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  1. any plans on listing this on CKAN? It will help keeping up with updates
  2. Ey, When i decline a contract it shows up a red icon in the top right corner. Very intimidating. But when i kill a kerbal, i mean, when there is an accident and a kerbal dies, there is a penalty i think. But how much is it? What if you get a red icon, and a short report explaining how much money you lost, when a craft crashes, and if a kerbal is inside, it shows how much reputation you lost as well. Just a suggestion. http://imgur.com/g4hP1Yl
  3. Ah, i see you replied to my post. After thinking about it, for simplicitys sake i think its better to keep it unlocked with science. It also makes sense because as you mention near the end game it would be nice to have something to do with excess science Have a nice day.
  4. hello, do anyone make a mod where you start on duna instead of kerbin? i think it makes more sense for the little green men to start on duna. thanks
  5. This mod is nice. But i already have problems with getting enough science. I was wondering if you could do an xp setting instead. so when a part has been in orbit around for example kerbin it gets some xp. and if its recovered, if it has gotten enough xp, you can increase a stat. for example an orbit or landing on mun would give more xp than orbiting kerbin. and landing on eve or orbiting jool would get even more xp and so on. but you have to recover the part, or have an engineer make a service report and transmit that back for lesser amount of xp, to improve the part. nice day.
  6. this seems pretty cool im gonna give it a try
  7. This is pretty cool. It would be awesome if stock KSP started out on Duna. It just makes more sense. You should even be able to chose a race when you start a new game!!!!!! Have you guys seen the Human textures mod? So if you choose kerbals, your space center will be on Duna, but if you chose the human looking fellas your space center will be on Kerbin. How is that for some variance. Huh?
  8. Hello, This is just a quick thought i wanted to share. I dont know why, since when i usually share my thoughts, i end up upsetting someone. Maybe thats why i do it. Anyway I sometimes struggle with getting satisfactional dV from my spacecraft. It is mostly due to my inexperience with making spacecraft, because i know people sucessfully make trips to Jool etc. with loads of equipment. I however, not so much. But this doesent change the fact that i think leveling up parts could be fun. For example taking an engine to an orbit around Kerbin gives x amount of XP. and at level 1 it will have various increased stats. Perhaps you could even chose which stat to level up. ISP, reduce weight, increase thrust, and so on. Similar things with solar panels, even batteries you name it. With enough thought put into the concept you could have a myriad of options for leveling up parts. I might add that leveling up parts is a bad name for the mechanic, since you dont actually level them up, you improve upon them, from experience. From using them, you learn how to improve them. Its important tho that a part is recovered before its experience counts. But i there should be some kind of cap or balance so that people cannot send a heap of parts to Jool, and then get level ups too easy.
  9. You get N/A if the engine isnt activated. Engines wont activate if you decouple manually. Maybe thats the problem.
  10. So maybe there should be hatch nodes. Would make interior design easier. But with hatch nodes comes restriction which the goal was to get tid of to begin with.
  11. Hi, I was wondering what would happen if the science lab and hitchiker module for example had the crew hatches and ladders removed, and instead you could place a hatch and ladder for that matter where you wanted.
  12. The time until impact is my favorite thing about this mod. Its so goddamn useful. Oh my god, story time. I was going to Moho for the first ever the other day. With a probe lander. And i decided to just deorbit, and use the time until impact. I had the feeling the number was wrong, i mean i was comming down too fast (i was landing near the poles, they have rough terrain, so i dont blame it.) but i decided to rely on the number anyway. held my breath and didnt start burning until the Time until Impact and Burn time numbers were equal. It was the best freaking landing ever. It slowed down just enough, and hit a slope at the correct angle. The engine blew up, but the landing legs prevailed. It made a 360 spin after the explosion, and landed on the legs. It was awesome. I regret i didnt have any footage.
  13. Would you consider a standalone version of FIrst person EVA?
  14. Alot of games have already switched to Unity 5. But not my favorite. First world problems?
  15. That is some ......... I wanted to put legs on my outpost initiatally but figured whats the point and just land it on its wheels. But the contract didnt complete. Maybe it was because i undocked the lander before the contract completed. I wasnt paying attention. But i suspect something bugged while the game was waiting for Maintain stability for 10 seconds to complete, i undocked the lander, and that confused the game. .... This is the outpost and lander [url]http://imgur.com/a/ElZ49[/url]
  16. Hello, After much effort, i finally landed an outpost on the Mun with wheels, 19 kerbal kapacity and research lab. But after all that work, and many erros, relaunching etc. i even lost an entire crew in the process. Well, finally landed the thing, on its wheels, drove it around but the contract. The contract. The contract didnt complete. It didnt accept the wheel critera. The game does not seem to understand the outpost is in fact on wheels. Anyone know what i did wrong?
  17. Hey Was thinking about how long it takes, not really that long really, when you are making something from scratch and want to test every little detail. Enough wheel? landing legs reach? etc. and you have to revert to SPH, etc. and wait for the loading. What if we could speed up this process? What if there was made a kind of test room that loaded much faster, or even had seemless transition from SPH and back. This way testing vehicles etc. could become well, it would take less time, because the loading time is cut. I know the devs spend alot of time thinking about this in their own development process. The time you wait for code to compile is wasted time. Its the same when creating rockets of course. The time we spend waiting for the entire world to load just because we need to test some wheels or a rover, well, its down time. Anyway i go on too much of a rant. Basically it would be awesome i think with some kind of small test room with minor obstacles for testing rovers and or similar. So you dont have to go to the launch pad every time and avoid the loading time.
  18. The devs should consider adopting this because honestly alot of thought has been put into it and the axial tilt has very interesting side effects. Rarer eclipses which is nice. They become more epic when they happen. The 24h daylight, during summer at the pole. Thats just too good. These small little details is what makes a good game great. The difficulty will be slightly higher, but it shouldnt be an issue once you become affiliated with rocket building and space faring.
  19. Everyone gives great suggestions but i would like to add my own observation. The hitchiker has an edge over the new crew cabin since the hatch is on its side whereas the new crew cabin does not. This is makes the new crew cabin slightly more challenging to use in your builds. But if you know what you are doing it shouldnt be a problem.
  20. I am asuming i have this silent patch since i play KSP via steam. Yet the issue is still there. It would be great if any of you could clarify wether it is a bug or working as intended.
  21. Have anyone else noticed this lately? Is this working as intended?
  22. Basically you can get 2 crew slots for 1 t with the new crew cabin, whereas the hitchiker gives you 4 crew slots for 2.5t. The new crew cabin also has a very high crash tolerance whereas the hitchiker only has 6 m/s. I feel like giving the hitchiker a new unique science experiment or bumping its crew size to 5 will make it more more balanced.
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