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HumanStuff Easy Builder Workshop & Texture Library

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Perfect tools for KSP modding, in various areas, but fairly obscure or "older"

I will need to make a small "directory map" with descriptions in a rtf/pdf/html doc when I add the shortcut's back in

Notable additions: I feel these should be highlighted, or users may not be aware these exist:


UPX Compressed: 67kb!

uStart is a lightweight, minimalistic program launcher with a small program size and limited features (no drag and drop) but a very small program size.

Spoiled image:






uStartTray1.jpg uStartTray2.jpg




UPX Compressed this little guy is 80kb! Supports Drag & Drop

A vertical, auto-sizing launcher, originally intended for use with VNC, to hold a list of hosts.

Spoiled image:




SWAZZ TOOLKIT ("The Swiss Army Software") is the Mother of All Tiny Applications. SWAZZ gives the best value for your kilobyte (24+ nice functions embedded in 32 kilobytes): Note v1.3 is 29kb BUT does NOT include  Voice Client ("Text-to-speech") and Custom Fonts tools

  1. Alarm Tool
  2. Calculator
  3. Dayzone Wallpaper
  4. Dayzone Tool
  5. Distance Tool
  6. Google Search Tool
  7. Mailbox Tool
  8. Messenger
  9. RGB Color Tool
  10. Ripple Click Effect
  11. Screenshot Tool
  12. SQL Client
  13. SQL Ping Tool
  14. System Monitor
  15. Temperature Display
  16. Temperature Converter
  17. Tetris Game
  18. Time Display
  19. Voice Client
  20. Windows Cmd Prompt
  21. Windows System Shortcut
  22. WWW Launcher
  23. Custom Fonts

... and finally ...

  • 24. Application Launcher

The program is portable (no installation is needed), non-intrusive (smart user interface -- "miniface"), self-modifying (all the parameters are stored in the program itself) and it does not use the Windows registry. Some of the functions may not work in every environment.

See Spoiled image:



Explorer Commander

UPX Compressed: 307kb!

Explorer Commander is a two- or four-panel file manager software. It enables a fundamental part of Windows operating systems, namely File Explorer to work similarly as professional file manager programs, while retaining the advantages of File Explorer.

Properties of Explorer Commander:

  • Two- or four-panel layout
  • Horizontal or vertical layout in case of two-panel mode
  • The display proportion of panels can be set
  • The place of panels can be swapped
  • The content of panels can be opened in File Explorer
  • When started, it opens with the libraries which correspond to the last exit or the saved state
  • It supports dark/light theme under Windows 10
  • It can also run in the background
  • Doesn’t require installation
  • Free to use
  • It supports Windows 7/8/10 operating systems

explorer commander quad

MyIE9 browser (中文版    繁體    日本語) forgive my simplified Chinese to English

THIS IS CHINESE MAINLAND (PRC) SOFTWARE: I feel this is trustworthy software, but I am mentioning it as some users pointed it out via an email (There are other small trident based browser options that are not made in the PRC...if that matters to you, like nessie or pengu web)

This is 2mb UPX Compressed, A trident engine browser (supports http5, youtube, etc... its "super IE")

Safer, faster and stable than Firefox and IE. Keep you far away from banking account stolen and virus. Never crash down. Anybody could make and publish browser by customizing MyIE9 for free.

Download it: https://myie9down.obs.cn-south-1.myhuaweicloud.com/MyIE9_Setup_En.exe

Portable: https://myie9down.obs.cn-south-1.myhuaweicloud.com/MyIE9_Portable_En.zip



1. Safer than IE and Firefox. Never allow plugins to auto run, so could keep you far away from banking account stolen and virus.

2. Never breakdown. Open 442 web pages at the same time, and could also watch video.

3. Faster. Just needs 1 second to start. Faster than Firefox and IE when opening large pages.

4. Show all pages normally that IE could do.

5. Hide AD pictures by right click it.

6. Prompt before open the evil website (virus or fake bank sites). The function can be Forbid in Options. Fake Bank of America: http://www.bofao.com/

7. No need to type www or .com.

8. No need to open new page. Just type address and enter, new page auto opened.

9. Very convinient for IE6 users' habits. Click the upper right corner button to close the current page. (It can be setted to exit software in Options);

10. Open page in backgroud by drag link down a little and release with left mouse.

11. Many good features: Notepad, right-mouse gestures, block all pop-up window (could specify excepts), filter specified flying AD...

12. 30 skins can be changed at any time;

13. Favorites never lost. (which can be changed to any location in the Options)

14. You do not need to concern about the upgrade. The software will automatically upgrade to the most stable version silently. (which can be forbidden.)

15. Free forever.

16. Anybody could make and publish browser by customising MyIE9 for free. Set the default search engine, etc.



Ok you probley know this 1:

DXTBmp https://www.mwgfx.co.uk/programs/dxtbmp.htm

Create 16 bit Extended Bitmaps for FS2000 and CFS2. Edit existing Textures in your favourite paint program. Edit Alpha Channels. Reads and writes 565, 555-1, 444-4 and DXT1.

  • CLAIMED DXT1 (only) & MAX: Sizes up to 1024x1024 including non-square., 
  • TRUE MAX: DXT 1, 3 & 5 with Alpha & Normal options, SIZES UP TO 4096x4096 Awesome for an under 200kb program, 4K images are fine for a tiny "on the go" tool




BUT Look at its DDS export options:  All inside 200kb UPX compressed! Stand-Alone (no "special mwgfx" DDL needed)

  • Can do Alpha and Normal maps too! (And I tested it on RTM build of Windows 2K, 5.0.2195, works with ZERO issues )





Tunnel3D OK: 40kb (14kb UPX compressed) OpenGL 3D Benchmark



PowerVR Tools - PVRTexTool : powerful texutre tool, interesting concept, VERY helpful for getting that last "extra" mb reduced/ompressed or for large sized multi image construction; ie cubemaps....

see this SPOILED 





EQTANT free - SIZIMA Soft: (forgive my Japanese translation to English) Unless you browse non-English searx for "FOSS tools"; you would be hard pressed to find this:

As a method of recording 360-degree images and dome images, "Domemaster", "Cubemap", "Equirectangular", etc. can be cited. "EQTANT free" is a free tool for mutual conversion of these video or image. In addition, it is also possible to crop a certain direction from 360-degree images and correct the color tone. For details of the function, please see the following.

see this SPOILED :








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Now that mini pak and full sized "FULL TOOL" install is "done":

  • I will release the "trimmed" to what I feel are "IDEAL TOOLS" FOR BOTH 32BIT & 64BIT USERS. As a single universal exe
  • These should be far "lighter" in disk space cost, and be less "confusing", for newer users
  • I will be attemptig to use Tools with both a 32bit & 64bit (or unicode) install option, to make tutorials universal
  • This will be limited to 1 or tools per "task" (like software packager or media player; many choices each isnt necessary or ideal: esp for a novice user)
  • If an option has a "USER EXCLUDING" need/limitation (like a system requirement, like min cpu/gpu needed, OS, etc) I will include a "light option" usable by ALL users
  • I will try to avoid "confusing/cryptic" applications, if possible, to ease learning curves (stuff like your 1st "Blender" project can be.... stressful...)

