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  1. I'm talking about Jade's map. According to it, Paloocus and Paloomus are trojans of each other
  2. This looks nice and all but... Doppler/Dyva aren't trojans. Ingame Dyva is a moon of Doppler. Also, Paloocus-Paloomus is a binary system and the system itself is a trojan of Jool, alongside Euribanne. Is there a way to show that?
  3. I really miss this pack. I hope TWG will come back to it at some point..
  4. Does this mod still function in 1.12? This mod has always been one of my favorite mods, and I really want to install it. EDIT: Kerbol Enhanced and Kerbol Origins Parts are not possible to download. I'll be fine because I have the Nertea suite, but just something you should know EDIT2: IT WORKS! Other than the fact that Sarvin is weird, that is. I can probably fix that myself, I have a flat normal map that I used to fix another planet like this EDIT3maybeIshouldstopeditingnow: Lok decided to not exist, too That's all the bugs I could find. Where did you get the visuals in the imgur album?
  5. The thread header states that this mod is for 1.8.1+, and yet your latest update message states 1.12.1 and above. Out of curiosity, why the discrepancy here?
  6. YEAH! TUBM is currently living on earth
  7. Are there plans to create a WhirligigWorld_Secondary mod? That is, traveling there from the Kerbol System? I'm not sure that it exists yet. If it does, I'm sorry for wasting your time.
  8. I have bettertimewarp, and I accidentally clicked on absurd warp instead of standard warp and then warped way too far
  9. What's my usernumber? How can I find out what random other people's usernumbers are
  10. So during my grand tour, I warped way too far in between Sarnus and Urlum, and my kerbals are over five million years old. How can I change the time in my save file? Also, when a kerbal is outside the craft, the craft seems to shake around, and my orbit randomly seems to change. Astrogator also doesn't work.
  11. Any chance you will come back to this? I want to come back to kerbin after my annoyingly long grand tour and find THIS
  12. I'll probably redesign my craft and then do the mission again, as I was unable to land on Tylo or Slate so it wasn't a proper jool 5
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