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What's the Largest Rocket you've ever built? Interplanetary and Launchers Mostly

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No pic as I never made a screenshot but I think it must have been a Saturn V style beast using KW's 5m parts. It weighted in at, iirc, about 180 tons and cost half a million credits. Needless to say that never made it out of sandbox and into career mode.

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I made this ridiculous thing to get a mining vehicle to Moho, as part of my Moho manned mission so I could refuel the lander once it gets there so it could return home.

This was all on Career mode! I hadn't unlocked the big Kerbodyne fuel tanks at the time.

The screenshots have borders around 'em as I was using a screenshot program 'cuz F12 to take a Steam screenshot also toggles the aerodynamic overlay, and I didn't know about F1 at the time.












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I haven't really ever made anything gratuitously large, but I my Tylo Explorer ship back in 0.18 was pretty good sized:


I didn't launch the whole thing at once, but I recall the launcher that did the outgoing fuel tanks (the four '32s in and around the middle section) being rather good sized.

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My largest interplanetary vessel is a huge Jool mothership which carried to the Jool system: An unmanned amphibious jet to Laythe, a rover and unmanned lander to Vall and Tylo, and two small probes on Bop and Pol. It weighs around 1000 tonnes fully fueled, and is powered by 36 LV-Ns. (Those fuel tanks on the sides are KW rocketry 5m tanks, each holds more than 20000 units of fuel!



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I'll need to see pics of that on the launch pad... and in flight. :)
She's beautiful! I can't wait to see the 'legit' video of it launching to orbit! Seriously, it's great to see a real rocket that can actually fly well(?).

It really does fly very solidly. My only issue is if I don't fly straight, which in the new aero, will throw the boosters back into the craft and blow everything to hell.


VIDEO!?!?! You must be crazy. that thing's launcher comes in at 1500 parts. Alternatively, I would love to know how certain recordings are made to accomodate horrendous lag. Here's a slideshow though:


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CKAN has a couple of part packs in the 10m and 7m wide range. Takes the VAB to its limits with out modding.

Largest I've built from it was a double length ten meter core, six ten meter boosters, with 7 meter boosters doubled up on the 10m boosters. It was ridiculous, and didn't serve a purpose. Main core engine covered the launchpad. Everything else hung over the edges. It blows up a lot. Main tank cant hardly take the weight of six ten meter boosters with twelve seven meter boosters hanging on those.

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My biggest launch so far in 1.04 is pretty tiny compared to the rest of the pics here. Just 250t on the pad.


The fuel tank itself is the payload. It's the storage tank for my orbital platform where I assemble/ fuel/ staff ships for interplanetary expeditions.

The lower section with all the goodies is detachable and recoverable.


Here's the tank in place on the station:


I prefer to do small launches and assemble the pieces in orbit. Here you can see the research vessel KSS Arcturus Docked at port 1.



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It's a Saturn V I made a few days ago with Procedural Parts, just for the heck of it.

(click pics for full size)


Here's a screenshot of it on the pad. It has mostly accurate dimensions (other than the CSM being too small because I'm not using RO) and the first stage has almost the same amount of thrust as the real thing.


Another screenshot of it, this time during ascent. The plume you see here is a custom one I've been working on for a few weeks now, but it's still not as good as I want it to be (ex: here it's a bit too bright).


Stage sep with an unrealistically firey second stage. The interstage is also supposed to decouple separately but apparently wanting to do anything like that is a recipe for endless frustration (ex: here it simply destroyed three of my engines. I still made it to orbit nonetheless.)


And here's the CSM in orbit around the Mun. Nope, I haven't made an LM yet, so I didn't land. Just kidding, I did:



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