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  1. If I came across as annoyed or agitated by you, I sincerely apologize. I do have a short fuse, but the last thing I would want is to make a young person feel bad about doing something he/she likes. We all go through what you are feeling now, and the internet is a cruel place where people forget basic things, like where people are in their life and even adults stoop to levels we shouldn’t while sitting behind the protection of our monitors and keyboards. I know I’m certainly guilty of this and as a teacher, I feel a little ashamed. All in all, I would like to see you stay around and participate in this community and I will try to work on myself as well and be more mindful of how I come across on these forums.
  2. There isn’t one in SVE. You have to download a sun flare from one of the sun flare mods out there.
  3. That’s a thing? And I dunno. why would anyone want that, though?
  4. The starting 4 are hard coded. You would need to remove the plugin to revert back default names. Or edit your save, like you said.
  5. Galileo

    [1.4.5-4 & 1.3.1-13] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    Delete the cache files and reload the game. If you haven’t designated a path for them, the cache will be inside the Kopernicus folder.
  6. Galileo

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.2 (6.7.2018)

    Well, considering the developer for TR is back, and has updated for 1.4.x, why would you be using RangeMachines version?
  7. Galileo

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    Don’t use this mod while in development? Or disable the depth of field in the cfg
  8. GEP already does that and matches the aesthetic of GPP.
  9. Didn’t you just drop an idea for an “expansion pack” because you have no idea how to “code”? Regardless, we already have our official expansion.
  10. Galileo

    [1.4.5-4 & 1.3.1-13] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    Looking at RSS Remastered, it is put together terribly. I do not recommend using it until the dev learns how to build a planet pack correctly.
  11. There are no plans besides maintenance.
  12. Nope, it’s a scatterer thing and there is no fix for it.
  13. No, they can’t just be ported to the stock game. Each individual piece, each tree, every light and road are positioned with coordinates that correspond with Gaels geography. The effort one would have to put forward to make that happen would be immense. There is not an easy way to do it. if you mean just use the models and you put them where ever you want, sure. They are available from Kerbinside and other mods linked in the KK thread. Might be the old KK thread.
  14. No, it’s not possible. You can just not use Sigma Replacements and use TR.