The tools they use are in the full pack also, but tools in these "lighter" packs will be used in videos and tutorials

Size of "lightened" exe 1.88gb, installed size 3.99gb

Link: https://github.com/aazard/HumanStuff_EasyBuilderWorkshop/releases/download/v3.2.1/HumanStuff_Lightened_EasyBuilderWorkshop_v3.2.1.exe

  • Almost all tool pruning is to somewhat redundant "image", "dds", "various authoring" tools
    * Redundant to blender, paint.net, kirita, texcon, nvvt & awesome bump.
    * Plus excess web/mod authoring options, redundant to rocketcake and Advanced Installer (still a download link due to size) clickteam/inno installers
  • Light options left included for older/lower spec system users
  • Note: by default the included updater will create a "HumanStuff_EasyBuilderWorkshop" directory (not inside the "lightened" folder, this will NOT cause any issues), DO NOT WORRY, if desired, for "neatness" the locations are VERY EASILY edited by the user, BUT watch the "custom command" section for any needed PATH edits (just do not alter information related to "sources")

...Lets all remember this was compiled (99.8% of all this work is OTHER software dev's work, honor them for their work) by some 40yo, Canadian Component level repair tech/sys admin... coding is NOT my area... but I think it worked out well

Plus I learned ALOT

PS: Full pak has about 150mb space left, for additions/updates, before it becomes unusable by 32bit users

I will use about 2/3's,  or 100mb, of this for 4 "final" game additions**
** I feel we are MORE than tool complete

* Feel free to try the tools in the pack on the included "super lightweight" games (they are FOSS/freeware so no harm). Graphics, Audio/Video, maybe add to the source with a local language translation or adding network play (NAMELY C-EVO needs this, dev requested help...8 years ago!). You have the tools now, why not try them out?

  • WinBoard Alien - a chess and other on/off line board game app (7mb) Pic:


  • Erebus - A free on/off line Action RPG (29mb) Video:


  • FreeCol - A free colonization game (40mb) Video:


I would like to find a small (20mb to 30mb'ish) FOSS/Freeware RTS (like C&C: Red Alert) game, to leave me 50mb for future updates , lets fill out the "games" categories to have most the popular genres (and we are missing a "little RTS" similar to "C&C Red Alert" etc) 

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Seeing the scope of this project has grown past a set of tools for modding KSP (although thats still the main reason it was made/releasedI feel guilty hosting its "home page" on the KSP forum.

To any mods, thank you for your leniency, I appreciate the kindness and lack of "pardon me" pm's lol

I will still post updates and release info here. along with any KSP specific info.

I will post the new "front page",  on a site I own, where I have 99% ownership/control of content. As the rules here limit what I can tell/share with you.

Keep an eye out: Github pages or Neocities site may be a temp host of info...

Note that KSP specific assets/art files  will continue to be hosted/worked on: BUT under the HumanStuff Texture mod for Texture replacer (so I am not distributing KSP assets outside the "allowed areas")

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2 Small updates (well removal of install, to a link) via request. End result is "method improvment"


By request the "all in one" runtime installer, from https://www.computerbase.de/downloads/systemtools/all-in-one-runtimes/ (the Default German Language 1)

WILL BE A LINK TO SITE POST PACK INSTALL, not a direct install. This will be 99.9% replaced a powershell command requesting all MS redistributes of runtimes be updated directly by weget/nuget.

This is direct (so safer) and totally SUGGESTED by MS (for power users/dev's), so this is infact "better" & saves us 250mb of "possibly" out of date "3rd party" runtime's (the MS ones are always "newest").

Please forgive this, I attempted to negotiate, for the reason of keeping the "less scary" interface. But a CMD window, although abit odd looking, is a cleaner/lighter method

TWO: FANTASTIC tools made by Martin Wright, for MS flight simulator back in the time around: 11 Nov 1999, last updated 09 March 2009

Martin is very skilled, well at least his tools are "pure gold". For him, like myself, updating posted info is secondary to making the tools work, so I will highlight "undocumented features" for at least DXTBmp

I am speaking with the DXTBmp author, the polite and truly skilled Martin Wright, about portablization of a few very powerful apps: DXTBmp doesnt need mwgfx.dll  to function, but these 3 do: BUT they seem to lack "ini's", as creating them and moving the dll has no effect ;.;

They are outrageously small (sub-1mb), and support all common image formats (minus the "newest"), they are limited to 4096x4096 (other than viewing, 16K limit, but its resampled to 4K). These are "mostly" ideal for the byte4byte pack, but they are so lightweight and well made (these are nearly 20 years old!) I can not over-look them, look at the OG post (spoiled &) + out of date)



These programs will only run on Computers with at least a 486 processor running Windows 95 or 98.

All my programs should run on any version of Windows from Windows 95 onwards. If you encounter any problems running on XP or Win2000 please contact me as the reason is likely to be something easily corrected.

There are no special memory or display requirements but, as is usual with any Graphics Programs, the more memory and the faster the Video card the better. They are really designed for running in at least 16bit colour and preferably 24/32bit. Quality on a 256 colour display will not be very good although some programs can be set to dither images down.

All programs require the graphics DLL files in order to function.



ON DXTBMP: This seems the author's "pet fav" application, and it truly shows

Martian doubts his code can handle 8K images (but may be willing to try with enough user interest and maybe a few gifted "cups of coffee"), but a 4096x4096 dds image is pretty "standard" (few typical users are using 8K+ textures for anything but skyboxes/cubemaps).

Under testing DXTBmp is just "STUPID" powerful, its far faster than "Texconv" or "Nvidia's GUI exporter" (and OpenGPU/AMD's tool seems.. lets just say "sub-par" or "I just suck using it").

  • Support for "reading" formats is more than good, and we can convert easily if not
  • Exports to DXT BC1 to BC5, other "engine" image formats (that I have yet to play with)
  • Alpha & mipmaps, basic normal map support
  • Result Preview supported, before conversion
  • Simple edits/flips
  • Quality of DDS results are, to the naked eye, identical, and to a pixel by pixel tool, over 89% (89.7xxx%) the quality of my "best result" master.
    * lets remember thats an 242kb tool vs an over 7000kb tool < these are "impressive" results

Over all a beautiful tool for "heads" or "suits". its fast,  clean and very effective. Highly recommended, try it and thank the author if you find it AWESOME

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Note, we passed 10K downloads today, from the OG release to today, when combining all download sources that "report back" (and 1, github, I do not know how to track)

the byte4byte pak alone has been downloaded over 600 times in a week!

