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[WIP]-Modular Anullar Segment System (MASS)

Should I use interstellar fuel switch for the segments?  

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  1. 1. Should I use interstellar fuel switch for the segments?

    • Yes, and there should only be one segment of each size, with many configurations.
    • Yes, and there should be a few segments of each size, with a few options each.
    • No, every fuel or configuration should have a different part.

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This mod, when complete, will add radially attached segments that turn a 1.25m core into a 2.5m module, or a 2.5m core into a 3.75m module, or a 2.5m or 3.75m into a 5m module. This allows creation of Apollo service modules, heavy landers or pods, and custom space station parts.

Likely segments include:

  • Crew cabin
  • Fuel tank
  • Battery
  • Fuel cell
  • Monoprop tank
  • RTG
  • Mission support (Monoprop and battery)
  • RCS thrusters and monoprop tank
  • Engines
  • Science experiments
  • Probe core

Plan: v0.1: 1.25-2.5 segments

         v0.2: 2.5-3.75 segments

         v0.3: 0.625-1.25 segments (fairly few of these)

         v0.4: improved textures

         v0.5: 3.75-5.0 segments

         v0.6: 2.5-5.0 segments

         v1.0: improved textures, full release.

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41 minutes ago, CobaltWolf said:

Any screenshots or sketches?

EDIT: Also have you seen Universal Storage? It may be possible to integrate the two mods together.

I haven't started modeling yet, I'll try to make some sketches. I have universal storage, It is very, very useful, and was part of what inspired this mod.

EDIT: Okay, I've got a sketch



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@cy-one Sure!

Also, the one-part-per-size option seems very popular, but unfortunately I will probably need to do a few, since interstellar mesh switch does not give the option to change crew capacity. Rest assured, all fuel tanks will be unified as one part, but generators, probe cores, and cabins will be their own parts out of necessity.

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Also, the 1.25-2.5 segments will come in 2 lengths: 1-1, which is as long as a FL-T200 tank, and 1-2, which is as long as a FL-T400.

Currently planned 1.25-2.5 parts:

  • Probe core, equivalent to HECS but with more batteries and an rtg (1-1)
  • Small engine, with LF+OX and monoprop modes, about as powerful as the puff or the spark. (1-1)
  • Fuel cell with extra battery, equivalent to 2 stock fuel cells and 3 Z100 batteries. (1-1)
  • RCS thrusters, equivalent to stock thruster block, with integrated monoprop tank (1-1)
  • Fuel tanks, both sizes. 150 propellant for the smaller one, 300 for the larger one.
  • Crew cabin. Very cramped, seats one. (1-2)

Note that this is as few parts as I can get it down to, so expect there to be about 30-40 parts total. Also, I can't seem to get a second question to work in the poll, but what do people think about science modules?

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Imho, you should take a look at the OctoSat-mod, it's awesome.

My proposition: Expand the Octosat-concept to (partially manned) 1.25, 2.5 and upwards.

The OctoSat-concept is very flexible, especially due to the two-sized cores. Some parts (Nervette) use a two-high-core, some parts (small probe core, ion engine) use a one/half-sized core.

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I like the concept, and that is very similar to what I'm planning for science parts- mystery goo, science jr., and a combined thermometer/barometer/gravimeter/accelerometer. I probably won't be doing too much with cores, but I might eventually do 0.625-1.25m segments.

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Progress update: configs mostly done- still need to figure out masses and costs.

Kinda dragging my feet on modeling. Making the models is fine, but I really don't want to spend my weekend monkeying around with Unity. 

First release (dev build) will probably be in late February or early March.

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I am making progress! I have made a generic model in sketchup, and am right now working on making a number of textures for it so that I can easily make all of the short sized segments with minimal monkeying around. Unfortunately, I have hit a snag with the UV setup in sketchup, so I may need to switch to a different program.

My current plans are:

  1. Fuel tanks, probe core, possibly fuel cell, rcs, and engine if I opt for some of the simpler designs.
  2. Scientific instruments and crew pod, plus structural plate.
  3. Engines, fuel cell, and RCS if I use the harder designs.
  4. Test release.
  5. 0.625-1.25 probe parts, likely including xenon tanks and scientific instruments.
  6. Test release.
  7. Larger parts.
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