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  1. I think you have the loading screen manager installed incorrectly. KK and LSM work fine no matter what version I use
  2. Ok, Looks like I may have uploaded the wrong files as the lines persist. I will push the correct files this evening when I get home, sorry everyone. I really fail at not updating lol
  3. Did you download and install GPP_textures 2.0.0? If you think you did, check and make sure you have the GPP_Texures folder in the GPP folder. At the moment, the renamer code won't allow it for whatever reason. You can edit the persistent save file however for the time being
  4. @RocketPCGaming no stream today?
  5. Its not a huge hassle to replace it or If you have already 2.8.1 in your gamedata folder, its as easy as not copying 2.8.0 from kopernicus.
  6. use the version stated in the thread title. 1.1 works fine for me
  7. Kopernicus has been updated, but due to the changes (mostly good), GPP needs too add things and remove things. Shouldn't be nearly as painful as the last update. What im saying is, dont go download the new kopernicus until we update again. Stick with 1.3.0-4 for now
  8. Is there documentation on the syntax for these thick rings? or the new intensity for starlight?
  9. Well! Thanks @Thomas P.!
  10. A KSP log is not the right log to post for an issue like this. I will need nothing other than a screenshot of your GameData folder. Yeah its a problem with my sun flare. I have fixed it and it will be gone in the next update. I know its annoying. Until then, you can go here and download a the same sun flare (fixed in these version) and replace the textures. Only replace the textures. Don't replace the cfg as the ones in GPP are GPP specific and the ones in this pack are for stock.
  11. UPDATE More Quality This version includes: Fixed the vertical stripes when looking away from sun flares TO INSTALL: Download and install Scatterer Drop the GSF folder into your GameData folder DOWNLOAD I know I said the previous update would likely be my last, but that would be in a perfect world. Here is an update that fixes the annoying vertical striping when looking away from the sun flares.
  12. Then reinstall everything, including ksp No I use 2.8.0 just fine
  13. I run every single option mod and have never had an issue except for the kopernicus solar panel issue and the occasional Renamer issue. I also watch multiple streamers run every optional mod as well, without issue. You are definitely not the only one