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[1.4.3]ALCOR,"Advanced Landing Capsule for Orbital Rendezvous" by ASET (08/02/2017)

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I really like this lander, even if you insist on it not looking "pretty enough".

Here's a suggestion though- can you maybe make the KAS container screen open via a UI button in VAB? It gets really irritating havingto close it every time you want to edit the tweakables...

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Here's a suggestion though- can you maybe make the KAS container screen open via a UI button in VAB? It gets really irritating havingto close it every time you want to edit the tweakables...

Can't be done, and that's a general KAS problem -- you want to take this up with Majir.

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Please hold out a little more, as soon as the orbital map module is ready (which hopefully should happen soon) I'll post a major update.

Meanwhile, some pictures:):


So, ALCOR interior will get a little overhaul, kerbals will not sit in row like before, but onli pilot in front, and rest behind his back? I like it.

By the way, what are these pointers on image from external camera?

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When this gets finished, I'll do a mod spotlight for ya on Youtube if you like. I have the current version already and it'll be used in a few videos (one coming up soon) which will show some of the features, but it's not the primary focus of the video, so when this new update gets released I'll do a proper mod spotlight for ya. Looking fantastic as always

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Revision 2 of my ALCOR LEM. Lots more stable and the LRV has a better stowage arrangement.

That reminds me, I did think of how to make a rover you can actually assemble with KAS (so that the wheels attach where they need to be and not where they manage to get attached) that you will be able to keep in a descent stage container and assemble in place. It needs specially made wheels though...

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The Rover is Bobcat's LRV from the American Pack. Pretty nifty stuff, and the LEV is even more nifty. It comes with propmonitors in its cockpit; splice in some SCANsat maps and you've got a freakin awesome exploration vehicle.

I am curious though, what are those landing gear from? And the comms dish on the side of the fuel tanks and the top of the can itself?

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UPDATE - v0.7

is now available for testing!

A huge update!:)

The most important change is that from now on there is only one pilot seat. The pilot sits in the middle of the cockpit, to improve the view of the flight instruments. The positioning of the instruments has been completely redone. The other two kerbals are now just passengers.

The windows on the internal and the external model now match exactly.

Lots of new indicators and new display data were added:

  • Satellite map.
  • Orbital map
  • Targeting, reference part selection (the one that you select when you “control from hereâ€Â) and undocking menu.
  • Certain autopilot (MechJeb) functions are supported if MechJeb is installed.
  • MFD monitors are improved and now have even more buttons.
  • Reference information about planetary bodies -- the same kind you would get in the map screen when you press the ‘info’ button -- is available on one of the pages.
  • Visual and sound alarms indicating various dangers (danger of tipping over due to lateral velocity being too high, ground slope too high, collision with ground too fast) as well as expected touchdown speed.
  • ALCOR now has builtin external cameras providing full 360-degree visibility -- two new cameras on the sides were added.
  • Most cameras can now pan and zoom.
  • You can mark up action button switches with text by entering it into the vessel description in the VAB: On a separate line type ‘AG<number>=<text>’ where ‘number’ is the number of action group from 0 (i.e. 10) to 9. The text is limited to 14 characters. (More won’t fit on the label.)
  • Current stage only resources are displayed. Warning, KSP likes to lie about those.
  • Full information about the temperature and internal atmosphere of the pod is now displayed.
  • Like the 0.23 stock capsules, the pod now has 20 units of internal monopropellant storage, which increases start mass to 1680kg.
  • Doubleclicking on the airlock will make the currently controlled kerbal EVA right from IVA.
  • The pod has a mission flag prominently displayed both inside and outside.

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Love the update! One minor quibble, though; when you switch from IVA to EVA view, or IVA views between docked ships, all the ALCOR vessel screens get reset to default.

Wait, really? That shouldn't be happening and I can't confirm it does, please double check.

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I can verify it did it again. I made sure to delete the old folders before I installed this version, just to cover that up front.

My test was to go to the vehicle, set up the monitors, switch to the external view, then back to IVA. Each time, the monitors were reset to their defaults. Switching IVA views within the vehicle itself (undocked) did not result in a reset. Only leaving and re-entering that vehicle's IVA seems to trigger the problem.

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