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  1. Well, considering that you quoted a post from a year and a half ago, a lot of people were listening to it then. or this is a joke I don’t quite understand.
  2. Every single mod you have is installed incorrectly. *edit: ninja’d by OhioBob there are a lot of YouTube tutorials that cover installing mods for KSP.
  3. Galileo

    [1.3.1] Galileo's Sun Flares [v1.8.3]

    This isn’t the kopernicus mod! This is the Scatterer mod, but yes it does work.
  4. This is because I haven’t been active in the forums and couldn’t be assed to change it regardless. The last time I updated it, was for 1.3.1, right after Squad dropped 1.4 and Kopernicus hadn’t been updated yet, so no, it didn’t work for 1.4 at the time. They are merely cfg files. Nothing stops them from working except not updated dependencies. If there is anymore conversation to be had about rescale, move it to the rescale thread so that this one isn’t flooded.
  5. Rescale works fine in 1.4-1.5, and if you didn’t already know, Sigma88 is the Sigma Dimensions developer.
  6. That’s your issue there. That was fixed in 1.5.1. There is nothing that can be done besides updating your KSP.
  7. Galileo

    [1.4.5] Graphics Enhancements Assembly (GEA)

    KSP does not care how high end your system is. It relies heavily on your CPU, not your GPU, so if you have a ton of part mods installed or a few big ones, and you try to pair it with an unoptimized mod like this one, you can expect even worse performance. I have an extremely good pc, and KSP still runs slowly in some cases. Although the game has been optimized slightly in each release, adding a lot of mods slows it down rather quickly.
  8. Galileo

    [1.4.5] Graphics Enhancements Assembly (GEA)

    This mod is extremely unoptimized. Hope this helps answer you guys’ questions about why it lags your system or why it takes so long to load into the game.
  9. I prefer “ker-plop” when I land.
  10. edit it all you want. The reason it’s visible is because of our own history. Before we ever peered through a telescope, we knew the gas giants existed. Granted, humans thought they were gods, but we knew they were there. If the outer planets existed in the Kerbal universe, we can only speculate that their ancestors would have already annotated their existence far before the Kerbal Space Program was ever concieved.
  11. OPM already uses CTTP which is almost exactly like SVT.