[1.1.2]Kerbal Stock Launcher Overhaul (6/6/16 More parts and improvements)

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Download at:

Spacedock ·  Curseforge



Parts some of which are in development which have changed in some aspects which will come soon.

Here's a launcher of mine in my career mode, demonstrating the soon to be FX:






What does this project do?

Remaking vanilla launchers for a modern twist.

Parts based on their real life counterparts with KSP theme (stockalike)



Version 1.0

Initial Release

Version 2.0

Added mid stage tank - a little bit bigger than the X200-32
Added mid stage engine with 1000 thrust (with alternative fairing texture)
Added fairing base (and procedural fairing base) (Texture switchable)
Added fairing (and procedural fairing) (Texture switchable)
New textures for the upper stage tank and Kerbal X tank
Removed smoke on engines
Changed engine FX and added new ones

Version 3.0

Remodeled most of the parts, removed old parts that are not remodeled yet
Current version contains:
-Fairing Base (Procedural)
-Slant Cone/Sepacone (untouched but still used)

Rocket Engines:
-LVT-A (Poodle Equivalent, Based on ESC-A, Resizable)
-KE-4 (Skipper Equivalent, Based on BE-4)
-KE-68 (Mainsail Equivalent, Based on RS-68)
-LV-T1C (LV-T30 Equivalent, Based on Merlin 1C)
-LV-T1D (LV-T45 Equivalent, Based on Merlin 1D)
-KE-180 (Based on RD-180, Update 3.0.5)

Texture switchable and Resizable:
-Long Kerbal X Tank
-Mid tank
-Upper stage tank
-Decoupler (Recolored, same model)
-Mk1-2 Decoupler (Recolored, same model)


Known Issues/Problems

Tweakscale is not that good at the moment in resizing automatically for my parts

Sepacones sometimes have a very strong kick, I recommend reducing its thrust.

The released version's Kerbal X has KW Rocketry struts, use this patch to solve that problem


Aerojet Kerbodyne to match with the new launchers.

Active Texture Management if running out of memory



*Smokescreen in contained in package is made by Sarbian (and the rest of the developers that helped him, credit goes to them). Firespitter is made by Snjo as well as modulemanager and modulefixer.dll files, those aren't mine. I only take credit on my parts.

If you want to help the development of this project greatly, you can donate some feedback or criticism.



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Release 4

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Hmmm, the exhaust in picture number 6 of the album does look a bit weird. I think you should change the cfg so that the fire behaves like it does in stock, that'd be more realistic. Otherwise, it looks great. I kinda like that "modernized stockalike" look that you have going.

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Does this even look any good? Don't mind the lighting problems yet on the mesh. I made this as an attempt to make the wide fairing on Kerbal X. Their should be Wide and Tall fairing.


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Indeed. Can't wait to take it for a spin!

Ditto! I always thought the Falcon was cool! Especially with its landing stages.

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Design? I have no idea, really, does it look bad?

Looks fine to me, very kerbal. :) Might look good with boosters coming right up to the taper as well.

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