Seems we have many "mute" users... thats fine as long as ppl are really using this pak

I really need to:

  • STOP USERS FROM MOVING INSTALL LOCATION: I know many of us do this by default, but it could "mess with" some of my scripts or scripts that I embedded files in and converted to exe's. Also the update engines I use are "FREE/FOSS" Yes I'm using the tools in the pack to MAKE the pack... so there ARE limits to how "fancy/clean" I can be. Also my "user level" isnt exactly "programmer",
    PLEASE keep it installed to the ROOT of C:\ or at least the ROOT of ANY drive, but the default location on "ROOT of C:\" is IDEAL
  • Finalize the tools, we still have "over redundancy" past main tool/light tool. Some extras are ok, as they are "unique" but currently we are "overloaded with redundant options" still. User feed back would be useful here, testing 1300+ tools/functions is...time consuming & slightly hard to manage for a "1 man show"
  • Some tools, as an example; for image editing, some sub-1mb to over 1gb in size, but are "very similar" in use : fotographix > Lazpaint 32bit > paint.net > kirita offer "lighter access" to "more features" and shouldn't be removed. Picking what "light" tool to use can be difficult, I dont "use" some of these tool features often enough to be a good judge
  • To the above, I suspect an additional 300mb to 1gb of "unneeded redundant tools" could be "pruned off" of "huge/full packs", the other packs could use a look over after that, to ensure they TRULY have the best choices of tools/apps; for their roles


  • Other Games Stuff, Why?: "All fun and No play" < fairly true, BUT we also need a few light test "projects", in various games. I can NOT include other large, commercial, or AAA titles. I feel the included few hundred megabytes for about 15 "Test projects" &  down time "Fun" are worth the space they use up
  • Office stuff: I feel "Basic" but fairly complete access to "most stuff" should do, if you want more I do offer a "Light & Full" pack , found in the "Ketarin" updater
  • Website Authoring/Serving: I opted to keep this light, basically with RocketCake "doing it all", as above "Publii" & "Instant WordPress", more potent tools, are linked to in the pack; for users that need this. On  the serving side I have included the common tools, if you need more you likely already have them (if not PM me)
  • Software/Mod Authoring & Various "Sharing": As with Web Tools, I have Included the common tools. If you run into a "need" I have not addressed and cant solve it  AFTER GOGGLING IT: PM ME
  • Tools/apps need categorized/sectioned better/more correctly. This needs to become "an universal template", I dont want mini, light and full packs to be organized "differently", its confuses me (when rebuilding) & users (in general)
  • I would like to get down to 2 packs ONLY: a main pack and "mini" (byte4byte) pack. Ideally with "main release" as a 7-zipped exe thats 1.9gb in size (or less) so I can make it an "EASY" Github binary file release, with at least 100mb free for "updates". Seeing as user feedback is minimal, I am testing these tools myself and comparing them, but the process is NOT speedy, aka, I'm about 75% done the "2nd, more detailed round" of tests/pruning

Other Points:

  • Make a doc with descriptions. Even I dont "really" know every function of every tool, and I made the compilation 
  • Cleanup & add shortcuts (I'll also supply you a folder of the shortcuts for "app launcher/menu's"). Cleanup... < spelling, naming convention, capitalization
    * Note: We always have "path length", bat/cmd/ps/vb script limitations (sometimes a path is absolutist only)  
  • Finish the "super EULA/ect doc" as I want to combine then all in 1 easy to read location, and remove dup GPL/ect ones (1 copy only is needed).. this is paramount, to be "legal/legit" this MUST be done ASAP
  • Add the "cup of coffee" doc for all the FOSS and other authors "various donation links" , with links to any "donation/paid versions" of the free tools, for fairness to authors
  • I need to add better 1st thing user sees "info pop-ups" to installer, I can not Hide or Remove all the "installs/cmd windows" in the main pack & most are VERY needed (by various tools/apps). Its pretty important the user "selects yes/ok" when asked & that they allow processes to complete

I'm sure I missed something needed to get this from "build mode" into "maintained mode"

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2 more notes:

ONE: I DO NOT support "software theft"! And I do not want users to feel thats something they need to do to access FREE tools. If Linux is "too much" of a change, there is a soloution!

I was thinking of suggesting an easy "windows emulating" Linux Distro or ReactOS, but reddit (of all places) answered my question with Windows "Fundamentals For Legacy PC's" (a lightened version of XP Home 32bit) & Windows Thin PC (Windows Embedded Standard 7 with Service Pack 1, designed as a lightweight version of Windows 7 for installation on low performance PCs) Windows Thin PC is supported until October 12, 2021. AS "free" MS OS's I expected some "limits", they ONLY added one BUT 2 BOTH, I found, it was "THEY ARE 32bit ONLY". *Some users claim Win 7 Thin can be upgraded, legally/officially, to Windows 10 ...yes: LEGIT/LEGAL, but I did not test this, if you do please report back

I test installed both, they both install the FULL package (and all the codecs/runtimes), they report as "legally activated" & DO update
* in my own research/testing, it seems "Thin PC" is supported until October 12, 2021

See here for details:




Note on OS used by usersIf your ARE using Windows 2K (or before), remember "Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs" (its 99% the same Windows xp 32bit sp3) & Windows 7 Thin PC (same as Win 7 32bit basically) are BOTH 100% FREE >> so I see no reason to support Windows OS's before this, a Pentium (1st gen) with 64mb ram will run "Win FLP"once you "NLight" it (NTLite's older sibling)..Windows FLP/XP SP3 is now "oldest" Windows OS supported, And Windows 7/Thin PC, 32but, is the "recommened minimun Windows OS" < it can use pretty much all tools that DONT require 64bit

* I emailed/chatted with MS Canada about this, they say both are "no longer supported" and DO NOT recommend them, (BUT I DO, if you are using lets say windows 98se...), they did confirm its "free for use; private or commercial" (I believe commercial use was limited to a number of employees or workstations, but it was more that "none"..if you need this info, dont rely on my post, ask MS yourself) using these "keys when requested" ONLY &, if needed, (yes) they could be downloaded from the internet archive (to be legal/legit, use these keys I was linked as the "free public coa's"):

This is the official archive with SP3 included (I was directed here by MS rep at least)

This is the "officially" (by MS) redistributed free key/coa: 


Windows 7 Thin, same details as above:

Official Win 7 thin Key/coa, same details as above

  • 73KQT-CD9G6-K7TQG-66MRP-CQ22C



Tool Highlight: Arota (the Aleph One Replacement Texture Accessory) https://sourceforge.net/projects/aorta/

Brought to you by: treellama

I will supply the information I have, Author has NOT responded once in over 60 days of emails.

