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  1. @Lucky Spacer Make sure that your payload is as light as possible, and consider using three or four stages if your first stage is still ethalox. Think Juno with three solid upper stages.
  2. I agree with this plan. Launch Complex branch is too much of a moving target atm.
  3. If it's your first game in a long time but you've played RP-1 before, I'd try normal difficulty. The contract progression and physics are all the same, it's just that easier difficulty settings provide more funds for each contract, as well as more time to complete each one.
  4. With RSS and RO, your best bet is the ROCapsules mod. Everything is properly configured, and many of the capsule and service module parts are sourced (with permission) from BDB.
  5. The recent changes look awesome. Here's hoping that work calms down enough that I have the bandwidth for KSP sometime soon.
  6. Not yet. Keep in mind that RP-1 is more than a mod - it's a complex and fragile creation, dependent on a suite of other mods, all of which need to interact in very specific ways. Some of those dependencies only work on KSP 1.10.1 or earlier at this time. The great thing with KSP is that you can have multiple installs, using different versions with different mixes of mods. See here for instructions on how to get started: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/RO-&-RP-1-Installation-for-1.10.1
  7. RP-1 isn't really designed for science-only. That said, I've heard people say that starting a career game then cheating yourself several million funds as needed during play does a pretty good approximation of a science game.
  8. Most flying low science has been removed. Make sure your sounding rocket gets above 40 km altitude to start gathering science.
  9. I've got 6 GB on the video card and 32 GB on the mobo, so hopefully I'll be good. Of course, the system is a bit long in the tooth (i5-6600K), so hopefully parts will become available later this year so that I can build a new system for realz.
  10. Very good question, and I don't know the answer for certain. However, the pack generally works correctly if the starting homeworld is third rock from the sun, as in either the stock Kerbol system or RSS. GPP had issues (Gael was fourth rock from the sun), and JNSQ worked fine. Since Kerbol is still the center of the universe in Galaxies Unbound, it should think that all the other systems are merely outlying planets, and consider each planet in a different system as a moon for contract purposes. I hope to find out for certain myself soon.
  11. As someone who rarely visits asteroids and has never visited a comet, the ability to disable asteroid generation (and the attendant computational overhead and inflated file save size) while still being able to use a fully upgraded Tracking Station would be seen as a feature.
  12. This looks pretty awesome. Is this in KSP 1.9.1, or did you get things working in 1.10.1?
  13. I have fond memories of playing Star Frontiers back in the day...
  14. Honestly, I tend not to use the SSTU solar panels. For me, it's all about the tanks, engines, and SRBs.
  15. @Morphisor That looks very interesting. Do all the Kerbal Konstructs objects work correctly? Such as the other launch sites and whatnot...
  16. FWIW, I got a 1.10.1 install of Beyond Home running earlier today using the Bleeding Edge version of Kopernicus. It's my first time in the universe, so I don't know for certain if everything is working correctly, but initial indications are positive.
  17. It's fun that the guide is still useful for folks. The advice on LFO engines could perhaps be better stated as "if you're going to use LFO engines, use one with a gimbal if you can". Back when I wrote this almost five years ago, there was some debate regarding LVT-30s vs. LVT-45s and clusters of Sparks vs. one larger engine, and this was meant to address that. If you look at some of the examples later in the thread (if the links even still work), you can see designs where there's a single LFO engine core for control, with four or more SRBs for cheap lifting power. Edit: There have been a lot of balance passes since I wrote the guide, so some of the specific part choices might not be the most accurate. But the major gist of things remains: use SRBs heavily; minimize the use of parts which don't contribute to delta V; burn your engines a long time to maximize return on investment; and keep the initial TWR of your upper stages and moon landers lower than you might think.
  18. @JadeOfMaar That's sort of what I did a poor job of asking. I don't care about the stock anomalies, but I want to see everything this planet pack has to offer. The only question in my mind is whether applying a 2.5x rescale will have negative effects on any of the custom objects, situations, terrain, and other goodness in this mod. If everything correctly survives the transition to a larger scale, then that's what I'd like to do so I have an excuse to design bigger rockets. If there's any significant negative impact on all the special goodies in Beyond Home caused by going 2.5x, then I'll happily forgo the larger scale so I can experience everything correctly.
  19. Awesome looking planet pack, and I'm starting to think this may be the location of my next career when I'm done with my current RP-1 save. It's great that 2.5x with Rescale is supported. In the past, Rescale has introduced some glitches with stock or other planet packs which can compromise certain terrain or Easter eggs. Does anyone know if those surface features are affected with Beyond Home at 2.5x? I'd like to do things a bit bigger than stock, but it's more important that I have an opportunity to visit and appreciate all the details which have been put into this mod.
  20. Nertea, just a quick note to say how much I've enjoyed your mods over the years. Learning that FFT is once again being worked on has made my week. Thanks!
  21. What's the significance of the different borders around missions?
  22. Re: the skybox, I just crank up the percentage a bit in DOE so I can appreciate it more.
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