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A timeline of my canoniverse, up to 2,000 years before the present day.




est. 8,900,000,000 cycles B.T: The universe is created. It takes another 500 million cycles (est.) to develop any sort of planets/galaxies, and Kerbal scientists are determined to find out why the hell it waited so long. Maybe it wanted a nap.

est. 8,400,000,000 cycles B.T: First galaxies are formed, with boring proto-stars and planets.

est. 5,200,000,000 cycles B.T: Supposed birthdate of the Kerm- the greatest deity of the Kerbpalooza.

est. 3,700,000,000 cycles B.T: Kerbol forms in a secluded corner of the Meelky Wahy Galaxy.

est. 3,150,000,000 cycles B.T: Kerbin is formed, one of six (sorry, Dres- seven!) planets orbiting Kerbol.

est. 2,800,000,000 cycles B.T: A mysterious object only known as K-1627 (yep, the scientists love naming cool stuff after photocopiers- sigh) passes through the Kerbol system at a distance of 8,000 light-years. A space sucker of the worst kind, this sent a flurry of huge projectiles at the still-forming planets. What a meanie! 

est. 2,675,000,000 cycles B.T: A huge asteroid some 1,500 km across impacts Kerbin, sending it into a spin and blasting bits that would soon become the Mun into space.

est. 2,200,000,000 cycles B.T: The first microbes begin to flourish in Duna's cold oceans. Laythe would soon be habitable a mere 40 million years later.

est. 2,000,000,000 cycles B.T: Kerbin gains oceans, and early bacteria.

est. 1,850,000,000 cycles B.T: Kerbin's atmosphere stabilizes, prompting a comfy surface temperature of 67 degrees Kanticular. (Author's note: this is oddly the same as degrees Celsius- huh?)  A fragment of obsidio matter hits Tylo, blasting Bop and Pol into existence.

est. 1,800,000,000 cycles B.T: Ike wanders into the party from way out in interstellar space, settles into a nice orbit around Duna. Eeloo isn't so lucky after encountering Joold being shot to the edge of the Kerbol system. 

est. 1,450,000,000 cycles B.T: Kerbin cools to a cushy 41 degrees Kanticular, prompting the first multicellular life to evolve. Ike is hit by and asteroid and moves to its current orbit of Duna over the next 100 million years. 

est. 1,300,000,000 cycles B.T: Duna begins to lose it's hospitable climate thanks to Ike siphoning off it's atmosphere- too close for comfort mayhaps? 

est. 1,000,000,000 cycles B.T: Laythe begins to develop bacterial life in its oceans. Duna is now at its present state. 

est. 920,000,000 cycles B.T: A 70 km across asteroid hits Eve, the biggest fragment enters orbit and becomes Gilly.

est. 800,000,000 cycles B.T: Kerbin more or less enters its current climate- the Mun is hit by several tiny, metallic objects-possibly alien in nature. First aquatic life evolves in Kerbin's oceans- among them the far descendants of the Kerbals.

est: 550,000,000 cycles B.T: Minmus is captured by Kerbin's gravity well and begins to orbit it. A strange sort of race called SQUAD lands on prehistoric Kerbin and leaves weird monoliths dotted across the Kerbol system.

est: 475,000,000 cycles B.T: Believed departure time of the SQUAD.

est. 380,000,000 cycles B.T: First land-walker animals on Kerbin. The ancestors of Kerbals gain basic intelligence- about one-thousandth of a modern Kerbal's brainpower. Only a million or so Kerbals are alive.

est. 275,000,000 cycles B.T: Millions of land-walkers roam Kerbin. The prehistoric Kerbal ancestors declare it a fad. 

est. 110,000,000 cycles B.T: Kerbin goes through the Kuraconian Volcanism period. Kerbin's temperatures drop to 9 degrees Kanticular, slowly warming back up to 23 degrees over the next 700,000 years. Land-walkers all die off- Kerbals survive. 

est. 109,300,000 cycles B.T: Kerbals come out from their new underwater heatvent shelters, greatly more intelligent. 

est. 80,000,000 cycles B.T: The First Great Civilization is built underwater, in huge cities glittering with beauty and purpose. Kerbal population reaches 10 million.

est. 45,500,000 cycles B.T: The First Great Civilization-ender event takes place over the next few million years. Modern Kerbal scientists believe that resource over-consumption and gradual climate change were the causes.

est. 37,000,000 cycles B.T: First Kerbals step foot on land. They die.

est. 36,900,000 cycles B.T: Ud Kerman manages to Not Die on land. His friends follow him, and they didn't die either! He becomes the long-forgotten hero of the Second Great Civilization. 

est. 32,500,000 cycles B.T: Most of the Kerbal race moves to land, bar a few outsiders, who remain in the ocean ruins.