HumanStuff Classification: "Yellow" Author MIA, App in danger of becoming unavailable for download. REDUNDANTLY Archived, respectfully, for safety, 

User Interface: wxWidgets

Programming Language: C++

Class: Stand-alone/Self-Contained, Portable, Closed source, GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)Last update: 2010-02-10, v2.1 (as zip) of Win32 version, tri-os support (has Mac OS support, as dmg, + Linux support, as tar.bz2) debuggers detect as 32bit or Unicode (should work on Win 2k+, I dont know if it has requirements, I am assuming Windows9x OS's will not work)

A tool for creating high quality RGB and S3TC / DXTC (using the Squish library) DDS textures. Made for the Aleph "Marathon FSP Game Series/Family" FOSS remake, but a very versatile tool.


  • Squish is similar to crunch, its designed to make "efficient textures".  Squish has the benefit of being somewhat "lighter"

Spoiled pics: Using a sample 8K image (a 16k image is much slower, but it CAN handle them)


f3hv5kl.png OPEN/READ: hNKvck1.png

Why: It has 16K texture support up to DDS BC5 with alpha and normal support. Few tools, past the "large/heavy" MS/Nvidia/AMD tools, can handle this

I am happy to include Aorta, My Rating:

Ease: 5/5 very well done, its png or dds output, all auto past that: nothing confusing, Batch use is simple even for the total novice, well labeled & simple

Features: 4/5*, super well done, alpha, mipmaps, normals all supported 

*BUT it needs update to BC6/BC7 to be "current"

Design: Well made, not too "needlessly" flashy, but not ugly

Support: 4/5*, as to features it could use a 200 to 1000 lines of code update
It auto selects "best" dds BC type, so its ideal for the novice user, and the experienced user can appreciate this time saving 99% of the time

Overall 4..5*/5, its a near perfect tool, slightly "behind" in current DXT BC type(s) support, as it lacks BC6 & BC7

In my tests a 16K (16384x16384) test png converted to DDS "PERFECTLY",  this alone is impressive, 16K files crash much more "commercial" tools sometimes

The "Mini-PC"  used in testing ("NEXBOX" T11 Mini-PC Intel Atom Z8300 @, 1.84GHz, 4-core 64bit, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 32GB NAND Flash & 64GB Class 10 SD-Card, Intel HD 5300 > an iGPU with shared memory, DirectX 11.2) converted a 16K png "test file" (both tools to bc5, no mipmaps or "other" options selected) in just under 2 minutes using Aorta, compared to over 3 minutes with the Nvidia GUI tool.. thats an under 3mb tool vs an over 7mb tool (swap file use = heavy, with 4gb+ ram I suspect faster)

  • Its equal to "VVVV's" DDS Converter (final v1.4) & Martin Wright's DXTBmp (current update v4.00.96) on a byte4byte level

Changes to Original as downloaded: NONE, (but author notified = email bounce back/no such address*) > UPX Compressed its: 2,859kb in size as a stand-alone exe

(* Attempt made on "sourceforge" to contact author, also no reply)

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Modding is fun: But I'm looking forward to hitting "Maintained mode" over "Working on it mode". But I'm happy I could share this!

My advice...1 project at a time to start. I got very "busy" with these project's for almost 100 days "straight"... Its Time for me to "play a game again", I think I'll start with a week of: 

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, I love KSP, but I need a week off


If you need me & I'm not on the forum: Infradata.it at gmail is my "public contact/spam" address.

I dont know how ppl like @linuxgurugamer handle maintaining so many mods, praises to them
My own redundant archive, of tools/apps I feel are "yellow/red" class, my rating for no author contact and/or archived site/download (local + dual cloud mirrored) is already 1.1gb for this project, I plan on adding "any abandoned/defunct/off the net" among them to Github repo I maintain & the internet archive at: https://archive.org/ (but thats no "light matter" I dont want to break any rules)

*I do not consider Filehippo, Softpedia etc "good long term sole sources" < the author & I have no control over access. If the author doesnt have a "live" site and/or email contact that answers.. I consider this software "abandoned", esp if access is via wayback machine or other similar method and "I claim rights to archive it, for reasons of supplying future public access, with no intention of gain" until such a time legal owner/author request I do not archive for redistribution.

Any software with sources will of course have the source avaible for anyone to work on. But some are closed source, we are stuck with them as they are unless some genius "knows this kinda thing" and fiddles with them.

I highly suggest EVERYONE try to add something "public" > a skin, texture, tutorial video, language translation, or even word of mouth suggestion of some of the tools.

The whole point is Free tools we can all use = Free content we can all use...right?

If you make something "commercial" with the allowed tools, please remember to credit the author, and maybe this free kit/pack ;) 

If you want to donate to me, & its more than the value of a cup of coffee, I suggest you give to a real charity you believe in, I made this for fun and profiting from it would be "wrong".

Please come visit Canada, we are all waiting to welcome you. "We have good coffee too" - aazard (my "true/irl" name is Jeff btw)

I hereby dedicate the Free tool pack release to @CaptainKipard, among many bygone "gurus" may you ALL come home to us one day (Kipard, your old post of modding tools inspired me to give, thank you for that gift). Also to my father & my son, who I miss dearly everyday, may I see you again.

Users: I will not "last forever", they who came before me didnt at least .... archive these tools/clone my githubs, feel free to redistribute this package, whole/in part, with ANY additions, as long as you do so that access to it is 100% FREE.

These 2 mods/releases, shall be my ONLY releases, at least on these forums. I am approaching "complete" on both and will maintain/update them after that. Now can some super guru start teaching ppl again?

  • "Finish what you start"
  • "Measure twice, cut once"
  • “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
  • "All we truly have is eachother"

I was here "early", in the 0.25'ish days, I saw many gurus post many things... then I got busy with work/life/other games.. when I returned most of the guru's had become silent or left, old posts were "dead"...and I am no guru. These are the tools of the free and righteous, please use them for "good", but I cant take you all the way to the end of this road: I have never been there myself... many of these tools exceed my user level or lay outside my area's of interest.

...now to that week off.... until we meet again, Purchased: Jul 21, 2013 @ 2:41pm Kerbal Space Program - $13.79 USD... still here Nov 28, 2020

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Small post (I'm still on a week off ;) ) as I got an email from the DXTBmp author:

Hi Jeff
All my graphics programs require at least some of my dlls but they should work with the dlls in the same folder as the exe if they are placed there.
Note there are several dlls that could be needed as well as the main mwgfx.dll. These are not usually called directly from code (though they can be of course) but are indirectly accessed by wrapper functions in mwgfx.dll
mwdds.dll  (for processing DX images in their various formats)
mwace.dll  (for old MSTS1 textures)
mwgfx24.dll (for extra windows dialogs and things like slideshows, screengrabs etc)
mwdlg.dll (more dialogs)
As I started coding back in the days of very limited memory and tiny floppy disks (or actually cassette tapes for the first few years) I have got into the habit of making my programs as small as possible. I still tend to do this even though memory and disk space these days is effectively unlimited. Old habits. I also much prefer my code to be as standalone as possible. While it may use other code from me in dll form it doesn’t need specific runtimes or frameworks on the target system. It should run pretty much the same on any windows system from windows 98 on.
As they are already pretty compact I wonder if UPX might be overkill. Probably it is not recommended to use it on the dlls as it will prevent multiple running programs sharing the same instance. Also functions in mwgfx.dll that are calling functions in the other dlls will be frequently loading and unloading them in the background and I’m not sure how well UPX would cope with that.
Any documentation just point them to my site http://www.mwgfx.co.uk/


^ 1.8mb, replacing over 30mb, 8k image support, view (thumbs/dir/per image), convert (batch too)
dds dxt1/dxt1a = up to 8k, bc3/bc5 = up to 4k.
Full < yes full, alpha/normal map support (DXTBmp & Show)
They "share" these dll's (and I might have a few I dont need in there, testing...).

