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Copying saved game to new installation?

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If I want to re-install a new, clean KSP install but then move a saved game into it to use, what all do I have to copy?

It looks like the folder from that game, and within that folder probably the "persistent.sfs" file and "persistent.loadmeta" -- but everything else in the folder seems to be backup copies (or ships, which I'll rebuild). Do I need to move anything else too?



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@chd You can just copy the entire save folder from your old install to your new one, then you'll keep everything, including your ships and named quicksaves (that's what all of the other .sfs files in there are).

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I do this every update...  just open the 'saves' folder on the old version select the saves I want and copy/paste them into the 'saves' fokder on the new install.

I hang on to earlier installs, for a while at least, so if I do forget something I can always copy it across.

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