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  1. You cannot open kittopia with scatterer installed. The incorrect lighting is due to not saving your normal maps correctly. And lastly, you should never edit planets with that many mods installed. Once you have finished the planets with a minimal install, then add the mods in. You are only asking for issues otherwise and will probably get ZERO support from devs or anyone else because nobody wants to thumb through your mods to figure out a problem.
  2. @Aelipse The issue is with the current version of Kopernicus. If you have missed the last 50 pages or so of the Kopernicus thread, there is an issue that is killing performance. There is a temporary cfg fix posted on the thread and a fix for it is coming in the next Kopernicus release. It has nothing to do with terrain textures, onDemand loading, or anything else.
  3. @edwin.robert looks like you may have mods installed wrong, and you are using mods that are way outdated. I’ll need logs from you and a screen shot of your GameData folder.
  4. That’s my Everest. I had a feeling that’s what you were talking about
  5. The main menu is not a good indicator for what it looks like in game. Go look in game.
  6. Kopernicus’ version has to match the version of KSP you have installed.
  7. The performance will be even better once Kopernicus updates with its new fixes
  8. Kopernicus does not run on 1.7.2. You will need KSP version 1.7.1 or 1.7.3.
  9. @Jognt @Starwaster @SkyRex94 Thank you for being persistent and figuring this out and not taking my word as gospel.
  10. @kerbnub we use a perfectly round mesh in scaled space for most bodies. That’s why it looks flat. Works as intended. It gives the bodies the look of being bigger than the actually are. I’m not of a fan of the cartoonish, deformed look of stock sized bodies. While the transition can look a bit odd at times, I think it’s alright.
  11. It works. I can’t help unless you provide logs and a screenshot of your GameData folder. make sure you have the latest EVE and SVE Textures