DxtBmp & Convim together, although lacking "bulk view options" can replace the other TView/iBrowse/Show

Note: no non-power of 2 ("square" only), & no 16K support on these tools, but I doubt we use 16k dds files past "skyboxes/cubemap" types 

At this point I can make a mini "100% portable" kit, inside 32mb to 64mb, that could pretty much do EVERYTHING you need for KSP modding, sharing, streaming.. thats really insane in the 2020/2021 era, where a "simple text editor" (like a .txt editor), is on average 5mb in disk space.


PS2: Lets make that 1.16mb min, 1.68mb full (oddly the typical size of a DMF formatted 3.5 inch floppy disk)

I found Convimx < also by Martin (long story short: improved DXTBmp/TViewer/Show/Convim > turned in to 1 "combo tool")

If I am correct this is now a combined DXTBmp + Convim = An "All-in-one" viewer conversion tool (basically replacing TView, DXTBmp and Convim?)

I read:

Extended version of ConvIm for the batch conversion of image files to alpha-aware formats. Primarily to Extended Bitmap and DDS but also to png/tiff/targa. Can be used to batch-convert DDS or Extended Bitmap from one format to another (eg 32 bit to DXT3)
02/09/06 - fixed the flipping of the image data when converting from one DDS format to another 
So: png/tiff/targa now options, but the major improvement is to DXT formats to DXT5?



A pure 11/10 rating.

I declare these to be the MOST POWERFUL GFX Tools (paid or free) to have ever EXISTED, up to this date, on a byte4byte level.

Full size of tools mentioned: UPX Compressed/packed, via LZMA method

*Can be stand-alone with the dll's in same folder, work on Windows 98 or newer

- Convimx: 132kb

- DXTbmp: 182kb

- iBrowse: 162kb (not really "needed", but a nice to have, image dir info with single file view at a time)

- Show: 165kb (not really "needed", but a nice to have, best functions/options as a viewer, ie per channel etc)

- TView: 181kb (not really "needed", but a nice to have, all images in a dir viewer as thumbs, low on info)

Dll's needed by each:
*Can be savred if all are present in same folder)

- All DLL's & mwgfxcopy.exe: 905kb

Total: 1727kb

- The smallest (and best) convimx is, alone with all dll's, 1038kb (or 1.013672mb)
* Remove ace file support. as its used by games pre year 2000, (remove mwace.dll & mwacevb.dll) and thats 957kb

... 957kb for a 8k image to an 8k DXT dds file BC1/BC1a to BC5, with mipmap generation via a Kiaser filter, and a NoHalo filter too boot!

This should work, using a 8k image, on a 66MHz 486DX computer (1 st cpu able to "run" win98se) running Winsows 98se with AT LEAST 224mb to 256mb ram (as the 8k image will use 192mb of ram, Convimx & Windows 98se need the remaining 32mb to 64mb of ram to "run")

^If the PC has 1st gen USB on the motherboard/pci card> it runs EASILY! (but it might need a week to finish..., 12-cores at 4.7ghz 64bit take 10sec... what about singlecore/thread on a pentium 100mhz? or even a single core/thread P3 1.4ghz?)

So great news, I'll see you all in a week

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Early check in by 2 days... (a few small things)

I have finished pruning/comparing apps,  sorry to any users/makers of dropped apps. TRUST ME I tested them all, the remaining options are, imho, the best choices considering the task & ease to the end user (availability of docs, tutorials, videos, forums etc).

*IE fotographix (32bit ver), PaintStar (32bit ver) & Lazpaint (32bit ver) are all light raster image editors. fotographix is UNDER 1mb, the others are nearly 2.6mb each (still tiny)...but in the byte4byte pack example, only 1 was needed (so we picked fotographix, the best "byte4byte"), with a 32bit 16k able app (lazpaint)

Note that Lazpaint is the only 32bit raster image editor tool ABLE to work with 16k files (fast zooms/etc WILL CRASH IT with 16k images!) 

The byte4byte Pack will increase in size by 2 (about 225mb), due to an expansion of safety tools (too many test files missed by the "new/re-newed" Dragokas HijackThis (1.5mb), BUT ITS good for more than scanning). Seeing as I "broke" 128mb drive limit, a few decent additions namely to safety/cleaning & system tools, plus "dropping/replacing" of apps (like some games: They were "useless", we couldnt add to them).

"online share/upload/download" & Streaming tools had been neglected due to trying to save space. Best in class per byte, imho, readded

MWGFX tools: Fully working now, just DO NOT use with 16k images (they cant load them), DXTBmp CAN view them, but at 4k (its size limit), Convim & ConvimX are very similar, prefer "X" for DDS, "non-X" for other image formats. 32bit, ONLY Texcon, with GUI, still handles 16K, and its best byte4byte (Nvidia tool is 64bit only, old nvvt cmd tool, 32bit, is 8k max)

- Drive formatter added, PLUS: HxC Floppy Emulator & Alkonost MaxFormat "floppy" Software added, mostly for usd/sd emulation fo the "DosBox" AmpShell Portable Pack (the ONLY, non-linux cmd, emulator in pack). For OLD foss, that has NO NT Windows support (dont run on Windows after 98/ME, ie no 2k to Current)

- PeerBlock swaped to NetStalker Firewall (470kb), its the best in testing, WITH: smoothwall, tiny wall and Peerblock against it

ClamwinAV (24mb) readded (email answered) as full scanner, File Governor (2.2mb) as full file/etc remover (new), Bleachbit (15mb) readded as full cleaner (email answered).

- notable: Reg Converter (447kb) - Converts .reg files to .bat/.vbs/.au3, import from clipboard, has BOTH CLI/GUI (I could NOT leave this out)

- Any apps with Source files inside, with dev ok, moved to link, not files. Non-byte4byte (not 4 USB version) Pack will still include any. 

