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What did you do in KSP today?


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Always make sure you have enough fuel (i am currently launching fueling stations into orbits around all planets and moons and have 4 in deep space just in case of an expatiation for out of solar system exploration)

Heh, I just noticed that I forgot to include the actual picture. How embarrassing.

But yeah, I realized that I lack the skills necessary for performing an unpowered pinpoint landing, so I've been testing a new refueling system that will allow the landers to both land at the base and ascend back to orbit. The idea is that this little tanker will transport fuel on-site from this huge tower and deliver it to future landers before they take off.


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I managed to dock an orange tank 100% full without any rcs and was using a mainsail as my engine. I had rcs ports, just forgot the actual fuel.

what's that...proof you say. well here you go.

Sorry for the static. I didn't realise it was there when I recorded.

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Crew exchange with the Munbases, after I discovered there was actually a crew up there. And documented them with screenshots for Tumblr.





I also tweaked a few designs, but it was mostly practicing my orbital stuff, and moving kerbals around by jetpack.

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Today I

bought the game,

built lame rockets,

launched them,

failed to bring them into orbit,

installed a metric ton of mods,

crashed the game on startup,

removed metric ton of mods,

installed some useful mods,

created less lame rockets and even got 3 satellites to stay in orbit,

installed mechjeb,

launched a small space station of 3 modules using mechjeb (getting the modules together in orbit is IMPOSSIBLE without it i don't care what you say),

downloaded the part tools,

added a cube part,

got bored,

wrote a .mbm -> .png texture converter for no reason,

tried to figure out a way to load .mu files in unity ( GameObject KSPPartTools.PartReader.Read(UrlDir.UrlFile) sounds very suspicious),

couldn't figure out how to get a UrlDir.UrlFile,

forgot about it,

went to bed and am now posting on ipad.

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The Munproof mission of the MOdular Mission System (MOMS) was a success. I've developed all the modules and lifters necessary for the next phase of development: a full-featured mission to Duna. This will be the final phase before initial release. Once we have a fully functional system in place, we can start development of more mission modules to take on more specific tasks. Today I put the finishing touches on the Munshine VII 75-ton launcher and used it in two flights to assemble Dunproof 1 which will carry a surface base and rover to Duna in advance of Dunproof 2, which will be the manned component. Full coverage of the Dunproof mission will be provided in the Mission Reports forum soon.



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Kraken at my old save... Well not really I screwed something up somewhere so I started over.

Second launch, first manned I went to circularize my orbit and saw this... Was very tempted to send Jeb to the Mun but his craft had no ability to land.


Of course I spent too long looking at that which gave me a much higher orbit than I intended which lead to Jeb being stuck in a 332k/70132m orbit sooo he had to get out and push


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Been working on my very first shuttle with vanilla cargobay and opening doors/"hinges":



Inspired by ej_sa and jasonlii's shuttles.

It needs a bit of tweaking to one of the hinges and is nowhere near as good looking, but at least seems to work and has cargo room for one large red tank.

Those wings will be replaced as well as I am not happy with how they look and how they clip into cargobay.

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Made an Apollo Replica. Failed on the first launch due to fuel not going to the 4 outer engines

Failed on the second launch because forgot to feed outer tanks to inner tanks on the 3rd stage.

TL;DR: Apollo design failed. I'm really bad at replica Saturn V's :(

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launched a small space station of 3 modules using mechjeb (getting the modules together in orbit is IMPOSSIBLE without it i don't care what you say).

A month ago, I'd have said the same thing. It's how I built my first station. This time, I'm doing it manually - launched the core, maneuvered a pair of docked ships to separate rendezvous with the station's higher orbit, and delivered my power pylon... all manually. It's a tough learning curve and there's a lot of frustration and failure involved at first, but once you make the decision to learn how and study up on it, you can do it. In the meantime, don't let that hold you back from enjoying the game! :cool:

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Today I launched a probe to the Mun which arrived there in just 1 hour and 43 minutes of mission time! That has to be some kind of record. Unfortunately, my probe then impacted with the Mun at an orbital speed of 1600 m/s...

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Today Jeb and Bill returned from my first-ever landing on Minmus. I sent them there in the prototype lander (a minimal change to the stock 2-stage lander design that comes with the game, coupled with a launcher built using KW Rocketry and Kommit Nucleonics engines). The lander isn't designed for atmospheric entry but I had fitted it with a pair of chutes for launch abort contingencies. Good thing I did ...

Minmus' gravity is so low that my usual Munar launch routine of jumping up a few kilometers, then switching to map view to check out my trajectory and add a maneuver node, proved unworkable. By the time I switched to map view, I was already on a Kerbin escape trajectory entirely! Fortunately, I still had a Kerbin flyby en route. I added a midcourse correction to lower the periapsis and then time warped. Unfortunately, I was bitten by either a time warping bug or one related to Kerbal Alarm Clock (or maybe both - maybe it's how they interact). When I came out of warp near my predicted periapsis of 150 km, I found myself inside 120 km and dropping rapidly. I was under 100 km before I realized the full extent of the situation. By the time I double-checked the map and switched back, I was under 70 km. Ah, what the heck ... full retro thrust until depletion and by then I was under 40 km and in full-on entry mode.

Turns out my lander can in fact survive entry! Good to know. And good thing I had installed those launch abort chutes. Totally out of fuel, there was no way to make a powered landing. Chutes deployed nominally and the lander upper stage splashed down off the western coast of the continent where KSC is located. Whew!

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Haha :) Should have added a little better way to slow it down eh?

Well, the probe actually had quite a lot of delta-V initially. Unfortunately, its booster was shaking a little during ascent, and this put the probe on an escape trajectory--I had to spend 600 m/s to correct that to an impact trajectory. It didn't help that I used RemoteTech and KSC went just out of view right before I was supposed to decelerate!

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Using the Mother of all Probe launcher which uses onion staging to reach escape velocity, I reached a Eve aerobraking intercept with fuel left in the second stage, some 58 tons.


The probe just before cutting lose the remaining second, third and fourth stage. They crashed on Eve 10 km ahead of the probe.


Aerobraking before landing with parachutes.


Landed very close to Eve's liquid whatever.


This rocket, using Novapunch mods, will certainly go anywhere in the Kerbal system.

Interestingly enough, of the three launched an hour apart, the Eve 1 was able to intercept 18 days ahead of Eve 2 and Eve 3. A mid course correction burn was needed on all three probes to align the intercept plane and obtain the closer intercept. In the case of the probe pictured, I had to do a short burn to hit the aerobraking window since the correction course put me into a suicide encounter.

Launch weight 748 tons to escape velocity 73 tons.

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Today's mission was the first crew to the Inari KSS-IV station, consisting naturally of Bill, Bob, and Jebediah kerman, launched using a Tamamo-21K orbiter. They will be unpacking supplies from the docked supply vessel and getting comfortable before the first round of science experiments, and testing all on board systems in preparation for the next crew.

Here is an image of the station in better lighting, with a Tamamo-20K cargo orbiter docked at the end of the Science/EVA module.


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