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  1. A turbine in the engine exhaust seems absolutely wacky! How is it gonna be cooled when it's constantly blasted by rocket exhaust for minutes at a time?
  2. I would unironically use this for that real Apollo-era feel
  3. Because the tree was designed around it. This is a hard requirement; otherwise most of the nodes would be either empty or only have 1 or 2 stock parts in them.
  4. Oof, that's reentry plasma directly to the engines. This will affect the Raptor performance, I think. /joke
  5. You can always copy the filled tank.
  6. New manned Mars landing architecture just dropped, I wonder if it's possible to recreate with mods?
  7. There's always taking a Titan, tacking on a Centaur, and slapping on larger SRBs The mission profile I run is this: Launch the lander to the moon of your choice, with an Agena transfer stage. Park it in orbit around the moon. Launch the lunar transfer module, which is a Centaur D with a GATV passive docking port on top of the avionics unit. Launch a Gemini capsule. rendezvous, and dock with the Centaur. Transfer to the moon. Once in lunar orbit, rendezvous with the lander. Undock Gemini from the Centaur, dock to the lander, transfer crew. Then dock the Gemini back to the Centaur. (optional) Detach the Agena and begin deorbit. Land on the moon. Return to orbit. Gemini-Centaur rendezvous with the lander can, dock to it, transfer, dock back to the Centaur. Dispose of the lander, leave lunar orbit back to Kerbin. Reenter, and enjoy. The first time I did it I had a Titan LDC launch an Agena-Centaur to orbit, but I found that was massively overkill and you could use just the Centaur instead.
  8. The fun part is actually needing to do Lunar Gemini if you wanna land on the Mun Thankfully Lunar Gemini has enough dV to do either Mun and Minmus Follow history and spam science probes into every corner of the system as launch windows come up. Considering you've got Mariner at this point, you should be somewhere around Gemini and its lander (tier 7). Use that, slap a bunch of science parts, bring some deployable surface experiments if you've got the DLC, and go to town.
  9. I'm getting direct-to-desktop KSP crashes when using a maneuver node to transfer to Jool. I note that KSP.log has a lot of MechJeb spam at the bottom, so I thought to repost here. KSP.log and mod list in this thread:
  10. KSP is crashing directly to desktop when focus-viewing Jool, while a maneuver node is active, with a transfer into Jool. The game doesn't open the usual Unity crash handler window, it just closes instantly. KSP.log, and mod list: https://gist.github.com/bigyihsuan/3c5917efa57645db83a54e51ab36aec1 Direct link to the KSP.log: https://gist.github.com/bigyihsuan/3c5917efa57645db83a54e51ab36aec1/raw/12c754a2a9641dc1a1d245210939b43de707948b/gistfile1.txt I note that the bottom of the log has many lines similar to the ones below, right before KSP crashes. [LOG 23:20:19.740] CheckEncounter: failed to find any intercepts at all [LOG 23:20:19.741] CheckEncounter: failed to find any intercepts at all [LOG 23:20:19.757] [PR] MechJeb wrapper.Active 1 [LOG 23:20:19.757] [PR] MechJeb wrapper.Active 2 [LOG 23:20:19.757] [PR] MechJeb wrapper.Active 3 [LOG 23:20:19.757] [PR] MechJeb wrapper.Active 4 [LOG 23:20:19.757] [PR] MechJeb wrapper.Active 5 [LOG 23:20:19.757] [PR] MechJeb wrapper.Active 1 [LOG 23:20:19.757] [PR] MechJeb wrapper.Active 2 [LOG 23:20:19.757] [PR] MechJeb wrapper.Active 3 [LOG 23:20:19.757] [PR] MechJeb wrapper.Active 4 I've found multiple threads (Reddit thread, another Reddit thread) and all say to set LEGACY_ORBIT_TARGETING to True in the settings.cfg? What does this option do?
  11. I was trying to increase the fuel capacity of the Voyager Mars probe, and apparently the service module doesn't allow fuel crossfeed: (Red line is where the fuel flow graph stops. I've added the fuel line to connect them.)
  12. Any parts that don't have an RO/RP1 config is by-default hidden by RO/RP1. It's likely the mods you mentioned don't have RO configs yet (I'm not sure who makes the RO configs for other mods, you'll have to ask around about that).
  13. Another Skyhawk run, another Gemini Munar mission to get up to Apollo (I forgot to plant a flag so I need to do another launch to complete the Mun Program strategy contract Thankfully I've fixed some problems I had with the mission before launching the next mission)
  14. Another fix is going into the MandatoryRCSPartPack/Parts/RCS_RV105Variants/DepreciatedRV105Fix.cfg file, and editing the path to the RCS texture. Change "@texture = rcs, Squad/Parts/Utility/rcsBlockRV-105/rcs" to "@texture = rcs, Squad/Parts/Utility/rcsBlockRV-105_v2/rcs". Note the added "_v2".
  15. I want to be able to build really really tiny probes in my JNSQ game. When I say small, I'm talking cubesat/SpaceX rideshare small: Are there any mods that would let me do this? (I know RP-1 has their probe core system that lets you stuff a bunch of things into a single probe core, but I don't know what mod that is)
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