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  1. I don't have OWR. I would like to get it though. Does it work with 1.9.1?
  2. Is this still being worked on? I sure hope so, as this is one of the most beautiful mods I've seen.
  3. I think the Ciro system in GPP_Secondary is a liiiiitle close to the sun. It's like 1/100th the distance to Tersa/Iyo in 3LR, so that seems a bit close.
  4. YAY! I downloaded it, thank you very much. I can't wait to try it!
  5. It also says that I can download GPP Secondary in the OP, but there's no download link. Does it come with the main pack as an optional mod?
  6. So I'm compiling a giant stack of mods for my megagame and I'm wondering if GPP_Secondary still works for 1.9.1
  7. 2355: You find a large Karborundum Torch Drive. you run to the next floor before it fires.
  8. 2374: You climb up and find a small dog on your head. HAHAA
  9. It's... over? sniffle sniffle sniffle SOB NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! can't you, say, add a few more planet packs for more places to go? I have a few suggestions.
  10. 2/10 you're unclear on this. above means outside, right?