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Found 12 results

  1. Well I had been playing with BdAc for quite sometime and I thought if we could spawn military vehicles with their engines on ,we could simply have a military campaign. So can anyone help me here? PS. Don't be rude like steam. I've been an explorer for a 2yr now n now I wish military expeditions.
  2. A pack of select vanilla-inspired parts for your aircrafting needs! Powered by Firespitter, special thanks to Snjo for his plugin and continued support! Download: KAX v2.6.4 for KSP 1.2.2 Curse Download Mirror Image Album: Included Parts: -Turboprop -Radial Engine -Electric Propeller -Helicopter Main Rotor -Helicopter Tail Rotor -Heavy Landing Gear -Jump Jet Engine -2M Aircraft Cockpit -2M Fuselage (jet fuel) -2M Structural Fuselage (empty) -2M Tail Boom Installation: Extract the KAX folder, Firespitter folder, and ModuleManager.dll into your KSP Gamedata folder. Be sure to properly extract the Firespitter/Resources folder or you will have FScoolant errors on loading the electric prop. If you already have Firespitter and/or Module Manager, use the latest versions of their .dll plugins. Changelog: v2.6.1 -Reduced volume SFX of Main Rotor & Tail Rotor -Added stagepriorityflow to Main Rotor for proper fuel flow v2.6 -Complete rebuild of Main Rotor to improve animation -Overhaul on animation for Main Rotor and Tail Rotor -Added KAX Choppah example craft v2.5.4 -Fixed Tail Rotor animation -Tail Rotor now produces 15 thrust to compensate for broken Firespitter rotor control MODULE. Maximum thrust can still be adjusted in-game; set to 0 for aesthetic use. -Improved Main Helicopter Rotor torque control v2.5.3 -Compatibility patch for KSP 1.0.5 v2.5.2 -Heli Rotor now has torque -Minor fixes for Rotor and Tail Rotor -Updated Firespitter.dll v2.5.1 -Balance work on Turbo, Radial, and Sport engines -Engines will now draw fuel evenly from all tanks -Updated packaged Firespitter.dll to 7.0.5613.30088 -Moved Radial and Sport engines to Aviation tech tree -Reduced price on Radial and Sport engines v2.5 -Added A7 Aerosport 2-bladed prop -Fixed sound pitch for all engines -Added KAX Horizon and KAX Bungalow example craft -Textures converted to .dds v2.4.2 -Reduced heat output of all engines -Increased thrust of electric prop -Increased electrical efficiency of electric prop -Decreased volume of electric prop, turboprop, and radial engine -Added KAX Predator and KAX ESpirit example craft -Updated KAX Sparrow example craft -Updated packaged Firespitter.dll to 7.0.5609.6768 v2.4.1 -Updated packaged Firespitter.dll to v7.0.5603.17274 -Tweaked thrust output for Turboprop & Radial prop (note: this is a temp fix) -Redesigned KAX Sparrow example craft v2.4 -Updated packaged Firespitter.dll to v7.0.5598.23279 -Updated packaged module manager to v2.6.3 -Cleaned out old example craft -Added new KAX Sparrow flying wing example -Fixed attachment issue -Increased Kuey Main Rotor thrust from 65 to 105 -Reduced volume of Turbo Prop and Radial Prop -Updated thrust curves for Turbo Prop and Radial Prop (note: might be out of balance for 1.0.2) v2.3.4 -Updated Firespitter.dll with RadarManFromTheMoon's rotor thrust switching fix -Kuey Tail Rotor now properly switches thrust with user input -Fixed KAX Agents .cfg v2.3.3 -Fixed prop hub freeze issue -Increased electricProp thrust from 6 to 7 v2.3.2 -Module Manager support added for FAR -Added VentureStar AMP Example Craft v2.3.1 -Compatibility patch for KSP 0.90.0 -Updated Firespitter.dll to v7.0.5463.30802 -Fixed incompatibilities with FAR/NEAR mod v2.3 -Compatibility patch for KSP 0.25.0 -Updated Firespitter.dll to v7.0.5398.27328 -Updated example crafts -Fixed Kuey Tail Rotor animation v2.2.2 0.24 HOTFIX, Note: Not all features have been reimplemented -Updated Firespitter.dll to v7.0.5313.17967 -Fixed Kuey Main Rotor -Adjusted thrust on Kuey Main Rotor to account for changes in Firespitter aero model v2.2.1 -Removed props blur disk cast shadows -Added blade colliders to turboProp and radialProp -Performance changes to turboProp and radialProp: radial now has better