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  1. I have bettertimewarp, and I accidentally clicked on absurd warp instead of standard warp and then warped way too far
  2. What's my usernumber? How can I find out what random other people's usernumbers are
  3. So during my grand tour, I warped way too far in between Sarnus and Urlum, and my kerbals are over five million years old. How can I change the time in my save file? Also, when a kerbal is outside the craft, the craft seems to shake around, and my orbit randomly seems to change. Astrogator also doesn't work.
  4. Any chance you will come back to this? I want to come back to kerbin after my annoyingly long grand tour and find THIS
  5. I'll probably redesign my craft and then do the mission again, as I was unable to land on Tylo or Slate so it wasn't a proper jool 5
  6. I just installed it, and the button doesn't show up, the timewarp doesnt get faster, and in general nothing happens
  7. Will this be updated to 1.11? If it is already updated to 1.11, would you mind changing the thread title to reflect that?
  8. Excuse me, but when I install AVP (think I did it properly) (with 4k textures on 1.11), all other atmospheres work except Eve and Laythe. Below is an image of what this looks like. Has anyone else noticed such a problem? I would really appreciate any help you would be able to offer. EDIT: I have Corelian, could that be whats causing it?
  9. I'm doing a Grand Tour and I'm visiting the moons of Jool right now, how do I post pictures It's refueleds
  10. Is this mod usable in the latest version? It looks rather interesting. Sorry for necroposting. If so, I think I'll download it!
  11. These are just amazing. I read through them again, and I am astonished this didn't get thread of the year!
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