- A few more dev email answers, pretty much tie'ing up the dev's that exist/do reply (MANY dead emails/websites) as "contacted/spoken too"

- SnappyDriver Installer (4.2mb) added as companion to PatchMyPC (3mb), to handle drivers

- Games that can not be added too, used as learning examples or otherwise "useful", past playing them THAT EXCEED 1.5mb REMOVED, (sorry Medieval Clash fans) as that took space that could be given to titles we "can" work on (plus work on KSP stuff, with your legal copy of KSP of cource)

Sorting out tools, apps ect... the Byte for Byte pack will be roughly 216mb "on disk" (not zipped), FULLY UPX repacked, allowing use on a 256mb USB/External drive of some type (with any small saves/projects also saved on the usb)

Full pack, down to a single pack, no more light/full, is STILL BEING FINALIZED as to "what apps EXACTLY", but the pruning so far has HALVED installed size!

I suspect we will have a 1.8gb to 1.9gb file "as uploaded by me & downloabed by users",  aka it will allow a "release file", not a source.zip, from Github, AND maybe allow a full upload to Space dock again

Choice was nice, but it was vastly too much, "right tool for the right job" and all, right? A main & lighter app option to a "few(3)" options, WHEN necessary keeps it sane to navigate and use

*AKA: We dont need a rare, almost undocumented app, only available in German language with a cryptic UI as an option

*** I ignored ASCII engines, devs, apps/games (sorry).. I corrected this with a "few" examples of "the best current & classic" options (imho). THESE ARE A GREAT PLACE TO START, EITHER MAKING 8X8 TILES OR ADDING IN OTHER WAYS (MISSIONS, SOUND PACKS ETC) Perfect to start learning from "nothing"

*ASCII: This is the typical "character map set", 0) to 9(, Aa toZz, symbols used INPLACE of TILES (graphic "picture" representation). Most are made with FPC Valkyrie, a tiny toolkit, ALMOST everything is EASY "text" type files < I highly recommend start here if your "100% new to making apps"

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (has tiles), Angband (current 4mb! Has tiles), Dwarf Fortress (has tiles) and ASCII Sector (NO TILES) are ASCII "MASTERPIECES", imho

Kenvin from CDDA answered (on forum), so did ABlast & YSflight (tiny flight sims) dev's. They are abit big (5mb to 20mb), BUT FOSS/WE CAN WORK ON THEM

Ideal to dev/add to starter to pro (active open projects):

I.V.A.N (1.6mb full "classic" RPG), CUBE (29mb FULL feature FPS), Erebus (25mb "mordern" full "action'ish" RPG) Dune 2 the Maker (6mb MP RTS),  and a few other titles with active dev engines added, the dev engines are either big or update often...so I will include links not files

Flare Game Engine, FPC Valkyrie Game Dev Kit and MANY other CURRENT dev tools LINKED!

7 Day Coding Challenge: See what other "learners" & pro dev's can do in a week! Why not try yourself, its free

Creative Commons "How do I share/start" page linked. Options for artists/creatives to share to dev's/etc to go "full commercial" (just watch tools EULA's!) 

"Living Online" links Webpage: To stop "dead linking"...A new link to a page of links! Thats maintained, so all the online tool options (and other links) stay "current"

oops...Stranded 1 was FULLY converted from German to English by me (it had VERY little text didnt take long BUT....then dev pointed me to the small text link on page, TO ENGLISH VERSION, he did it like 10 years ago lol)

Stranded (1) is an excellent example of "Full Free Software": Unreal engine, FULL 3D, REPLAYABLE/Multiple scenarios & under 9mb!

Byte4Byte Pack Note: Many tools apps audio/images/etc "optimized for size/portability" (within "reason"), Single Language (English, links to others on dev sites/etc) & UPX Repackaged with dev (that reply) ok. Some of these apps become insane, "Tunnel3D OK" is a OpenGL 3D Benchmark inside 14kb!

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I realized I did not supply x264, lame or ffmpg,, in byte4byte pack, limiting conversion tools to OGG/limited MP3 & DX/DS (wmv/avi etc) or custom code, corrected via FileBender (9mb) (its a re-add, I dropped it save space, but that space, compared to other tools, WAS lame/ffmpeg). lol. Might not be needed, but its 6mb of codecs we all use daily, TinyPlayer readded (I dont trust built in media players and its like 90kb)

Filebender  does 5+ "main jobs" (pdf/web code mini'fier too), so its nice, lacks a easy ui, but FSS apps (not that we have lame/ffmpeg present) handle that

We just squeezed into our new limit, which was 238.89mb (a 256mb usb drives "real/true" size), as the Byte4Byte pack is now, unzipped "on disk", 235.6mb (or 3.29mb "free", enough for our our custom ini's/settings/profiles, in fact its more than 2x the space I expect we need)...if not i can drop all icon ico's (;.;) and save about 2.4mb more (wow eh?, but icons that have "non blank" ico's are helpful)..optionally I can convert all to 8x8 pix icos (manually, like "draw them", over 200 of them...) and save about 1mb ...IF 9000% NECESSARY <...SO 99% I WONT

i KNOW A 1GB USB is $1 on wish or a "buck or 2" store but... why waste space, even on thay $1 usb drive you'll have over 700mb to "spare" (& like every png in ksp would fit inside that 1.5 times).

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Decompiling CHM files (CHM decoder Free), then editing the results and repacking to chm (With CHMer) is time consuming (but the only "free method" i know of). Totally worth buying CHM Editor for $90....maybe

ANYONE KNOW A EASIER METHOD (ie all "MS Word editing", nothing time consuming/cryptic) ?


EDIT: Fellow CDDA fan, Muttonchops, mentions I could just copy paste into a rtf with careful formating, then convert that rtf to chm with 1 of many foss tools


Edit 2, Muttonchops loses this round to aazard (this never happens):  Portable Vole Media CHM Free Edition here: https://www.softpedia.com/get/PORTABLE-SOFTWARE/Authoring-Tools/Portable-Vole-Media-CHM-Free-Edition.shtml

Non-limited freeware, only "freeware limit" is 10 Topic/pages max, per project (a 10 topic/page help doc is 3x the size of most chm's).

Its abit bulky, but other "free CHM editors" are really "one way makers" (unlike Vole), or CONVOLUTED (& Vole is easy) in their process (aka: better be a HTML & data organizing pro).

Vole Media makes office software, not bad/not great, BUT this software is EQUAL, in ease/function to the industry leader "CHM Editor", if the UI isnt as mordern or the app size isnt quite as refined (but its easy to use and VERY FREE!). Being careful I can join the "10 page" CHM's with another FOSS tool into a seemless/near endless doc.

Vole offers their file manager & personal diary app (plus a few doc viewers) and CHM SOFTWARE IN FREE VERSIONS.