takeoff performance, turbo now has better high altitude cruise performance -Reduced mass of heavy gear -Reduced mass of 2M structural fuselage -Reduced tailRotor volume -Fixed radialProp thrustTransform to align with prop -Rescaled radialProp, turboProp, jumpJet, kueyRotor, and tailRotor to rescaleFactor 1.0 v2.2 -Added NS90 Tail Rotor (found in the Control parts section) -Added blade colliders to Main Rotor and Tail Rotor; they will now impact with objects and parts they touch while spinning -Reduced unnecessarily large texture size on Kuey Main Rotor -Updated XH-7 LIFTR with new tail rotor v2.1.1 -Increased performance of Kuey Main Rotor to improve lifting power [using KAS] -Replaced XH-5 Hopper with XH-7 LIFTR v2.1 -Added KH-1 Kuey Main Rotor -Added XH-5 Hopper helicopter in example crafts folder -Changed jumpjet part name to KAXjumpjet (save breaking) -Updated packaged Firespitter.dll to 6.3.5239.37254 -Added ReadMe file with credits v2.0 -Added Radial Engine -Added KAX P-25 "Pee Wee" to crafts examples folder -Turboprop thrust reduced by 10%, but will now perform better at higher altitudes -Turboprop tech unlock moved to Advanced Aerodynamics v1.9.1 -Fixed FX offsets on Jump Jet -Reduced thrust on Jump Jet v1.9 -Added Jump Jet Engine -Fixed KAX Kerbardier Dash-8 .craft in example crafts folder. It will now load properly. v1.8.1 -Added hatch and generic cockpit interior to Horizon cockpit; Kerbals will now enter and exit properly. Note: Hatch located on left back side near circular window. v1.8 -Added Heavy Structural Fuselage -Added Heavy Fuselage (2M jet fuel) -Added KAX Kerbalheed TriStar .craft in example crafts folder v1.7 -Added Heavy Tail Boom -Removed FSanimateThrottle from electric prop to fix null errors v1.6 -Added C2-B Horizon cockpit v1.5.3 -Fixed Turboprop shutdown sound v1.5.2 -Fixed Heavy gear right click menu -Increased heavy gear brake strength v1.5.1 -Updated to latest Firespitter.dll (included) -Further reduced heavy gear wobble; craft should no longer flip or steer off the runway v1.5 -Adjusted heavy gear physics to reduce wobble -Heavy gear now attaches in the correct direction in the editors (NOTE: You will have to rotate the existing heavy gear on your crafts 180 degrees) -Added turboprop shutdown sounds -Added updated Firespitter.dll with sound fixes (thanks Snjo!) -Added intake to turboprop v1.4 -Turboprop and Electric prop part names renamed in config to prevent conflicts with other mods (NOTE: SAVE/CRAFT BREAKING) -Turboprop thrust reduced and curve values changed for balance -Turboprop fuel efficiency increased v1.3 -Complete Unity rebuild of GS-580 Heavy Gear Assembly to fix animation timing and parenting -Minor tweaks to other parts v1.2 -GS-580 Heavy Gear Assembly added v1.1 -e50 Electric Propeller Engine added V1.1 -PT100 Turboprop made lighter -Fixed prop rotation -Polished animation transition -Added KAX Kerbardier Dash-8 .craft in example crafts folder v1.0 -PT100 Turboprop /r/kerbalspaceprogram release known issues: -Heli Tail Rotor doesn't produce thrust (dependent on Firespitter.dll) -Heli Main Rotor hover feature inoperable (dependent on Firespitter.dll) -Add ladder to cockpit so Kerbals can exit and enter properly License: -Copyright Overview- KAX models, textures, and sounds are created by Keptin, who retains all copyrights. Snjo retains all rights for the Firespitter plugin. You may: Modify KAX in anyway for your personal use Use KAX models, textures, and assets to create derivative works Distribute sufficiently modified versions of KAX parts or newly created derivative parts Distribute video, screenshots or other media portraying unmodified or modified versions of KAX All other rights are reserved Specifically, you may not: Distribute unmodified versions of KAX, in part or whole, without permission Use KAX for any commercial purpose For help on how to make aircraft in KSP, see my guide:
  3. I'm having problems with the KAX engines. There is no sound, nor a spinning texture when I activate it (thrust still works). I'm using KSP 1.1.3, and the latest 1.1.2 version of the mod. Let me know if I'm missing any info.
