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Why can't we delete our profiles?

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@Cleperli created a thread a couple of days back, where (s)he asked if you can delete your KSP forum profile. A mod said deleting your profile is impossible and, alas, closed the thread before anyone could reply (hence this thread).

I'm somewhat puzzled why we can't delete our profile on the KSP forums, especially since you can on other Take2 websites, as per their Privacy Policy. So it appears to directly infringe GDPR regulations - which state that any EU internet user has "The right to be forgotten" or "The right of erasure" on the internet. Since the KSP forums are providing services and store personal data (at least an email address, I take it an IP address, but who knows what else?*) of EU users, they are bound by EU regulations. So if we can't delete our full profile, can our personal data removed/deleted at the very least?

Not trying to start an excrement storm here, but if personal data is currently not removed upon request of an EU user, 'KSP forums' and their owners are liable to GDPR regulation infringement, which can result in a lot of misery that no-one is waiting for.
So @SQUAD and forum mods, it would be immensely appreciated if you could give us a bit more feedback on why we can't delete our profile/personal data, other than: "Nope, I'm sorry, but that is not something this forum does."

To start, could you please answer the questions below, though I'm sure my fellow forum users will have some more:
1. In neglect of deleting profiles/accounts, how do you warrant that a user's personal data is deleted within 30 days upon request?
2. What personal data do the KSP forums store?
3. Is this personal data distributed/used in any way or form outside of the KSP forums?
4. If the answer to question 3 is "yes", are you informing the user when his/her personal data is used by third parties?
5. If the answer to question 3 is "yes", are you informing the user which third parties are using his/her personal data?
6. If the answer to question 3 is "yes", how do you warrant that this personal data is protected and deleted by third parties?

I hope the reply to @Cleperli's post was just a bit on the scarce side, and that you guys already have this covered. I did a quick search on the topic and the privacy policy, but couldn't find anything specific to the KSP forums. If there's an existing thread that explains this in detail, please send me the link.

*This is a serious question. Anyone?

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Added the Take2 privacy policy info and link
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This forum does not delete accounts because we would lose information that is useful for, for example, ensuring that a banned party doesn't simply create a new account and continue to misbehave. It is our understanding that this is a legitimate reason to retain the information. 

And that thread was closed, as this one now shall be, because this subject invariably devolves into nasty arguments between armchair lawyers who all feel that their uninformed opinions are the only correct ones. Let's leave the question to the actual lawyers and just go back to discussing our little space game, okay, folks? 

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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