** ODD NOTE, PDF to rtf/doc (in both directions) & CMH to "any but PDF" (in both directions), are fairly under represented in FOSS/Free software. Its easier to find advanced software packagers, A/V/3D tools etc  AS THEY ARE VERY COMMON ....then "simple" but somewhat "smaller user base" tools like rare system managment or office (CHM etc) tools... I assume the user base is just so much smaller

The CHM tool is, imho, their best offering (and it has a free version)

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EAT IT, PDF Exchange Editor.... http://pdfedit.cz/en/pdfedit_tools.html, 6mb installed/re-packed, + an optional extra toolkit, more features, opensource...o yea & foss (took forever to find the source of this "oldie"..its from 2014, in "current" Win32GUI version).

I have NEVER seen a competitor to this, period. Like the last v1.x of "slimpdf", this stands UNCHALLENGED as king of the hill, byte4byte. It easily competes with 100mb+ pdf editors.

Although I love SSuite Office/Software, in "full" pack I have a treat. Searching I found a "cleaner" light freeware office suite (to avoid so much app jumping/conversion in full package) I can include.

We will still have a full office inside 75mb, instead of 20mb, but ease of use/qol has vastly increased..plus pruning MORE than got us that space

Final is picking a the web authoring "heavier tool" (i'm leaning towards IWP over a 2nd SSG app). Code editing...Scriptly or Leafier (or cuteHTML) for pure code

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Finally after ALOT of testing, pruning and speaking to users of tools/forum surfing...

In this ENVIRONMENT, this release is good MEDICINE  FOR US ALL! &):cool::wub:

NOW, full pack is only a 1960mb download DIRECTLY, as an exe, from Github

CONSIDER this the 1st Finalized tool list of 2020/2021. *Pending updates/news

I will post a list of Apps.Sources, and descriptions. Plus do a few tiny "clean-up/QOL" updates over the Christmas & the New Year.

These tools may see minor updates additions over 2021 but this is "pretty much what tutorials/etc" will use.

I suggest you explore the folders until I get that doc out.

Change Log # //HumanStuff_EasyBuilderWorkshop//

No More Need to Download Source.zip's! NOW: 2 Files, 1 Optional For USB/Etc Drives

Mandatory: Full Pack For PC Install aprox 1960mb EXE, 3.4Gb installed, before optional downloads < THIS IS A LINK

Suggested: Byte4Byte Pack Stand-Alone For USB/etc Drives aprox 126.2mb SFX, 200mb unpacked < THIS IS A LINK (includes Wings3D update now)

No install pack: Same as "Mandatory" but no customs from installer will fire (Ninite some addons, codecs, etc) aprox SFX 1887.5mb < THIS IS A LINK

SterJo NetStalker is a basic, lightweight firewall manager to trust or kill processes that seek access to the Internet. The program is fully configurable with regard to inbound TCP connections, and with pop-up dialogs for outbound connections. I suggest you copy/add PeerBlock (in Full pack) or TinyWall (for most users, note peerblock is no longer supported, Tinywall &   Netstalker are) or Simplewall (for Windows Filtering Platform/WFP users), to your USB/etc drive, If you feel the need for an "extra" layer on Byte4Byte Toolkit

4.0.1 Measure Twice, Cut Once

  • CONSIDER this the 1st Finalized tool list of 2020/2021. *Pending updates/news
  • HUGE tool prune, needlessly odd/confusing and/or Overly Redundant Tools pruned
  • Byte4Byte Pack FULLY OPTIMIZED For Portability via UPX Packing, Audio compression, File "Trimming"
    NOTE1: Most Apps Now English UI ONLY! Any trimmed/removed files can be safely restored from main app installs
    NOTE2: I will add shortcuts and any additional cleanup in maintenance updates. Testing/Pruning apps was a TON of work
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next small task:


Publii web authoring tool (from pack link btw) use to generate identical static websites for neocities, github pages, 000webhost etc etc.

These will become main source, I will continue to post updates/news here also.


Complete & post Intro Video to upcomming Youtube/Peertube tutorials series

Complete & post info docs


Long journey to get here......

The UPX packed, now optimized for portability, Byte4Byte pack will see a small pass to:

- services/tasks tools (found smaller/newer tools that are just as good as current ones)

- Direct USB Syncing, mainly for docs/etc, office/tiny game settings/saves, of main pack to mini USB pack and verse visa. With an tool 1/10th the size of DSync

- Abit of "deep diving" to find the last of: uninstall files of tools, unneeded text docs/pruning of needed text docs for size, find the last uncompressed wav/mp3/ogg files.

- Add last tools to our 200mb cap, we are at 196mb...so its a small addition, I'll add lazpaint64 as a companion to the 32bit version, and perhaps I can squeeze in some custom MS Texcon .bats (not exe's they are too big), but users will need to edit them to match their USB's path settings. That should "fill it up"

- Wipe all metadata/thumbs etc from files

- Last UPX pass: FULL FORCED UNPACK > To custom lmza2, ultra brute, custom black list (for comon no-no dll's and types of exe's), strip all but 1st ico (1st is compressed) REPACK (this makes a MASSIVE difference, used with caution UPX is awesome!)

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19 minutes ago, MainSailor said:

This is shaping up to be a texturing master class. It's been a great read so far.

I learned so much on like 10+ topics, some wildly unrelated

Pruning really made this usable by the "novice masses" in v4.x.x+ (and allowed correct github file handling, so its not a hack job).

At this point its pretty much maintaining releases and making tutorials/web pages off the forum (as its getting way past belonging here, in full "every bit of info" update mode, at least)

SUPER NOTE: Lazpaint (32bit & 64bit) < tell ppl about these PLEASE, sub-3mb each, BOTH can handle 16K image editing in MANY formats, Note 16k images and SPEEDY MOVES will crash 32bit version (but not with 8K images or less)

I reviewed/tested 20gb+ of apps/tool 4 this (alone, plus editing, upx'ing, etc etc)

Thanks for the like, please if you can review/suggest it here: https://alternativeto.net/software/humanstuff-easybuilderworkshop/

The engines, ASCII/RPG/Flare, etc.. as  additions has tied it all up, Godot is a link due to its update speed/size, but 100% use the mono version mathing your OS bit level

I need a nice tidy html5 (that will be tiny so i'll pack it )and 3d engine like but smaller/more foss than Unreal/Unity (no offence to either, looking for a lighter FOSS learners tool/app)

I might just bit adding both Godolt (32/64) or maybe Scratch/CrossBrowdy (but I dont like Scratch/CrossBrowdy and I make the videos...so naw..Godot it is)

*FPC-V, gVim, pure C "game" making/programming is WAY over my head, I'll leave that to ppl that know the subject better.

Honestly I'm not even that skilled, I just research well...this package is testament to Google/SearX's power

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Github shall be updated to my source files and the script/xml (for advanced installer).

This is oddly identical to the format you all get installed, minus the xml/custom commands etc.

But thats the rules right, to allow users to replicate from sources.. so I'll do so not that the wild testing is complete.

