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The Number Wars 2: Count to +100 or -100!

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Starting up my second Tupolev Tu-95 re-engined with eight Europrop TP400s in place of four Kuznetsov NK-12Ms. Thanks @Ho Lam Kerman for re-engining.

(Wait are you the one for the aircraft division? It's been a long time since I've checked the roster)

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Holding short, runway 18R.

49 minutes ago, Ho Lam Kerman said:

Actually can I move to the Space Force?

I believe the ICBM, Satellite, etc. Division is the Space Force already, and there's like one or two peoples in there.

But I think you can pull double-duty; both Air & Space Force. Any Fighter SSTO Spaceplanes in development?

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Yup, pulling double duty.

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Fighter SSTOs... we could do a collaborative project on that. 


P.s. don’t tell anyone but we’re working on feasibility studies on laser cannons! :cool: :sticktongue:


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