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  1. I think you also have to be landed for Ctrl K menu to be operable. It's been a while.
  2. I'm not sure if this is any help, but what I do is go into the IVA cfg file for the cockpit I am using (they're called Spaces in the directory) and find and replace RPM with ALCOR MFDs. Maybe you can do the same to rearrange the displays to suit your desires. I've never added an MAS MFD but it could be just as simple as replacing RPMs.
  3. I love this mod! Thank you for maintaining it. I have a question about proper procedure to engage FMRS successfully in the following scenario: I reuse boosters, they fly back and are restacked via crane. When the rocket is relaunched, docking ports are used to decouple the stages. Usually FMRS fails to stay online upon stage separation, but I have had it work properly. Is there a ruleset that governs how FMRS decides to shut down? I have a feeling it's something about the Vessel Type heirarchy + which port is the Main port. Yesterday I was able to keep FMRS online after Separation, but when it focused on the Booster; when I switched to the Upperstage FMRS went offline. Am I making any sense? Do you or anyone else have any advice? Is a log file going to provide any details here? I can provide but it, but it's not a bug I'm somehow confusing FMRS.
  4. OH! My mistake, I'm not that bright. I should have read more.. Thanks for your patience!
  5. Oh silly assumption, then, on my part. I'm debugging a different mod issue but I'll update with an image if I can reproduce it once I'm back running. Basically, when I select one of the parts, it loads in the editor missing most of it's textures or model. Like an invisible part except for some edges. Obviously this information is not much to go on, but I'll try it again because I would like to get it working and maybe stomp a bug! Standby for more info. Update: I've managed to reproduce the issue. Here's a clip followed by a log. I'd love to use this mod it's so neat! Thanks for your efforts. Log
  6. Update: I reinstalled again the same way, somehow it's fixed now. I don't know what was wrong but it's gone now, lol. Consider it resolved. I've borked something. Is anyone able to help me fix these missing textures? I tried reinstalling but it added back the issue, I have to assume I did something wrong. log
  7. Is there a comprehensive difference between Jonny's new fork and yours? I've always used yours, I don't mean to start drama just curious if there's a difference between the two that may affect which fork I use in the future. They seem.... the same? Update: Looking more Jonny has added some QoL features I guess. Maybe you have no idea! :p Anyway thanks as always. Much love to you and JonnyOThan, great modders!!
  8. Things are coming along nicely, huh! Looks great. I am running ReStock, that's why I'm having issues, right? No compatibility there, yet?
  9. We can only guess at what is happening without more info. Take a peak at this post to see how to find and share your Log files.
  10. Thanks! The blueprint's are easy, just a bit tedious. In fact, the stock version proceeded development on modded version. It's a lot more parts, but it's part of a set. I think it's the link in my signature, as well. The set includes other ground vehicles for recovery, and a reusable booster.
  11. I'll reboot and try this. Oh, my mistake. I never remember which is the useful one. Update: Problem persists (log); in addition, Kerbal didn't enter the capsule, started the auto-freeiva on top of ALCOR, outside the capsule. I could move as if I was outside but I fell through the ground a bit. It was strange! For clarity, are we to remove any old ALCOR or overwrite? I removed the old folders according to the adopted folders. Maybe I borked it somehow?
  12. Back from the dead.. It's aliiiiiive!!! Quickly becoming my favourite modder, mister Johnny. I was using ALCOR yesterday and noticed when you enter with the new auto-internal cam, you lose the ability to look around. I'm firing up KSP I'll grab a log for you. (maybe you're aware of this) Oh, it's doing it on all pods. Changing vessels corrects it. log file (suspiciously large)
  13. Thanks as always for your efforts! I'm curious if there is a way to set the docking ports to Disable Camera as the default, such that no docking cameras are available unless you Enable Camera? Thanks for reading~
  14. That's my mistake. I'm on .2.16 I'll upgrade.
  15. Oh that's a shame. Understandable, however. Thank you for taking a look! While I'm in your notifications, I noticed this today. Deep freeze has CLS support. Not sure if it's on your to-do list but just wanted to point it out in case it got missed.
  16. If it's not too much trouble that's great news! Modelling is not my forte No rush of course. My last attempt at KSP models was IVA stuff; this seems simpler, maybe I could give it a go. Anyway thank you, as always!
  17. Thrilled that K&K is supported! I'm curious if the K&K Base Bi-Coupler could be converted to allow FreeIVA. ConnectedLivingSpace allows the passage, and I had a really neat design idea would need FreeIVA on that part. If it's simple I could do it myself, mostly curious if it's even possible. Thanks again for all your efforts!
  18. Is there a way to repair facilities like stock facilities? I guess I can duplicate them and delete the broken ones. I had a kraken strike that sent pieces flying all over the KSC and destroyed all kinds of Kerbinside pieces, lol.
  19. It's simple enough once you get it. I don't use it anymore because there are some issues with Symmetry and the chamfers don't work anymore. Procedural Parts has hollow parts now, and Offset options. It's giving this a run for it's money. I was going to grab some screenshots for you but it seems my CRFP install is borked. I'll describe it, if it's of no help I apologize. If you're trying to 'bend' a pipe like, a corner pipe shape or something, I'm not sure that is possible. Creating a part is beyond me, never tried it. But using the menu to edit the part from the standard cylinder is easier. It's a cylinder by default, but the sliders let you change each corner from round to sharp. The green button will change the corner shape (when it works). The length option is further down the menu. Then below the length there's options like Run and Rise (IIRC), which offset up/down or left/right. There are also texture options within that menu, and an option to not use textures and use a solid colour instead. Edit: I wanted to clarify that making a single part in a pipe shape is likely not possible. But this mod can do that shape in a couple of parts because you can offset the axis bottom/top nodes. Meaning a couple pieces could form such a shape.
  20. Hello thank you for the mod work! I'm wondering if anyone knows if one could set the kOS Part-Action-Window section to default to collapsed instead of expanded. I think I have a mod that tweaks stock modules to collapse by default, just curious if this can be added to kOS.
  21. Is there a way to use this on an MAS screen or an ALCOR screen? That would be really sweet.
  22. Is this compatible with MAS installs? Figured I'd ask before further debugging an issue I have.
  23. Are you bored of the standard KSP rocket launch experience? Do you like building "reusable" rockets but wish you actually re-assemble them? Have you tried building a rocket verticator vehicle and now have no hair left because you pulled it all out? Do you just generally want to lift massive payloads up in the air and side to side for reasons you wish to keep secret? Then this vehicle is for YOU! Introducing Modular Dual Drive Bridge Crane 5600 by Matsuma! This modular design allows you to lift just about anything you can access by flatish terrain. MATSUMA ORBITAL uses this as a crawlerway-crawler for restacking rockets enabling full rocket reuse. The default design measurements take this into account: it stands about as tall as the interior of the VAB (67m), and exactly as wide as the KSClvl3 crawlerway (35m). However, you can make it as stout or as tall as you need, taking advantage of Procedural Parts. The upper crossbars are in symmetry, while the lower verticals are not (including each drive section). Aside from some struts needing to be reset, size adjustments should be as simple as changing a few Part Action Window values. 205 parts can be further reduced by changing the design of the crane hook and pendant. After all, the 14 winches, their connection, and parent parts add a lot to the part count. The default design winches means something else in the vessel will likely fail before the winch connections. The connection should be Gantry>Structural Part>Structural Part>Winch to allow the winch to Grandparent Strut. Meaning the minimum crane hook could be as low as 4 parts. The wheels are made from Motors + Mk3 Tanks(x2) which have 50m/s and 50G tolerance making them robust. Wheel stretching with extremely heavy loads is normal. Surface speed is variable with the wheel throttle, but future refinement can be done by change the Length of the Driver KALs. MATSUMA generally prefers stock designs, and this crane is based off the CBGC-90S. However, with KSP development 'complete', future designs will likely, like this one, be built with the best mods in mind to reduce part count and maximize function. Booster and elevator sold separately. This crane does the same jobs, with more reliability, as the Stock CBGC-90/60 but with less than half the part count. It also no longer requires the crawlerway as a rail and can drive itself around anywhere (including the crawlerway) 200 tons on the hook causes nominal stretching, still works.
  24. Dude the rotating habitats have functional gravity??? I'm blown away. When this mod started I thought "this is cool but what I imagine can't be possible in KSP...". Boy was I wrong.
  25. Thanks!! I peaked in the folder, but evidently wasn't awake when I looked this morning.
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