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  2. StrandedonEarth

    Firefly Aerospace Discussion Thread

    Now I start to wonder about using a turbopump shaft output to power a dragster....
  3. StrandedonEarth

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Shouldn't be hard to guess why these are stuck in my head... Too bad they never plugged KSP on that show...
  4. MarkvirsII

    Simple Construction

    do I delete to rest of EL
  5. My picture-free guess is you decoupled the stage while it still had fuel and was throttled up. It'll keep burning in that case and you have no way to throttle down as it's not part of your ship, but it still pushes you from behind.
  6. Thanks! For some reasion I never could find the dev version before.
  7. Xd the great

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    the fairing is a piece of flying cash...
  8. pincushionman

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground Robotics

    Well, we are talking about a people whose tourists are willing to plunk down thousands of Funds for a trip where the most important requirement is that you make them black out in the process.
  9. I am having a weird issue as well with 1.3.1 RP1. I am attempting to go manned orbital but command pods lack tech for food water and O2. Same with service modules. I have SM2 unlocked but I skipped SM1. Is there another node needed for life support?
  10. Paadwyn

    [WIP] Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - Next

    Ok, some updates on what I've done so far. I was moving forward with my plan using Global Construction, everything seemed to be just fine there, until I actually launched the new vessel. This is a fairly big and complex ship (same as posted before). It launched and immediately some of the parts broke free, tossing themselves to the coldness of space. I uninstalled JKRn and tried again, it didn't cause the parts to immediately break free, but within 10 seconds, the ship started wiggling and eventually blew itself apart. I enabled Autostruts and linked the Toroidal SAS to the heaviest part and that seemed to stabilize it, for the most part. I went back and reinstalled KJRn, this time temporarily turned on Unbreakable joints for the deployment. It deployed fine. KJRn managed to keep that ship from wiggling itself apart.
  11. Murican_Jeb

    [1.6.1,1.7] RetroFuture Modernized

    fIrSt To CoMmEnT Thanks for bringing this one back! I really loved the smoke that came out of the propeller engines
  12. Kerbart

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Hinges

    It will be a turning point in Kerbal History. A pivotal moment, some will say, allowing revolutionary designs. Although that probably hinges on the flexibility of the designers who want to give it a spin.
  13. winterchillz

    What did you do in KSP today?

    So I started a new science career and decided to give myself a challenge and have only the KSC as a ground station (I like to live dangerously /s). Clearly, the first step in my grand design plan was to setup a nice relay network around Kerbin. Step 1: Bring up 4 satellites at 500k orbit. That felt too closed up and the connection was flaky, so Step 2: Bring them up to to 1,000k orbit. Brilliant, now it felt a bit better. But! I still had plenty of fuel and now I'm at the stage where it's easy to get higher orbit. That's right, Step 3: 5,000k orbit! All was fine and dandy until I lost a probe in Minmus orbit due to no coverage.... Step 4: 10,000K ORBIT!!1! Yes! Now it's time to setup a single relay around Mun and Minmus, just to make my Tracking Station screen look like a rainbow. On the way to Minmus, I noticed one of my Kerbin satellites get a funky orbit for a moment while warping..... Dis bad. Double check my Tracking Station and indeed one of them intercepted the Mun so it's now at 20,000K+ orbit. That's ok, easy to correct. While correcting, one of the other ones got a funny orbit for a split second...... You guessed it, 15,000K+ outta nowhere. It's fine, I shall correct that one too. Couple of maneuver nodes and we're back on track... except, I see less green lines for some reason... My first relay is completely MIA.. A couple of quick speculations and accepting the fact it was on Equatorial orbit, I admit that it may or may not have been quickly re-classified into a Mun probe.
  14. Yesterday
  15. razark

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Hinges

    @Chryssalid 8492: Type the "@", then start typing the name. It will show a list of matching names. You must click on the name from that list, because typing it won't work: @Chryssalid 8492
  16. My first thought was no radio control, thus unable to control the vessel. But then... Jeb is on board. But perhaps in the hitchhiker, and not in a command module? But as @Geonovast mentioned, without pictures or additional information it’s hard to diagnose, and it usually turns into a game of “1,000 guesses and a tiny sliver of information with each ‘that’s not it’ response”
  17. Chryssalid 8492

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Hinges

    @Nightside From what we've seen both. Also how the slag do you tag someone? Thank you @razark
  18. Murican_Jeb

    [1.3.x - 1.6.x] Skyer's Weapon Pack V0.6 "Bltiz"

    Hello all. I've recently been on hiatus due to school and other things in life. I know this pack hasn't been updated in a long time, and I've been recently burnt out of KSP. However, I'll try to get the update done today as I just have to fix a few guns. Again, we at the Skyer team deeply apologize for our absence and lack of activity.
  19. Syrius

    Konstellation HLV

    Well one could hope.. I wonder if it is something else Linux will take over. It was an interesting mod. Silentvelcro seems to have gone as well. He also had some great mods.
  20. theJesuit

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Hinges

    Thanks! Peace.
  21. DatSparrow

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Hinges

    This was shown in one of the KSP Loadings, you can have a free pivot hinge, have a look at the catapult ksp loading
  22. Nightside

    KSP Loading... Breaking Ground: Hinges

    @St4rdust, can the hinges rotate freely (hang loose), or do they only move when under power?
  23. Noah the Smol

    [1.7] Real Expansion, RealNEOs is out!

    can Gurren and I have credit for part of the team @"Our Benefactors"
  24. What core feature do you feel Making History is missing?
  25. Gargamel

    History of the Victory Areospace Program

    Moved to KSP Fan works
  26. linuxgurugamer

    [1.6.1,1.7] RetroFuture Modernized

    User @amankd picked up this mod a while ago, and did some updates, but seems to have left the scene, original thread here: It's here! Finally retrofuture space plane parts is available for 1.6.1 and 1.7! This is still a work in progress. I've gotten it updated to the best of my ability, but will rely on reports from the users (ie: you) for anything which might need to be fixed or updated, either a bug or for balancing The areas that need focus are: Node Attachment (I think I got them all, but can't be sure) Buoyancy Heat Aero Availability License: CC-NC-SA-4.0 Source: Download: Space Plane Parts Modernized CKAN: (soon)
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