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[1.7.3] Exploration Rover System by A.S.E.T. v0.3 (04.08.19)


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A.S.E.T. company is pleased to present its new development,


Exploration Rover System (ERS)

ERS is a set of different parts to build a rover which includes:

  • Command module with airlock which can store up to 4 kerbanauts
  • Crew module , can store 4 kerbanauts
  • Crew and Cargo module  (NEW)
  • Airlock and Cargo module (NEW)
  • Cargo module (NEW)
  • Universal Storage Mount
    preview: https://youtu.be/_TAkwehhk2M
  • Service module with battery or Fuel Cell and fuel
  • Wheels with tweakable mount (depending on which side it will be placed). They can be easily folded for transportation.
  • Powerful folding LED spotlight
  • Extendable Docking Port
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You can add/remove nodes with RCM (right-click-menu) in VAB.

ERS v0.3 preview


Universal Storage Mount Adapter preview



ERS 0.2.3 preview
Please watch this video before building a rover. It shows how to install the wheels properly.


New "Drive" screen for MFD





When wheels are folded, rover fits perfectly into 3.75 fairing.


What's next:

  • Finish texture work
  • Additional modules:
    - Science module
    - Tanks for different resources
    - KAS container
    - ...something else (your ideas?)
  • IVA
  • Customisation:
    - Various logos in addition to the main flag
    - Navigation lights
    - Different numbers on command module
    - Various mounts
    - Career and science integration
  • Integration with Life Support mods and several others
  • Convert all textures to DDS format

Known issues:

  • JSI RasterPropMonitor error in editor after adding a command module - nothing to worry about, just ignore it.
  • All digital indicators stops working after switching from IVA and back with VesselView opened on one of the screens.
  • After switching from rover and back wheels may look like they’re folded. Looks like a Firespitter bug.
  • Copying parts with 'ALT' button can break their customization (additional nodes and so on). I recommend to take a new part from the palette and customize it again like i did in "ERS preview" video.
    It's game restriction
  • I have not yet understood the principle of work of stock thermo-mechanics and aerodynamics, so - the rover behavior in the atmosphere can be unpredictable
  • Incorrect work of JSITransparentPod version 0.19.2 with rover's internal

Download E.R.S. v0.3.0



Put 'ERS' and 'Konquest' folders into 'GameData/ASET'


JSI PartUtilities

For Advanced IVA:

- ASET_Props Pack need to be installed into Gamedata/ASET/

- RasterPropMonitor plugin 0.30.6 or higher is required! (Without it, the pod won't function at all)..

Recommended mods:

- To display maps, SCANsat plugin is required.

- For more nice instruments and resource storage Universal Storage

- To see ship layout on the screens, VesselView (RPM version) is required.

- for IVA docking glory Docking Port Alignment Indicator is required.

-Module Manager

: 1t1pwcwl.png

As always, you`ll need to delete front wheels from the "brakes" group to prevent rollover while braking down.


09/05/2015 - v 0.2.3

[B] 0.2.3 update[/B]


- Nodes fixed 
- MaxTemp  attributes has been changed for all items
- Locations of the components of the rover in the tech tree has been changed 
- Textures reworked
- CrewModule now has a cargo compartment at the bottom for placing small items, such as extra batteries, a small fuel tanks or fuel cells 
- Mod's structure restructured 
- Rover's ÑÂabin  is now opaque by default
- MM-patches has been added to enable transparent or mirror glass on cockpit  ( on your choice), as well as for replace the stock interior to advanced one (Requires  RPM 0.19.2 or higher and ASET_Props version 1.1 or higher!). Please read the file "readme" in the folder "Options" !!!

[B]New in ERS IVA:[/B]

- Added simple internal, based on the stock (enabled by default)
  "Advanced" RPM-based IVA mode is now optional
- Interior has been slightly modified
- Removed rigid dependence from RPM (FS and JSIPartUtils still needed!)

[B] MFD:[/B]

- Added a special regime for the MFD  for driving ("Drive mode")

This mod was developed as an independent addon for KONQUEST.

Thanks Riverey for testing and preparation of this post.


"ERS" by Alexustas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


If you want you can support my projects


Legal - Donating does not entitle you to any goods or services from me or this mod and all funds go directly to me through paypal to be used at my discretion.

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You have done it once again! I have said it before and I will say it again. Hail Alexustas!! Beautiful work man. Well done. Just an idea for the future, what if you could also make it amphibious. I mentioned this on your youtube channel but I will mention it here as well. On planets like laythe and eve and amphibious craft could be very useful. Just a thought and I don't mean to diminish this beautiful rover in anyway. It was just an idea I thought was cool.

PS I hope this means a Konquest release is imminent?

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0.0 *moves mouse over download button* *breaks mouse due to repeated downloads done via punching*

whoa i thought you were going to release this when you were down setting up Konquest...

i am glad i'm wrong :)

@sp1989 just add inflatables and a weak weak engine/rcs ports and it should work like that

Edit: i know because i tested when making a custom escape pod with inflatables form dtobi and then rode it back to shore on rcs

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0.0 *moves mouse over download button* *breaks mouse due to repeated downloads done via punching*

whoa i thought you were going to release this when you were down setting up Konquest...

i am glad i'm wrong :)

@sp1989 just add inflatables and a weak weak engine/rcs ports and it should work like that

Good idea!!!

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Field report from last night (had to get some sleep first)...

RPM doesn't work with it right now. The MFDs are totally dark and won't accept input. There's a message about "checking the cfg" plastered across the top of the screen, but the Debug window is clear of any issues.I'll get a screenshot ASAP this morning.



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hmm hey alexustas, i have been meaning to ask, where is that heat shield in the OP from?

The big one on the front for the arrival at Duna? That's standard issue with DRE. It's the 3.75m shield.

Check your folders structure


And you must install ASET_Props v1.0.2

AHA! The ASET_Props was in the wrong spot! And I downloaded the package you linked on the first post.

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