to implement localization in your mod and how to work with stock localization. To facilitate translation help, anyone who needs translations for their mods should do the following: Respond in this thread with a link to the primary resources in need of localization (preferably a GitHub link to the text files or folder with files) If possible provide an esti
  5. In working on Localization for my mods I was finding it sorta tedious to correlate all the numbers/files etc so I indulged myself in spending some time on something I've always wanted to do: creating a Visual Studio Extension. Currently this has a single focus - which is speeding up the replacement of strings with localizer calls, but with enough time will add in any useful additions. So What does it do? In a nutshell it does this (cause pictures give you a better score right?): It makes it a bit easier to replace strings in your code with Localizer.Format calls. When
  6. Hello, Universal Storage 2 currently has localization files for Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian thanks to the help of some amazing volunteers. But there are some additional languages that KSP supports that would be great to get into the mod. I've played with various methods to make translating the mod as easy as possible and I think I've found the best approach with google drive. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UFJLkAK1H04U1CSOjrpiI0RfuzbjPj3b?usp=sharing The translation files are on a shared drive folder which anyone can edit. If you would like to
  7. Game: "Du du du... So, U want to play KSP?" Me: "Yeah..." Game: *Pulls out gun.* "Not today buddy." So, Yeah. Can't play the game at all due to this bug. I'll post all the things you guys need but any ideas on how to fix this? Most of the text doesn't work and is replaced by it. Time warp doesn't work. Running through the launcher doesn't work. Steam not working and even checking the files using my own eyes and Steam's find no errors. Maybe 1-2 but it goes down to 0 every time I check it. If redownloading doesn't work I'm going nuclear. (Aka nuking it from space and redownloadin
  8. Kanadian Dictionary for the Canadian Grammar Pedant License: CC-BY-SA-4.0 (yes it's a 'license' even in en-ca) Download: GitHub SpaceDock Requires: SwitchLanguage Born from a request for en-gb localization, I came up with an example of how to roll your own. I always wanted to do this since KSP 1.3.0 was announced. This is a Canadian English localization dictionary for KSP 1.3 and later, a very simple example of how to alter the default US English dictionary for local English variations. Perhaps it can make a certain physics instructor in Winnipeg consider introducing KS
  9. When I internationalized XT Landertrons, I crawled through the config files and internationalized everything by hand. No big deal, since there's just five parts and a handful of notification strings. I'd like to internationalize HGR, though, which has dozens of parts, so I'm a lot more interested in an automated solution. I'm envisioning a script that operates on a folder and goes through each part and pulls out the title, manufacturer, description, and tags into an en-us.cfg file. Meanwhile, each autoloc tag gets generated automatically, in a format like "#autoLOC_[short_name_or_abbr_
  10. KSP: 1.3.1 Windows Version x64 [Simplified Chinese] Problem: My game freezes at Loading Resource Definition Bundles screen when the game language is simplified Chinese. It loads successfully once I change the game language to English. Mods installed: Community Resource Pack (CommunityResourcePack Module Manager (ModuleManager 3.0.1) Reproduction steps: Set the game language to Simplified Chinese while have mod Community Resource Pack(CRP) or any mods require CRP installed and launch the game. It will freeze at screen "正在加载资源包定义"(Loading Resource Definition
  11. ·前言· Squad在KSP1.3版本推出了本地化API,允许modder使用更加方便的方式来本地化mod。为了配合坎巴拉太空计划吧MOD发布条例,规范坎巴拉太空计划吧mod发布,故编写此简易教程。这是此教程的forum版本。 ·常用链接· MOD本地化之家(en-us) MOD中文翻译帮助中心 (zh-cn) KSP.Localization类Localizer函数描述 ————————正文———————— 1.本地化标识符(Localization Identifier) 在1.3的KSP中,Squad给了我们一种方式来实现本地化——本地化标识符。 P.S.:建议使用Notepad++等编辑器而不是记事本编辑cfg文件以确保文件编码正确。 ·实现 通过本地化标识符来实现本地化的方式如下: 在.cfg中用本地化标识符替换原文本/在plugin代码中用Localizer.Format函数替换原文本。 运行mod时,KSP会从各mod目录下的Localization文件夹下的dictionary.cfg文件中读取指定语言的Localization部分。 KSP会将本地化标识符所对应的文本输出。 ·本地化标识符的格式
  12. TO ANYONE THAT IS WILLING TO TRANSLATE TO HIS/HER NATIVE LANGUAGE: Go to this spreadsheet (yes, a spreadsheet) and begin translating into your language. Download: Plugin: Download | GitHub Languages: At the moment I haven't released any supported languages as I'm just translating on my own. But the plugin is available for download. Planned languages: Français Deutsch Nederlands Italiano Polski Credits: Plugin: @Olympic1 French translation: @Olympic1 @yrou @valens @bart
