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  1. I was going to check out the “prospect” movie, but the site is a bit suspicious. It wants you to subscribe and there are a lot of ads for VPNs. Not sure if it’s the most reputable site. edit: there are a lot of bootleg movies on this site. I can confirm it’s not a legit site. That site should not be linked. this is a good idea for a thread, though.
  2. They do have collides. We are noble them in JNSQ. Most people find out the hard way. I suppose you haven’t yet @Morphisor you can disable them by deleted this node Delete lines 24 - 32
  3. You didn’t install it correctly. The folder you need should be named EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements without the -EVE.. It looks like you make have installed the master file, not the release.
  4. I just haven’t had time. It works fine, but I do need to go in and remove the version files.
  5. Don’t use scatterer in 1.9. It hasn’t been updated. There is a work around, but people have been reporting issues with that too. Read through the last 2 pages to find the workaround.
  6. This screenshot is nearly 4 years old Aside from the brightness, which was my doing, this “milky” look has always been there.
  7. This hasn’t been an issue with anyone else, so what do you propose is done? edit: I see your recommendation in the issue you linked.
  8. I appreciate you! To think the Kopernicus release is dependent on JNSQ @Thomas P. see that? Kopernicus depends on JNSQ. This needs to be changed in the CKAN metadata. Thanks.
  9. No stress here. I’m only slightly annoyed that the nyan cat is used both as a way to show a problem (version mismatch) and as cute joke during specific dates. It harmless, but 90% of users go nuts. I just tried to nip it in the bud this time around.
  10. There there is a celestial body pdf included as well
  11. I have no idea what you mean. Going to need screenshots. as for sinking in the terrain. I have also have not experienced that. What do your graphic settings look like?
  12. I haven’t looked into it. I do use a fallback texture, so this may be why I haven’t noticed