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KSP Original Design Competition

HB Stratos

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Contract No.013
Gen 4
YF-21 Streak Raven
KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/Night_Ranger428/YF-21-Streak-Raven

A tactical fighter-bomber designed for highly capable dog-fighting and strike missions. Speed capabilities are very good, and acceleration is reasonable. The high cockpit position gives a very good FoV, and the wings are far enough aft that you don’t see them. Weapons capacity is good, with adequate space under the wings and some space for under-fuselage mounting of payloads. Fuel load gives a good range capability, although drop tanks would be recommended for medium to long range missions. If you are willing to sacrifice some performance and wingtip hardpoint spaces you could also fit permanent fuel tanks to the wingtips.

By the way, I did write the contract that this is being entered into myself, and this aircraft was built before the contract was written, but the contract wasn't written based on aircraft I had already created, it was written to fill a perceived gap in the contract range.






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2 hours ago, K3rb0dyn3 said:

contact no.12
Generation 4.5
Stratus V1
A supersonic aircraft developed and tested by Kerbodyne to be able to replace old F15 and F16 fighters. Also has a VTOL capability for vertical takeoffs.

Download Link:


Welcome to the forums, and welcome to the competition! I like your submission a lot - the overwing inlets look really cool, and you did a great job shaping the wings. Plus, the cockpit looks sweet.

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Contract No.12

Generation 4.5

Uncle Carlos Aerospace presents (again)...

The Albatross F Mk III!

The Albatross Mk II was an excellent fighter, but lacked range and started to become obsolescent throughout the late 2030s. The Albatross Mk III was developed to keep the Albatross line of aircraft competitive amongst ever improving foreign aircraft. Range and speed were a top priority rather than maneuverability; unlike the Mk II. The changes started with the engines. The thrust vectoring engines were replaced with larger, more powerful engines pulled straight off UCA's (Uncle Carlos Aerospace) own Freeraid bomber. The wings were enlarged and the fuselage was lengthened to accommodate these changes. Other changes included increased fuel capacity and improved systems, which were largely based from reverse engineered from captured Russian and Atlantis fighters.

The fighter initially suffered reliability issues as it first entered service in 2042, but these were eventually completely ironed out in 2044. The fighter lacked the maneuverability of it's early variants, but made up for it in speed and range. The Albatross Mk III had both the fastest speed, and the longest range of any fighter in the world until the introduction of Canada's Au-400 in 2066.

(Download and read the rest of the lore here)







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Contract n° 4

Fourth generation jet fighter

Valens/Kilatus F-5 "Cougar"

Taking lessons from the development history of the F-14 "Tomcat", Kilatus, though a newcomer to the jet fighter business, decided to streamline the "Tomcat" design to the extreme, and delivered the "Cougar". Keeping the tandem pilot/interception officer as well as the lifting-body approach and discarding the variable geometry wing allowed Kilatus to develop a large, agile, polyvalent fighter that can complement and follow the F-14 in its role as fleet defense interceptor as well as polyvalent fighter. Furthermore, the use of mobile leading edge root extensions greatly enhances the manœuverability of the "Cougar".






[Production notes: That one was fun ! "Cougar" (development codename "Schwalbe") started as a narrow-body one-seated fighter and had the moving LERXes from the start. However, the wing design, which was soon modified to its present configuration, meant that wing loading was way to large for dogfighting. So the centerline lifting body quickly became an efficient, if obvious solution, which allowed me to shake this birdie over 25G. It also keeps in touch with the "Tomcat" design which it should follow, while being substantially lighter (I looked at @Raptor9's excellent Sea Skimmer for weight reference). Additionally, static wings meant that the loadout could be increased. 

Fair warning if you want to fly the "Cougar", you should not exceed 30G-manœuvers, as some parts tend to break over 50G. This, as well as the slight flight instability, is why I recommend the use of a fly-by-wire system such as borisbarboris' AtmosphereAutopilot.]

Edited by valens
forgotten link
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Contract No.10
Generation 2
Kronus Aerospace
SD-3 Lancer
This fighter craft was designed to maximum function and simplicity, with only 98 parts in it's entire construction. Being only 13.5 meters long, having a wingspan of less than 10 meters, and with a service ceiling of 20km, and a maximum speed of mach 2.4, this craft is designed to penetrate unnoticed into enemy territory. It comes equipped with small drop tanks and has the capacity to carry a wide array of weapons. This craft's main feature is that it can quickly strike anywhere on the planet. At it's cruising altitude of 17 km flying at mach 2.3, it has a maximum flight-return range of 3000km (total 6000km). Since Kerbin has a circumference of just 3800 km, this craft can fly to the other side of the globe, perform it's mission, and have more than enough fuel to return home, all in just an hour. While lacking in low speed maneuverability, this craft's simplistic design and sheer practicality make it a mainstay for any air force.









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Gen 3
Contract No.3 (Air Force Specific)

This is a strike/fighter aircraft

The aircraft in its current state carries a moderate fuel load, although this can be increased by re-filling the other tanks that I left empty for weight saving. The increase in weight will more than likely hurt performance by a fair margin, but the current format gives it a top speed of virtually Mach 3 (Mach 2.97) at low level with the ‘burners lit, so the additional weight gain would not terribly hamper performance. It is also extremely maneouverable, you can reduce the pitch authority to increase minimum turn speed (currently ~95m/s in dry and ~115 in wet mode) at minimal loss of turn radius.

