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BLOC: a game of geopolitics


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I believe we the Mainsail Initiative should join The Orchestra of Nations (http://www.bloc.name/forum/index.php/topic,1508.0.html). Lead by Jenkins and the African Union, the Orchestra abides by the following principles.

0. Always Peace in our time.

1. Alliances in this thing should be friendly to each other.

2. Alliances in this thing are liable for anything they break belonging to another alliance in this thing.

3. Alliances in this thing will help each other out if an outside alliance steps all up on.

4. Alliances in this thing got each others backs.

Joining the Orchestra will bring Mainsail influence, reputation, protection, and most importantly, peace. The terms of the application require one to three representatives of the alliance. I propose Arazavbenigo, myself (1941 Yankees), and one more nation (yet to be decided) jointly submit an application.

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I might think of basing on Asia, but it's hard. Still out of names, though. I thought of China, but then that didn't match, as I want a democratic nation. Oops.

EDIT: Why no Europe, or North America?

because those regions are all developed Bloc is a third world country game that takes place in the cold war.

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Im at war with another nation called Scatman from the allaince of N.A.W

Update:The U.S.K is in grave need in troops ,and money to defend my selfs. Also I had to gas them to defend myself.

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