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  1. Don’t use KSCSwitcher and don’t use RemoteTech. It is required for you to have other ground stations for remote tech. If you don’t want realism, why even use the mod?
  2. No need to send logs, as when I get to update this mod, the sun curve cfg will be deleted, and you have already done that. I have been using github for a long time, and this is literally the first I have heard of it being “notoriously bad with large files”. Regardless, I am not the owner of the textures repo, so no I won’t host somewhere else. Even if I could, I wouldn’t because that creates more work for me by having to upload every time changes are made. I can’t be bothered to do that tbh. Sorry.
  3. [1.3.0] Kerbalism v1.2.9

    You are supposed to upload your logs to a file hosting site, like Dropbox, then share the link here. However, your issue is simple. Kerbalism was not updated to work with the latest module manager. Roll back to module manager 2.8.1 and all will be fine. Don’t hold your breath waiting on a fix from the dev here as it seems he is taking an extended break from KSP.
  4. Any modders need any modelling done?

    PR is a Pull Request.
  5. Thank you @OhioBob for creating such a seamless addition to GPP. You really have done some great work! If your initial release is this good, I’d really like to see where it ends up down the road!
  6. I can barely see them, but I did notice you made the height maps with the white polar caps still there? Won’t your polar caps now be super tall on the surface? I did that once and it turned out pretty awful and yours are very bright. I suspect they are really tall.
  7. distributing the game is illegal no matter how you do it... instead of distributing the entire game, provide steps to troubleshoot the guys issues. and remove the link from your post.
  8. Pretty sure posting your entire KSP folder is illegal. If that's the case remove it. Also, If this is just your entire GameData folder (i doubt it is) you are also violating a ton of mod licenses.
  9. UPDATE! Changelog: v1.6.0 REQUIRES GPP_TEXTURES 4.0.0 New textures! Ciro Grannus Eta Lili Gratian Geminus Otho Gauss Nero Hox Leto Provide/contain support for GEP ResearchBodies config updated Split into two part-upgrades which are closer to the telescope part in the tech tree Second upgrade allows telescope range up to 9 Tm distance Revised biome maps Update KSPedia and dV map PNG Adjusted resource system configs Updated GPP_Clouds New clouds on some bodies New aurorae for all planets with them Subtle gas giant cloud noise Catullus is so fluffy! (Fluffier maybe?) Dust and sandstorms are back! Like the Terminator T-1 Download and install instructions in the OP.
  10. Hey thanks! Hit me up with a GitHub account name so i can add you as a collaborator!
  11. No SSRSS has its own scatterer cfgs. You don’t need to touch anything. All you need to do is install scatterer and Module Manager takes care of the rest.
  12. Manual Physics Range Edit

    Can MM even edit files outside of the GameData folder??? Last I checked, it can’t, so OP would have to edit the source physics file, unfortunately
  13. not sure what you mean...