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What do you think of the new Communotron 88-88 design?

What are your thoughts on the new 88-88?  

  1. 1. What are your thoughts on the new 88-88?

    • It's better than the original.
    • It's alright, or I don't really care.
    • They should bring back the old model.

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Not unlocked for me either yet.

Question on the transmitters...is there any difference other than asthetic between them? Do they only work at different distances from kerbin? Do they use different amounts of power or differences in the amount of science recovered between them?

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Is the antenna off center intentionally in the picture? Or does it deploy that way? I am hopping the former and not the later. Otherwise it is going to make it difficult for some of my probes (see comment early about Galileo style high gain antenna).

It would be cool to have both a larger version and a smaller version.

On balance though I am glad they changed it up the way they did as the older version was more often too small than right sized for my ships (only really worked on probes).

So, are there any functional differences in the different antennas? Power/science differences? Or is it all cosmetic right now?

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The new one looks nice. But it seems to open up from an amazingly small package.

I have noticed that when you have a ship from a previous save game, the old dish is replaced by the new one (of course), but on the old ships the new antenna does not have the ability to retract. othing to complain about there (the old one couldn't retract at all), but it seemed odd that the retraction function did not get added when the part updated.

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