  4. Just a noob question: Is KAX included in CKAN, or is there another way for me to enable it through CKAN? Thanks
  5. K-256 SeaWolf. I took my inspiration for this project from a model sub that i have sitting on my shelf, i also remembered reading about @pTrevTrevs sub experiments, and how people where saying that shuffling ore is just inconvinient, and that how he said that MK-3 tanks are too damn boyant to allow he's U-boat to dive. And i kinda already promised long ago that i would make a sub for the KNS fleet. So, could i make it one better, could i make something that looks like a U-boat, and something that works using only WASD controls. And so i did. It took me about a whole day to make something that nearly worked. It did dive, but only with the nose pointing straight toward the bottom pf the ocean. I taught that it's not really gonna get better than that, so i gave up on the project for a while. But, because i really wanted it to work, i picked it up yesterday evening and finished the job. And here we have the finished product. To make it dive, all you need to do is: 1. Put your engines on full. 2. Then it's just smooth sailing using nothing but airplane controls. It will take some time for the nose to sink at first (push the nose down hard), but when your underwater, it's very smooth, responsive and easy to use (little taps are enough to make it change attitude). It does have quite a slow turn-rate tough (subs don't have bow engines so...yea). And yes, it really is as simple as flying a plane using this thing. Now let's look at what the thing looks like. Now that you've seen that the thing actually works, Now let's show you what it looks like from the inside. Now let's take a look at some other important facts: Since i didn't want endless headaches, nor any balancing issues, i didn't try to make any torpedoes for this one. Instead, i put two howitzers on the nose, to act as the subs main striking force. One important thing about subs is ofcource the range, and speed. Well it's not that great. Under water, it has a top speed of about 11 m/s, and a range of about 16 minutes at full thrust. So yea, If you wanna actually go somewhere hidden from view, put infinite fuel on and lot's of coffee, since it's gonna take a while. I already tested that you can drive this into the water from the KSC runway. But be careful, it's very prone to falling on it's side when on land. If you want to get that famous shot of the periscope poking out of the water, well, im sorry to say that it's not possible. Basically, if you go arrow straight underwater, you will slowly rise to the surface. Specks: Top speed: -Above water: about 20 m/s. -Under water: about 11 m/s. Range: bout 16 minutes worth of fuel at full thrust. Armament: 2 howitzers and 4 chainguns. Length: 45.9m. Width: 9.0m. Height: 12.8m. Mass: 587.587 tons. Parts: 554. Mods used: KAX (engines removed from the downloadable version) and BD-armory. Download link: SeaWolf.craft?dl=0 And there it is pretty much, a nice little sub for all your silent hunting needs. I hope you enjoy it .
  6. I have been using version 1.1.3 of the game, and the newest KAX version (assumed to be 1.1.2). Propellers fail to move in the animations, and thrust direction is unavailable. The engines will work, but lack the aforementioned details. I have deleted the entire mod before, and the Firespitter .dll. Reinstall, same issue as before. Are there any known mod incombalities that could prevent KAX from working? Or is it just in need of an update? I have been wanting to do the King of the Hill challenge, but non working propellers won't allow me submit a craft.
  7. So, we've seen the amazing UH-1 replica by @Redshift OTF and the equally amazing AH-1 replica from @pTrevTrevs. Now it's my turn to bring you something from that era, the Chinook, my all time favorite helicopter next to the UH-1 Huey. Little bit of history: The Boeing-Vertol developed CH-47 Chinook was created to replace the USAF's fleet of CH-37 Mojave helicopters. It was developed as a twin-rotor heavy-lift helicopter, but has been used as a gunship, and even as a passenger helicopter by the British Airways. It's main task is to airlift troops, supplies, light vehicles and field guns to the front lines. The Chinook was put into service in the early 1960s and is still operational today witch proves that it is the perfect tool for the job. Due to this, It has been operated by 16 different countries, and has found use in the Vietnam war, Operation Desert Storm and the Falkland wars, witch is quite a service record. As mentioned above, it has also found use as a Passenger helicopter under British Airways and Helifor among others. On with the KSP version: Instead of trying to make it a 1:1 size replica, i made more of a Kerbal scale one, using a little Metal Earth model of it as reference. As usual, the build/testing phase took me something like 3-4 hours, but that's mainly because i had a pretty good idea on how to build the Chinook. Even the cockpit was pretty easy to put together, tough a lot of tweaking was involved. (i moved the landing-gears into their correct positions after those test-flights). The Chinook is very easy to fly, witch came to me as a complete surprise. I think it's mostly due to me using a lot of hidden and not so hidden control surfaces. WARNING: The Chinook can run out of intake air at totally random times (propably caused by sharp maneuvers), this may...ehm...slightly affect the way the chopper handles. So, don't fly too low while doing sharp maneuvers or you might crash. Originally it had only two rotors, and it flew fine, but to give it a chance of actually being able to lift something (need KAS for that), i gave it four instead. But as a minus, the range is halved. It could have been around 50 km but now it's only 25 km. Top speed: 40 m/s in level flight. Range: 25 km with the current fuel load of 568/922. More can be loaded if needed. Lifting capacity: 13-15 tons of cargo: Length: 19.5m. Width: 11.7m. Height: 5.4m Mass: 20 tons. Parts: 249. Mod used: KAX. Download link: Chinook (KSP).craft?dl=0 So there it is for you, the mighty Chinook in KSP. i hope you enjoy it .
