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Any resource teleportation mods?

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Has anybody written a resource teleporter mod? I had a look but I couldn't see anything.

I was thinking what would be the minimum extra game play needed for KSP2 over KSP1 and realised that (apart from multiplayer) you could mostly get away with something to grow Kerbals, something to allow orbit / off planet construction (like Global Construction) and some way of easily moving resource around (like Kerbal Space Transport System but more general). The Kerbal growing and construction mods seem to be available but none of the automated flight mods seem to be general enough and I realised that if it was reduced to resource teleportation it would be much easier.

I am envisioning a teleporter container that holds a resource (FO / Fuel / Oxidizer / Xenon / Ore / Whatever is needed for construction) and allows the contents to be magically teleported to another teleport container that can hold some of the same resource at the expense of electric charge per unit mass (possibly at both ends). The teleport could have a maximum range or require more EC per unit mass depending on the distance. Possibly, this could be limited to teleporters in the same sphere of influence and the EC based on the required change in potential energy (gravitational and kinetic)

This might be manually done (click teleport in PAW, select from the valid destination teleporters, and beam me up Scotty) or possibly have teleporters paired so that material automatically goes from a source teleport to a destination teleport as there is space to hold it and EC.

This would make using something like Global Construction to build space infrastructure much less tiresome as you wouldn't need to keep moving resources around. You could put a construction yard in Minmus / Mun orbit with an ore harvester on the surface, teleport the ore into orbit and convert it into FO / Matpacks at the construction yard to build and launch large ships.

Is there anything like this? Does it sound like it would be useful? Or is there a fundamental flaw with the idea?

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You can sort of simulate that using alt-f12 set orbit and/or a mod like Hyperedit. Some would call that "cheating", but I think cheating is okay in any single player game, provided you don't falsely claim you did it without cheating.

A mod that requires resources like ore, fuel, and electricity to teleport is unlikely to maintain game balance because it's trivially easy to obtain unlimited resources by building a base next to the KSC runway. So, it's okay to cheat, just come up with whatever house rules you like.

Here's an example of how I might cheat in a playthrough with respect to mining:

  1. I build a mining base on Minmus, and a freighter for moving ore or processed fuel to orbit.
  2. I'll carefully land the freighter next to the base, and dock (or attach parts with KIS, or use SimpleLogistics).
  3. Timewarp while the base fills the freighter.
  4. After fueling is done, manually control the freighter into orbit and dock with an orbital fuel depot.
  5. After I've done that once, it costs zero additional funds to repeat 2-4, but it gets boring to keep doing the same thing over and over. So, I just use Hyperedit to top up the orbital fuel depot. The end result is the same except I save myself time.


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