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Found 5 results

  1. SHUTTLE ORBITER CONSTRUCTION KIT RECOLORED This mod adds three different paint schemes and a few decals to @benjee10's Space Shuttle from his mod Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit(SOCK). This mod says 1.9, but it should work in any KSP version as long as SOCK and it's dependencies are installed. So far, I've only added three paint variants, but this may change in the future. Feel free to suggest alternate color schemes (please include pictures when doing so) and I will be happy to consider them, but just note I will be resistant to add too many, as the shuttle textures are ver
  2. HumanStuff Easy Builder Workshop & Texture Library Warning: This thread is also a "build diary" for the pack, some posts are...long-winded *>Version 2.0.1 "Vector" Promo Video<* - v.4.0.1 "Intro & Install Tutorial" Video is being made, LIVE on Youtube & Peertube, 2020-12-24 *Note: Anything installed by "Ninite"'s FREE & 100% SAFE web service CAN BE UPDATED ALL AT ONCE: MAIN NINITE-UPDATER-HERE & NINITE AV-UPDATER-HERE Full "OFFLINE INSTALLER" is 1.91gb or DVD or "USB/SD/Etc Drive" Sized HumanStuff_Byte4Byte_Pak_Stand_Alone.exe Link 126mb
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking to find mods that make ksp look good but i want mods that blend in with each other. I've tried realism overhaul with eve, scatter, and etc. which made the game look good but it wasn't to my liking. If you know any "mod packs" that make the game look stellar, i would like to know. Thx.
  4. Hello guys! welcome to my 16K RSS texture pack Ver. 2.2.2: ckan support update This texture pack is High res planet texture pack for Real Solar System. with this texture pack, you can get better visual experience as you can see down below. WARNING: this texture pack is tested in 32GB ram, i7 9700k cpu, and RTX 2070 gpu. i can't guarantee that there'll be no performance issue in below this spec. Minimum ram requirement is 16GB. you will need more then 16GB for stable play with more mods. screenshots (outdated captures from 2.0.0 , will be updated soon) Download Link: Cl
  5. PARA-SCI HIGH-PERFORMANCE ATMOSPHERE PACK For use with KSP 1.2 and the EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements mod Since many of us are sometimes, or always, forced to play KSP on laptops and other devices with weak GPUs or otherwise not optimized for gaming, I present the Para-Sci High-Performance Atmosphere Pack, wherein I have done my best to combine good visuals with minimal graphics demand. FULL PREVIEW ALBUM: http://imgur.com/a/pKsCk Notes: - Most bodies, with the exception of Kerbol and the particularly lumpy minor moons, include a "glow" layer that enhances thei
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