est. 18,000,000 cycles B.T: The Second Great Civilization is established. It took the land Kerbals roughly 14 million cycles to develop the Second Great Civilization- markedly better than the 30 million cycles it took for Kerbals to build the First Great Civilization. Large explosions occur in Kerbin's oceans- might explain why the ocean ruins and the ocean-dweller Kerbals were never found.

est. 9,000,000 cycles B.T: The first little skirmishes occur on Kerbin- a grim foreshadowing of what is to come.

est. 8,000,000 cycles B.T: Kerbals discover 'star-splitting' the first experiment ends with the city razed to the ground and high radiation levels in the air for the next 2,000,000 cycles.

est. 7,200,000 cycles B.T: The first 'star-stone' weapons are created, so named because they 'look' like big stones, but when activated 'bring a star to the surface of Kerbin for a second.'

est. 6,820,000 cycles B.T: Kerbal population reaches 50 million.

est. 6,600,000 cycles B.T: The Second Great Civilization vanishes almost overnight- only a few hundred thousand Kerbals remain. Radiation levels ensure that modern civilization does not recover for another 2 million cycles. The disaster is still being investigated... 

est. 4,500,000 cycles B.T: The Kerbals are now their trademark hue of green, thanks to radiation.

est. 3,000,000 cycles B.T: The Third Great Civilization rises after just one and a half million cycles. Kerbal population reaches 100 million.

est. 2,600,000 cycles B.T: The Kerbal population reaches 500 million- the Third Great Civilization locks away the star-stone weapons and flourishes.

est. 2,300,000 cycles B.T:  The Kerbal population reaches a billion. 

est. 2,100,000 cycles B.T: The space program of the Third Great Civilization is believed to have been founded in this cycle- explaining the strange Munar satellite found by MunSurveyor One, and the conical ancient lander found by the Duna Insight rover. 

est. 1,150,000 cycles B.T: The Kerbal population reaches 5 billion, the modern-day Kerm religion is founded. 

est. 30,000 cycles B.T: Thetus, a 120 km wide comet, is knocked out of the Nova Kirbani system and hurtles towards Kerbol.

est. 250 cycles B.T: The hubris retained by the Second Great Civilization returns somewhat: Thetus is found and the Kerbals are confident that they can blow it to bits. 

est. 5 cycles B.T: The mission to divert Thetus fails. A wave of fear grips The Third Great Civilization and mass suicide is common. The Kerm religion dwindles to just a few thousand followers. Shortly before, the highest Kerbal population ever is reached: 8.7 billion.

THETUS IMPACT: 33,407 cycles before present

Thetus's impact occurs into the sea, 600 kilometers off the coast of the modern-day Aquan Empire. Waves 3 kilometers high swamp coastal areas, while a wave of molten crust incinerates up to 300 miles inland, radiating from in every direction. Ejecta from the impact enters the atmosphere and causes a global night lasting hundreds of years. The Kerbal population dwindles from around 6 billion at time of impact, to 150,000 after 500 years. Civilization has never- and will probably never reach the glory of before the impact. The Kerm religion kept survivors determined, word spread and was passed down generations to ensure that the mistakes caused by previous civilizations would never be repeated. To this day, the Kerm religion is the most followed religion on Kerbin, with over 170 million believers out of a population of nearly 260 million.


500 cycles A.T: Civilization begins to recover.

11,000 cycles A.T: The Fourth Great Civilization is established.

16,000 cycles A.T: The Santi impact occurs, in a thankfully unpopulated area of Kerbin (in what is now the Third Great Desert). Santi's affliction, a plague brought from space by the Santi impactor, spreads by air across Kerbin. Over half the population is infected, and 20% die.

22,000 cycles A.T: Jool's Big Green spot is found.

28,600 cycles A.T: One of the 'star-stone' hider vaults is opened. Over the next thousand cycles, various Kerbal nation-states engineer their own versions of the weapons. 

30,000 cycles A.T: The first 'star-power' plant is opened, proving that the reverse-engineered star-stone techology can be used for good as well as bad.

30,800 cycles A.T: The Star-stone Skirmishes occur this year, and kill an estimated 5 million kerbals between them.

31,143 cycles A.T: The Great Shifting occurs, killing another 20 million kerbals, raising the sea level 4 meters and causing huge earthquakes.

32,000 cycles A.T: Civilization recovers, this guide ends.


If you need a newer timeline, why not check out the soon to be published 'Modern Kerbal History Handbook'?



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1 hour ago, roboslacker said:

I see you've read First Flight.

Only the first chapter or two.

2 hours ago, Gyrfalcon5 said:

Hon Hon!

Ummm...is that something from a planet pack? I just randomized a name.


2 hours ago, KerbolExplorer said:

nice great job!i love it


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2 minutes ago, SiriusRocketry said:

Ummm...is that something from a planet pack? I just randomized a name.

Hah! Really? Yeah, it's actually a star system in Kerbal Star Systems. It makes sense as a name doesn't it?

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