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[Minimum KSP version 1.11] Easy Vessel Switch (EVS) v2.2

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5 hours ago, SpaceX_Boi said:

Tried this mod, it is SO FREACKING GREAT!!!!!1111!11!! :D:D:D:D 

I love it so much, switching between vessels is actually easy and fun to do now!! :heart_eyes:

Thx so much for the mod, @IgorZ! :) 

I'm glad to hear that you liked it. The only reason for creating this mod was my frustration with how the default game allows you to switch. To be honest, it was not even a mod initially - it was a debug tool :) 

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Thanks for this wonderful mod. I realize now how bad the random perspective jumping was in stock. 

I learned something: I had no idea that taping ALT toggled kerbal sidestepping. I figured it out when it changed after using LMB+ALT to change view.

On 1/19/2021 at 10:43 PM, IgorZ said:

[Change] Switch to KSP 1.11. There is no backwards compatibility!

I appreciate the update especially with more EVA transitions for EVA construction, now that they fixed it in 1.11.2 (so far for me at least).

One thought - on CKAN, the max version says  "any". It's probably better to make it "1.11.9".  People should check the forum for info before installing but maybe they don't. Actually CKAN shouldn't assume backward compatibility. I'll comment on that thread too.

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Things working fine in 1.11.1 I haven't gone to .2 yet.

I was wondering, though, is it possible to config the hotkey? Now with EVA Const. you Alt+Click to select a stack of cargo items, which will often swap you if you aren't careful. Not a huge deal but if I could make it only left Alt or something it would be a QoL improvement, especially because this mods strongest feature is that it essentially removes accidental vessel changes.

Update: Ah, there's a settings.cfg in PluginData folder. Contains hotkeys and some other neat settings. I'm sure I just missed this pointed out elsewhere.

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