This aircraft can be simply converted into a long-range fighter-bomber, as payload capabilities are very good, with filling all internal tanks and adding drop tanks in addition to the weapons load gives significant range capacity.

KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/Night_Ranger428/XF-36




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New Contract:
3. Generation

By Starboost88

"Bombers over Vietnam have sustained heavy casualties from hostile MiG-21 Fishbed aircraft. An AWACS aircraft is needed to detect these hostiles and direct fighters to head them off before they reach the firing distance. The aircraft must be able to keep pace with an empty B-52, and be capable of round trip flights from Guam to Laos. Focus on speed, survivability, and range."

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3. Generation

Government contract No.004

Kerman Aviation

Kerman KMF-8

Following an RFP issued by the U.S.A.F. for a supersonic aircraft capable of engaging and defeating MiG-21s in turnfights, Kerman Aviation began development of their KMF-8 design, armed with a M61 Vulcan rotary cannon with 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and added a pair of bombs (500lb) for ground and sea attack.


In order to allow the performance necessary, Kerman bought out the Junkers' J-20 jet engine project and performed a complete redesign of the engine, yielding an engine with 3x the originally planned thrust, used in a pair allowing flight without an engine.

After interviewing pilots about what they wanted to see in such an aircraft, Kerman installed heavy reinforcements in the cockpit, making the aircraft incredibly safe to crash. They also added systems that allowed water ditching, as many battles ended with planes sinking after water ditchings. The heavily swept wings made the aircraft rather small, making it a hard target for guns and missiles alike.


The aircraft worked incredibly well as a dive bomber. A tail gear was mounted to prevent tailstrikes, which was part of why the KMF-8 was so popular amongst the pilots. It's ease of maintenance made it well received with ground crews as well.
Download link: https://kerbalx.com/Starboost88/Kerman-KMF-8

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To help get this thing back up and running, I'll enter another one. Also @HB Stratos, you may want to specify if Breaking Ground can be used, because some people may want to produce aircraft with swing wings.


Contract No.4
Gen. 3
F-32 Stinger
A light single-engined air-superiority fighter designed for dogfighting and light attack duties. A high TWR gives excellent energy gaining characteristics when turning hard in a dogfight. In dry mode it will acheive 0.98 mach at 1000m, and with the 'burner lit it will go far faster.

AG1: Toggle Flaps
AG2: Toggle Engine Mode
AG3: Toggle Engine







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My first entry, HB Stratos here I come...


Contract No. 002

2nd Generation

N.A.N.I (Nantares Aerospace and Nonsense Invention)Inc.

Nantares NA 00AX "Hamaya" (I named my plane like Sukhoi and Mikoyan, but with Japanese)

a hi-speed intercepter/attack warplane which used in Eastern Honko National Air Force and Southeast Kerbin Kingdom's Royal Air Force

its codename means " the demonbane arrow" it was built to be an intercepter but it can also use as a tactical bomber

a wingtips can hold a pair of droptanks, bombs or even nukes (in case of using as a bomber) and it has a single engine mode for longer operation range.


Action Groups

AG1. toggle engine for single/dubble engine mode

AG2. toggle elevons

AG10. toggle ladder

a craft link https://kerbalx.com/Nantares/NA-00-AX-Hamaya

Nantares NA 00AX "Hamaya"










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here I come...AGAIN!!(with Shadowzone's voice)

Contract No. 12

generation 4.5

N.A.N.I (Nantares Aerospace and Nonsense Invention)

NA-44 "Shishi-O" (it's mean "the Lion King" in Japanese)

NA-44 (or official codename in Eastern Honko National Air Force : HF-4-CC0 "Shishi-O") is a multirole  fighter jet which designed for Eastern Honko Republic as the main squadron and mostly used in aerobatic team from its super-maneuable


Nantares NA-44 "Shishi-O"







not just a pics, this time I come with video too


//Me : it's my favourite build because of its insanely hi-maneuable and I use them to dogfighting with my new design fighter jet.:rep:

get this craft here

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contact no. 005
generation 4
After the Overall success of the F-14 Tomcat,  Grumman Decided to Outsource the development of an overhaul of the F-14 Combat system. The K-14-1 retains the avionics, flight control and main wings but features a whole new Tail assembly, Fuselage and Landing gear that results in a much reduced radar cross section. Furthermore, the lifting body fuselage lowers the stall speed to roughly 45m/s from the 60m/s of the original aircraft. With the new tail assembly, including an all moving elevator with a maximum deflection of 38.5° allowing the K-24 to perform post stall manoeuvres, which, in conjunction with the revolutionary thrust vectoring of the engines combines for a staggering amount of subsonic manoeuvrability.




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On 5/24/2021 at 3:13 PM, iremainanonymous said:

Is this still open to submissions?

Technically yes, but it is kinda on break as both servo and I are busy with irl stuff and taking a break from KSP. You're welcome to design a plane though, always cool to see more builders in KSP!

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