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  1. That is easy. They fart pure methane, so it is cheap and abundant
  2. They are so nice I had to buy both
  3. Scott Manley before he became Scott Manley of youtube fame on obscure bittervet gaming forum.
  4. The way I see it rearranging and improving tech tree wouldn't be that much into adding, but fixing.
  5. I love that the game is still being updated, but things that are mostly touched are parts and visuals. From my point of view and what and what makes me drop the game every time is the campaign progress (tech tree especially) and that has not been touched in years (if I am not mistaken, doesn't feel like it was). I know it is just my opinion and I know it is just my preference, but I would really love to know if there is anything planned or in progress that would touch this part of the game? And yes, I know there are mods for that ()
  6. Bugs? (sorry, as a fellow developer, I couldn't help myself )
  7. But this time they are starting with console support from the get go, no?
  8. Out of interest, do you live in a big city? Because the sky is not black in the night, away from the city lights.
  9. Jeb is clinically insane adrenaline addict.
  10. The part count limitation is not the obvious one, but it can really break immersion. Like when you have to trade nosecone on the side booster for solar panel or something and you end up with broken/stupid looking rocket to have it actually perform. Engine and a nosecone having same vale in part count? Really? Batteries, nosecones, antennas, fins, struts and alike and science equipment should just be excluded from part count.
  11. In current KSP I find the campaign gameplay the weakest part of the game. Building crafts and flight model have matured, parts are more beautiful than ever, game is great in sandbox. But the science, experiments, tech tree progress and buildings upgrade and limitations leave me deeply dissapointed and frustrated. They have no rhyme or reason and feel deeply unfinished. If I'm not mistaken, career is the part of the game that has seen the least changes over the time. I know the contracts have seen a lot of changes and have became good over time, but the core not so much. I keep coming back after each patch to check out new stuff, I start a new career and I keep dropping it with a loud "meh", each time faster then the last. So my question is, do I have something to looks forward to, even if it is far in the future? Is Squad working or career revamp or has plans to do so?
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have found that single person that didn't use Precise Node or some variant of it
  13. It wasn't the hate on MechJeb per se, it was a hate on people who would respond to new player questions with "Use MechJeb!".
  14. 1. This is Unity thing, not Squad. 2. GDPR is about personal data privacy, this is use metrics without any personal data.
  15. NASA wouldn't let *you* design the rocket to start with, so your point is a bit moot.
  16. I had something similar in the same step. In my case the rocket actually bounced on landing pad once the scene ended loading, instant mission failure without a way to recover. For bonus points, I exited to main screen loaded back and was greeted by bugged scene, floating in space with dials at 999 without Kerbin or anything else. Amazing.
  17. So you want devs to abandon game so that you can run even the ancient mods? What the hell? At which version should have they stopped to please you? 0.12? 0.15? 1.0? First of all, the list of "very importation mods" is yours and yours alone. Not a single mod you've mentioned is important to me. The features you've listed worth the update are completely irrelevant to me. I am comparing to my preference only to show you on the example how subjective "important" is. Additionally, with new versions devs have added new ways in which mods can actually interface with the game, allowing new wonderful mods to be added. The best part is you can have exactly what you want. Stop updating KSP to last version.
  18. Corw

    KSP Making History

    If you bought if from Squad go to their store, log in and you'll see transaction with a date. If you don't have account there, it is quite clear you are out of luck
  19. Check in Kerbal store. Even if you transferred to Steam the record of purchase is still there and has date on it. Like this:
  20. Compatible for all mods or just mods that you use? Who is going to provide list of mods that need to keep working? What about abandoned mods? How are they going to figure out which part of the system the mods (ab)use to get things done? Who is going to test if all mods are working correctly with new version and who is going to pay that army? If I'm not mistaken, there is some kind of early access for modders + there are early versions so that modders can get their things ready in advance. I don't think this is Squads problem to solve.
  21. Blured gray text boxes and a separator? That is the best you can show? Seriously?
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