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You Know You're A Nerd When:

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When you think is really cool when you have an idea for the first time ever ("Wow, I'm sure I've never said the phrase 'shard of plastic' before today!") and you think of the endless possibilities of ideas that can be had but never have been...the infinite wonders of the human mind that are yet to be unlocked...

...even though most of it is crap (If you turned Stalin into a Dalek, it would be a Stalek!)

(It's too bad that 'Hitler' doesn't fit well with 'Dalek', because they have a lot in common...)

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When you have about 8 anime series you have started watching but have put on hold because of other animes.

When you have watched so much anime you have to try hard to remember their names.

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You know when you are a nerd when you want to go to a nuclear reactor

You know when you are a nerd when you admire U235

You know when you are a nerd when you know nuclear history better than some certain history

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When you can translate this: 484921

when your rockets get to orbit without a circulation burn.

when you actually do the math

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Hint for 484921: ASCII
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When you wonder what norepinephrine  has to do with NOR gates.

When the numbers you'd like to calculate would need scientific notation for their scientific notation.

When you listen to sorting algorithms do their thing for hours on end.

When you mke your math teacher ragequit at the Falcon 9 landing game, because you got five landings and he got none.

When you type too fast for your keyboard.

When you turn autocorrect off because half the things you say aren't common English.

When you read a psychology textbook for a lark.

When your bedtime story as an infant was "Microbes."

When your entire internet presence outside of space game forums is second-hand.

When you have debates with your friends whether or not a plasma weapon is a charged particle beam.

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On 1/15/2016 at 7:11 PM, ThaZeus said:












i know more than this from memory but I'm tired of typing. :rolleyes:





I don't know if somebody mentioned this, but isn't it Beryllium after Lithium?

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4 hours ago, DolphinDude3 said:

When simple course adjustments are the most dramatic, epic thing in the world for you.

Have you ever done a plane change while playing No Time For Caution? It's pretty cool. I think maybe I can make a rocket whose launch exactly syncs up with Stay, but I've never tried.

You know you're a nerd when you've solved Magic Cube 4D.

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