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A small thank you to Squad

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Thank you for honoring the MERs and Curiosity in the new update. I am an avid admirer of the rovers and it made me quite upset to learn that Opportunity didn't survive the Martian 2018 sandstorm. So thank you again for honoring their memories and legacy. 

For those that don't know, there are three robotic rover arms in three sizes. 
OP-E - Oppy - Opportunity - Possible power failure with batteries, sandstorm more than likely covered the panels too, meaning no power at all
SPRT - Spirit - Opportunity's Twin - Got stuck in a sand in a ditch
CRSY - Curiosity - Still going strong

Although, I find it funny how CRSY is the smallest rover arm, when Curiosity is the biggest rover to date. Same goes for OP-E. Small rover IRL, big rover arm in game. 
Well, I guess that's the joke huh? Big things from a little package? 

Anyway, I just wanted to thank all you guys for what you did. It means a lot, and I probably speak for quite a few people who also admired the rovers. 

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I`ll start a new careerplay basically just for the use of robotic probes, it is a nice reference to Nasa hardware.

I can`t wait to feel the honour of accomplishment again, more adventure, way more game depth and much more thrilling time on the ground engineering my own Kerbal Space Program again from ground up!

Thank you SQUAD, epic additions, epic contents!

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