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  1. Principia has OPM compatibility built into it. You should be good to go.
  2. JNSQ is natively 1/4 real scale. This allows for an RSS type of experience while using stock parts.
  3. I have not seen or heard anything about Scatterer including planet shine. It was a feature that was considered, but it was never implemented due to lack of time for the dev. You'll find the base of code for the feature in Scatterer, but it's not doing anything yet. I think what @Gordon Fecyk is referring to is the extinction color on vessels when inside the atmosphere, which was recently added to Scatterer, but it still does not do anything in scaled space in terms of light being reflected off a body onto the vessels as far as I know. We are still waiting for true planet shine in Scatterer, so I still recommend PlanetShine to fill that gap.
  4. Good question. I don't know why that's happening. I'll have to look at it when I get home. Stay away from the 0.8.5 stuff as there were changes to those cfgs in 0.8.6. just choose the default cfgs for those mods, and JNSQ will change them with its own cfgs. Spectra just needs to be added as incompatible in the netkan. As far as Texture Replacer is concerned, I do not recall the version that was for 1.7.3.
  5. This mod comes with custom textures/cfgs for those mods that you want to delete. If you delete Scatterer and EVE textures/cfgs from this mod, what is the point of even downloading it? The only one I would delete would be Texture Replacer, especially if you have suits and a skybox you prefer over the one shipped with this mod.
  6. Well, there is no "gunk" in Kopernicus it's all necessary. Your issue is that kopernicus is not updated for 1.8.1. if you want to play RSS you need to stick to the version it's updated for which is 1.6.1.
  7. Word has it that 1.8.1 is the final 1.8 version and that work continues for 1.9. kopernicus will be for 1.8, though and it's nearing completion.