  8. This is the repository where i will be posting all my future navy aircrafts/helicopters. These are the aircrafts that protect our fleets on the open seas. And are the ones that operate from our carriers. Listing in here will work the same way as in the main post: Info about this post: Unfortunetly due to spoilers being a little broken (albums don't work), i won't be using them, so this could get quite long. (don't want to have a wall of 10 or so picks). Doing separate post for each aircrafts (new ones) like i have done for my new ships will propably end up being the way to go. But the problem is, that i usually make a bunch of aircrafts in one go, so making something like 4-5 separate posts at once, seem very very dumb. Also, if i put them on the comments, i can't categorise them, Darn. I'll figure out something. List of aircrafts: Alright, i figured it would be best for me to just put my new planes on the comment section. So, here is the LEGEND that i have been using on my aircrafts for a while now. All the crafts will be put under these categories. I will include all the info under about the crafts under their own categories and a single pick. All the albums will be in a random order and won't be inside any spoilers. Here are all the Categories. New ones may be added in the future and some may end up being unused for this project. KF (Kerbal fighter). (includes Carrier, Land and Sea based aircrafts). KLB (Kerbal light bomber). KMB (Kerbal medium bomber). KHB (Kerbal Heavy bomber). KG (Kerbal Gunship). (C-130 Spooky style plane gunships fall under this name). KAH (Kerbal armed helicopter). KSH (Kerbal ship/sub hunter). (Didn't want to use Kerbal seaplane since it would have been KSP). (Also works for non seaplane ship hunters). KRP (kerbal reconnaissance plane). KTP (Kerbal Transport plane). Albums: They will just be slapped here on a mostly random order. There will be many MANY more aircrafts to come, so stay tune. And there you have it, an ever growing list of naval/carrier aircrafts. I hope you enjoy them . PS. I really do hope they get around into fixing the problem with albums not working inside spoilers, since it's not the best solution to have all the albums like they are right now.
  9. I am trying to find a kax parts pack that had a very long turboprop engine. The name has slipped me can anyone help? thanks
  10. I've had this for quite a while now, tinkering with it, and now that I know people actually like my work sometimes, I decided to share my best "working" helicopter! The descriptions between the civilian and the military version are the same, sorry. The performance is quite good, and it'll respond well in almost all situations. Jeb likes to blind bill with the spotlight by the way, make sure you keep him away from the brightness controls. No pics of the military one, the only difference is that it has a real FLIR camera, wing mounted chain guns and hellfire missile pods, and additional engines. Be careful. Look for the action groups.
  11. This year while all the staff are away from the KSC on holiday Jeb decided to host a race, but this race is unlike anything anyone would ever approve of, requiring small nimble aircraft to get in between all of the narrowest corridors between the KSC buildings. This challenge is inspired by 1930's air races and modern drone racing and is a combination of the two, with tight drone racing style corridors but with an emphasis on improving aerodynamic design rather than the rather crude bricks which constitute drones. Each race is a single lap around the course starting at the runway, pilots then guide their craft as fast as possible over the SPH, as close to the tower as possible. The second marker is the launch pad water tower, each pilot must pass to the right of the water tower and head to the east side of the runway which is the third mark. Rounding the third mark, the next mark is the cylindrical fuel container with the blue stripe which is between mission control and the VAB. The player then continues through the corridor past the administrative building and makes a left turn around the R&D complex and flies behind the VAB avoiding obstacles. The course ends when you cross the midpoint of the runway. Record your time at this point and land safely for a valid entry. This is the course, the red outlines the boundaries of gates with reference to buildings. The Rules: 1) Ferram Aerospace Research is necessary 2) Passing under gates is necessary, flying above the highest point of a structure is considered passing over a gate 3) You must add 5 seconds to your time every time you pass over a gate 4) One should consider an entry invalid if the course is not followed (cutting inside a gate, flying over corridors) 5) Your power plant of choice will be included on the leaderboard, I hope to see some interesting choices 6) Flying above the VAB while racing renders the result invalid. 7) And I almost forgot, absolutely no torque reaction wheels or cockpit torque! Suggestions: 1) Wings may be helpful 2) The aircraft/rocket should not be wider than a corridor 3) Stay subsonic, this challenge is all about cornering, precision and speed is last in terms of concerns 4) you need about 1 minute and 30 seconds of fuel, no more is necessary. Leaderboard: