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KerbinOrbiter's space program [What even made this radius possable?]


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Kerbinorbiter (me) has decided that this (unless my data gets corupted) is my LAST MISSION REPORT, so the mods are above 


To provide you, the reader, an insight to how i operate my space program.

To provide some (minor) entertainement (but my sense of humor is. bad.) 

Planned missions:


Mission name: GSS-1

Mission type: Orbital construction

Mission objectives: Launch the first module of the GSS (Gael Space Station) 

Orbital elements:

Inclination: Launch site inclination

Launch method: (KOS,MJ, GT (Gravity turn) Manual): Manual

extra info:

The GSS is the station to take MIR's place once the GSS is up and running the MIR Station will be deorbited by a Progress vehicle


Honrable modder mentions:


@DECQ for his epic soyuz spacecraft and rocket pack

@Galileo for the planet pack

@cratercracker for the mission flags

@sarbian for the MechJeb autopilot


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Mission: SSSTS 4

Satlilite: Antario Space Telescope by @cratercracker

Vehicle SSSTS endevour

Now you may be wondering what happened to SSSTS 1 2 and 3 i did those in a different thread

Mission images:

SSSTS 5-A model in space.

SSSTS 5 is a test, a test of beauty and tourism reporters say they couldnt have selected a better person

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SSSTS 5: a model in space

Yes, a model in space you say?

that is correct, to boost intrest the agency put a aplication for a model astronought on the KSC's bulitin.

thousands applied they picked 1 of the 3000 or so aplicants and they couldn't have chosen a better model for the job

Crew: Jebediah, bob, Sevtlana (dont know weather its spelt right) and Kristina Pimenova

Vehicle: SSSTS Columbia , the work horse of the shuttle fleet it has flown 2 missions before this one.

Mission objectives: do shots of the model in space paving the way for space fashion (this is roleplay as well by the way) 

Mission status: falure of succsessful RTLS

Next mission: SSSTS 6-Fly this probe to da moon!

Crew: timothy peake, Chris Hadfield, Scott Manley

Objectives: deploy the lunar probe in LEO using the canadarm.

you know what, i think i might update this to 1.2.2 and just not use some mods and have a light install (with dangit for some drama)

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Updating to 1.2.2
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Current launch manifest: (if you want to have a satilite)


Zenith rocket


Saturn V

Titan I

Titan II


atlas agena

atlas 5


^ already in orbit because of some mysterious space program as the kerbals woke up one day and seen it in the tracking station...

Mission: Soyuz KMA 1/Expedition 1 


Commander: Jebediah Kerman

Flight Engineer No 1: Stabel Kerman

Flight Engineer No 2: Dermin Kerman

Mission time: 6:30

Mission success/failure: Falure

Cause of failure: Engine failure

Time of failure: 1:08 MET/Y1 D1 4:56:59 UKT (Universal Kordianated Time)

Did the crew survive: 1/Yes

Mission: Soyuz KMA 1-Attempt number 2


Commander: Jebediah Kerman

Flight engineer no 1: Stabel Kerman

Flight engineer no 2: Dermin Kerman

Duration: TBA (Long duration so im doing the launch now)



[00:00:00]: Mission control, KSC: "we wish you happy space flight.

[00:01:52]: Stabel Kerman: "fairing separation was 2 seconds late, would this be an abort situation"

[00:01:53]: Mission control: "roger that, we do not believe this has violated any flight rules at this time we will update you as the launch goes on"

[00:01:54]: Stabel: "ok, copy"

[00:06:68] Mission control: "you are go for orbit at, 115 decimal 750 128 decimal 783 (Kilometers)

docking took place 1 day after launch, it took 10 mins due to the automatic control system failing 

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Day 100.

This day marks the 100th day of the KSC however the 98th day of the Expedition 1 mission, expedition 1/2 will launch on day 101.

Misison: Soyuz KMA 2


Commander: Edlo Kerman

Flight Engineer no 1: Nagtagy Kerman 

Flight engineer no 2: Ribory kerman

planned duration: 113 days (also the same as expedition 1's planed duration)

Expedition 1 Undocking & landing:


Y1 D114 4:41:00-undocking

Y1 D115 0:14:00-impactless separation.

Y1 D115 0:26:45-splashdown!


Soyuz KMA 3/Expedition 2/3

Mission planned duration (MPD): 173 days


Commander: Valentina Kerman

Flight Engineer no 1: Seanrod Kerman

Flight engineer no 2: Burbart Kerman

Launch date (UKT): Y1 D125 

Landing date (UKT): Y1 D298

Landing location: Kerbistan (the desert)

Launch site: KSC

Launch timeline:

pre-launch [00:00:00]-dangit causes a tank of supplies to leak

[00:00:00] lift off

[00:01:08] separation of the external boosters causing the korov cross!

[00:56:41] docking to the KSS under an hour after launch!

Y1 D135-EVA day

EVA Objectives: Put an anteni on the soyuz KMA 2 and station as well as inspecting the station

Soyuz KMA Landing

(connection was lost due to lack of power after re-entry)

Next mission: Kapienda (wont affect space station)

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Mission: Soyuz KS I

Objectives to explain the Soyuz procedures for my KOS script which you can find here:

i said i would do it so here it is:

Section one-Training on off nominal situations

The Soyuz spacecraft is probly the most popular...so how do we use @kerbinorbiter's KOS script? this gude will go over how you use it and the Nominal timeline...and the non-falure range

Time in MET

-10s ignition

+0s: Lift off!

+6s start of gravity turn; at 1.25 degres per second

+66; LES Jettison

+68; booster separation

+1:50m fairing separation

+2:23 third stage sep form second stage 

+6:41 (around that time): Soyuz spacecraft separation


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well considering SSSRSS is updated its time for a new save considering there is (the same) less mods

but i think ill go to GPP (Galeleos planet pack)

Gael News!


The GASA Gael Air and Space Administration in a press relese has said:

"The selected landing site for the Soyuz is the deserts of Gael, located across the ocean from the KSC this will be tested by our unmaned soyuz K Mission to orbit and back."

Mission: Soyuz K 1 manned flight 1


Felepe Kerman

Jebediah Kerman

Kirk Kerman

a rather well known crew here i see

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A station has been detected and its radio survey made it look a lot like MIR 


Mission patch by @cratercracker, there may be a lot more coming your way (Expeditions)

(there is more imagees Imigur is broken i think :P it wont load the new pics

Expedition 1-Galileo Training

L-30 days 

Seanson, Bob and Joeger Kerman are training for their mission to the KIR station, this is their sub-orbital as Gene Kerman says that "Nothing prepares you for space other than space itself" so we are testing the training the vehicle wont be the acctual rocket but a SRB with the Soyuz atop.

Profile of training mission

Launch retrograde for a touch down in the desert so it can simulate acctual landing conditions

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Soyuz KM 2-Galileo (MIR Expedition 1)

nothing much to say here as the first expedition is not interesting at all considering it uses the acctual MIR Space station...

exept the name Galileo is named after the person who created GPP, @Galileo thanks for the two epic planet pack used in this (SSSRSS, GPP)

Nothing to see here :P

Next launch will be a special one...remember SSSTS 5?

well the model (Krisitina Pimenova)'s best friend Eveilina Voznesenskaya is going to space this time (who i may now say as far as im conserned she isn't a model)

The news as of 28th April of the year two thousand and seventeen.

Gaelian goverment has announced a new space station to be manned in around 9 months, DON'T PANIC @cratercracker, the mission assignments will be the same and the mission numbering will be the same, now you may be thinking mission assignments, youve never mentoned those, the awnser is i usualy dont release those just incase somthing happens during the assignment of the crew to launch day


Next mission will be the first GSS Assembly flight

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Un docking in 50 days, in the news the first GSS Expedition scheduled in 60 days the station is at an inclination of 0

i give good luck to Sean kerman, Bob and Valentina Kerman on their 2 month mission to the GSS!

the most epic picture ever


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