  13. Automated Static File Localizer (this mod is only useful for mod creators) This mod intends to automate the localization of static files for KSP like textures and KSPedia pages. As most of you already discovered, adding localization to KSPedia or textures is a bit cumbersome and adds more effort for both, mod creators and users. For more info, see here: To make the life for all of us easier, this mod automatically switches the files provided by a mod to let KSP load the correct ones. Warning: Due to multi-threaded loading of KSP, it is possible that this plugin is not ab
  14. Hello all! Me and bunch of folks are preparing Polish localization of Kerbal Space Program, as it is quite easy with the recent 1.3.0 update and I'm sure that many Polish folks will appreciate this kind of endeavour. Translation is currently in early alpha stage, however most of the game is localized in Polish. There are still few things missing, but I think that it is a good time to present our work and maybe ask for small feedback. There are still "few" things untranslated, but we are hard working to finish the translation: Parts names and descriptions Many trainin
  15. Hello everyone, The public pre-release of the localization pack is here! It has been a massive undertaking to localize Kerbal Space Program in four more languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Around 4,000,000 lines of code carefully revised to catalogue all the aspects that needed to be localized and addressed. More than 82,000 words translated. 456 images created for textures and UI. 684 slides prepared for the KSPedia. For the past few months more than 20 dedicated volunteers threw everything they’ve got at the
  16. Is there a way to provide some "default" language (presumably, english) for the mod? Right now, the labels with no translation in the selected language are just left as-is, which means that if a user has a language which is not supported by the mod, he'll see a useless labels. Officially, KSP supports only five languages, so I just copied the english localization five times with different names. But I guess it's only a matter of time until we get the language mods for lots of other languages. I can't copy my localization for every language there is.
  17. Hi, is there any existing thread or place in the forums to search and offer help for translating mods? This thread can be it if such a place does not exist.
  18. Hello all! So far I've made a part mod, contributed to a mod, and created an extension to a mod, but I've never really made a true, in game mod that really interacts with the game per se. The mod/extension I've spent the most time on is my KSP-PAO - Public Affairs Office, which creates a NASA/TV like experience for your missions in real time. This mod relies exclusively on the the AWESOME Telemachus mod to pull KSP data from the game and provide it externally over http. While designing new features to KSP-PAO, I realized that some of them I had been planning on being part of the extern
  19. Humans are and have always been explorers, regardless of our ethnicity or cultural origin. We all share some underlying traits such as our unquenchable curiosity, our ingenuity and our will to go further and beyond. That is how we were able to venture out of Africa and populate every corner of the world, but that wasn't enough for us, and in the past 60 years we have expanded the grasp of our reach to the ultimate frontier...space. This venture has united us as human beings, and requires the expertise of all fields of science and the collective effort of all nations. At KSP HQ, we deeply belie
  20. Dedicated to the devs : @[email protected] Hello, I'm Simon, the guy who first created the LanguagePatches project for KSP and the French translation mod. First of all, let me tell you the story : Three years ago I first asked the devs about their plans about translating the game, I asked them if they were interested in making a collaboration with me for the translation, but their answer was "we are not focused in localisation efforts as the game is not yet officially published, but we'll contact you in the future once we are ready to start translating the game". So I waited
  21. When "warp here" function is used, game displays "/ to cancel time warp" but this does not work for me. I have non-u.s keyboard (fi), slash is typed with shift+7 or from numpad and neither cancels timewarp. The , key does cancel time warp. Not exactly a question but I didn't know where else to post it..
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