I'm part way through the compiled html doc (chm) via Percision helper, a free tool (best-ed by muttonchops again ;.;) of the super EULA (that comes 1st)

I have a rough rtf of the descriptions doc on the go

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oh yea, we were allowed to add "Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead" stable, minus the updater/launcher (its for unstable testing anyways).

This is a FOSS ASCII/Tiles Graphic game. Its CONSTANTLY worked on.


Please play and test the tools in kit on it, "light", but full tiles and sound packs are sadly missing, no one has made any...want to try? 


Just spent an hour learning gVim more to test "Vim code break" & "pycraft" (the python "sh" game, not world/map editor of same name)

super cool, but user level needed will exclude most ppl (even me, and I made this package). But if your a gVim user...super cool/small & well coded

what is gVim, its 100% not a text editor, its much more akin to VScodem & Geany having a baby (but "OG" Vim is VERY old)

^^ I'm spending a day on gVim learning,...... something tells me its "snippet easy".... and the power seems EXTREME

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Tools Q/A:


Q: Why was OcenAudio & LMMS removed/replaced by Audacity, MP3DirectCut & Waveshop?

A: In testing OcenAudio & LMMS offers ONLY a fancier UI, not an easier to navigate one. At 60mb+ vs 8mb (or 5mb or 1mb!) for same tools/results the choice was clear


Q: Why are AviTricks Classic, VirtualDub-Mod, Virtualdub2, MS Movie maker (last of "2012" version update) now our only "Movie editor/makers"

A: KdenLive, Openshot & Shortcut (the user friendly movie editor/makers) off little more at big file sizes. AviTricks Classic can do a super job in under 1mb app size.

KdenLive really cant do anything AviTricks cant (file format depending). I see no reason to eat up space on a VERY large & VERY fast release schedule tool

Plus we now have a PWA "additional" option without install. IF you do want something "more pro/powerful", go BlackMagic Design's "DaVinci Resolve" ITS outrageously powerful


Q: Engines... why no Unreal or Unity?

A: Well...truth = EULA's, but they are MASSIVE also. Plus if you want to use these 90% chance you know how to install them if you havent already. Godot, Flash and ASCII small 2D/3D "RPG maker" type engines are small, FOSS, and better for your 1st "Hello World" level project.

I suggest "a Flash game" (Flash offliner studio = hide the ball in 3 shells), then Alex 4 "maps/levels" (GameBoy like platformer) or use PlayScii add tiles to Beserk! ASCII ("Combat Arena" ASCII game) type games... then RPG maker Toolkit (Make a "simple house interior/with npc convo" like Final Fantasy: Blackmoon Prophecy) to Godot (full games RPG in a Box, Deep Sixed, tools: material maker)..then Unity/Unreal (simple "tic-tac-toe" remakes to KSP/Stranded 1 & 2....2 months later)

Flare Engine makes Diablo, Grim Dawn, and/or Path of exile type games...its a real gem, lots of tutorials and an "example" game to mod

Maybe a good "real project" = 8x8px or 16x16px graphics Tiles for ASCII Sector (it has no tiles at all!)?

*thats 1 8x8/16x16 tile for EACH represented ASCII character "used by the games character map"..maybe a few or a few 100 depending on game

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5 hours ago, Aazard said:

@MainSailor ps your mod and nova punch were my 1st I ever tried in around the v0.23 era


That's really cool to hear. I recently dropped in on one of Tyler Raiz's streams and saw he was still using the old pack. I'm surprised they're still in use despite being so old. I honestly didn't know how many players outside of the RO/RSS community still use pParts.

I never really stopped playing KSP, but some bad experiences with various social platforms made me seriously pull back as a creator. I moved away from pParts when I went full in on SSTU, so I kind of lost the desire to design for KSP after that. Well, that and being a professional designer in my career (albeit at the time mainly a print designer.) The last thing I wanted to do at the end of the day was go home and do more 'work' in my free time. And a new crop of really talented texturers have come in and done some phenomenal work that I felt I couldn't match.

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17 minutes ago, MainSailor said:

That's really cool to hear. I recently dropped in on one of Tyler Raiz's streams and saw he was still using the old pack. I'm surprised they're still in use despite being so old. I honestly didn't know how many players outside of the RO/RSS community still use pParts.

I never really stopped playing KSP, but some bad experiences with various social platforms made me seriously pull back as a creator. I moved away from pParts when I went full in on SSTU, so I kind of lost the desire to design for KSP after that. Well, that and being a professional designer in my career (albeit at the time mainly a print designer.) The last thing I wanted to do at the end of the day was go home and do more 'work' in my free time. And a new crop of really talented texturers have come in and done some phenomenal work that I felt I couldn't match.

I'm a componet repair tech/sys admin (consumer level 90%)... this was WAY out of my wheelhouse of skills.

I'm not afraid to google/searx mind you...so it came together "along the way".

yea the 2016 issue we dont mention (drove me off...for almost a year, quited me for 3...and me & quite dont get along)?

That new crop seems to have "moved on"...it happens.

I decided to branch into the "Games from Scratch" community so my project has a "decades" long life (hopefully).

I like unity and unreal, but the skill level is over my head. I'm at a "PlaySCII / RPG Toolkit / Early Godot Mono" learning level.

At this point I like packaging/compression, software/web authoring and A/V/3D work the most.

Love KSP...let this be my legacy here I guess

Please updates to RSS stuff is ALWAYS welcome

The issue with KSP long term (unless you RSS/RO it) is that skill level of user vastly surpasses game challenge.

But thats games.. Total Wars, Catalysm: DDA, Rimworlds Elder Scrolls games....

Then you get Dwarf Fortress, I.V.A.N, ASCII Sector...that "cant be won"...that frustrate users away (& back)

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1 Forgotten tool in Byte4Byte pack:blink: , < FIXED

2 No Install pack version of release added to Github download/release page

I forgot Wings3D. this will push us to 217mb unzipped, pretty much filling byte4byte pack tool list out. (137mb Zipped)

  • There are FEW tools in-between "MeshMagic" (sub 1mb, but a little basic) & "MeshLab/Blender/K-3D" (like 175mb to over 350mb+) for true 3d model design.

There are 2 small apps "Neo Texture Edit" (1.58mb) & "Wings3D" (21mb < Making it the biggest tool/app in USB pack by at least 3x the size of next largest, and its the example game "Stranded 1"), but Neo Texture Edit is not a 3D modeling tool, its a "node based texture generator/editor" (Wings3D is a 3D modeler tool though). Sadly Meshmagic cant do what Wings 3D can, its awesome but more "basic"

As a Full 3D modeling tool, Wings 3D/MeshMagic are the tools to beat, byte4byte!

I'll have it uploaded to current release page, replacing the version without wings3d...easy now that they are all binary files...I'll update github comments reflecting this change



No install pack: Same as "Mandatory" but no customs from installer will fire (Ninite some addons, codecs, etc) aprox SFX 1887.5mb < THIS IS A LINK

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