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  1. Bump. This carry-over was a must have for me (and I'm assuming a lot of people) in KSP. It stopped working a couple updates ago, I think 2.0 broke it but I'm not sure. I'd love for this to get updated. I'm assuming it's not abandoned since you just updated the plume mod, I'm hoping you can get a version of this up for 2.1 (and I'm sure I'm not alone)?
  2. Man.... I wish I came here over at some point over the last 3 days instead of tried to decipher why my save broke, and when I figured out a way to fix that in the .json file I finally got in and had the same issue with launching rockets. Nothing would launch but I'd hear GUI reactive noises (like hitting escape) on the never-ending load screen, no matter how hard I tried, and I did the same thing, removed all mods but the "Core" ones (including this, Util, and the new dependency). Eventually I took out my BeepinEx folder and I could finally load up rockets on the launchpads so I slowly started returning my campaign and saves back in and came here just to find out that there were those 3 files that needed deleting on the update post. FYI, I'm usually pretty good about following directions, but I grabbed the update through Spacedock and since the deletion instructions were in the changelog but not on the general information tab, I spaced right over it. I was getting some crazy errors too, like a brand new sandbox with a vessel I made that was literally just a Mk1-2 capsule and tried to launch it from the KSC screen (where I had seen some fixes work) and kept getting the "invalid or non-unlocked parts" error. Seriously, I spent probably 14 hours trying to get this work (I'm very hard-headed) and all I had to do was see your message trail... Anyways, mods great, thanks for the hard work! I will eventually turn the hours of debugging and .patch creating into true modding (I'm really interested in learning 3D modeling, figured here or KSP1 may not be a bad place to start), so I'm sure I'll have some use for it down the road
  3. Removed - lack of ability to read on my part apparently when it comes to a mod update
  4. Ahhhh that makes sense. I figured it would just be a "pointer" in the save .json file, but it's never that easy, is it? Guess it's time I start brushing up on one of the languages I'm not quote fluent in (until they implement flag changes mid-game or some other cheeky modder finds an alternate method. Thanks for the response, looking forward to this being in every KSP 2 saves for the next 12 years XD
  5. Sorry if this is a necro, but is this mod still in development? The parts are fantastic and I've been very interested in seeing where this goes. If it's abandoned I appreciate all you've contributed and hope you continue modding in the future!
  6. I love this mod and have added tons of custom country and real life agency flags to my game. However, I found the mod after I had spent a decent amount of time into a science campaign and wanted to switch the my vanilla flag. So I headed to my most recent save file and compared it against a new game with my custom flag chosen from the start of the save and found out that it was only found on the FlagSpriteLocation line and no where else that I could see. So I found that line in my campaign save and copy/pasted the same line with the custom flag location but it will not update in my game. I can't find any other lines within the .json file that would need to be updated so I'm wondering: is it even possible to change your flag mid-game at all? There's no flag data in the .meta file, so I'm at a loss unless someone else knows of a method to do the switch?
  7. Man, you are awesome. Thanks for the info, I'm glad I wasn't too far off. I could plow MM like a boss back in the day and I can't wait to reach the same point with PM
  8. You are awesome. I was actually on the right (well, I thought maybe it had to be editing .json data), but thank you for saving me the time on that! I may make that my first C# project (never programmed with that language before and, although the stock one is quite beautiful, the one I made from Space Engine would be gorgeous). However, I've worked on a part patch for about 3 hours of troubleshooting and is just not taking. I'm attempting to increase the ejection impulse of the radial decouplers in the game. Originally I wanted to just multiply the values by 10 but was running into too many errors I didn't understand in the log so I eventually just landed on a flat "5000" kN for each part. However, no matter how hard I try, I can't get it working. I have tried the following different methods: I have attempted with and without the "EjectionImpulse" line and receive no errors in the log, but they still have default impulse values...
  9. Hey, thank you for the mod! I've been working on my own .patch files and learning the syntax based on the wiki. I can make the part changes I'd like pretty easily, however I'm trying to convert a .konfig file over to a .patch file since I was told Konfig was being/already is deprecated. Could I get some help translating the Mun Rotation (and preferably a Custom Skybox) .konfig scripts over to .patch files? I honestly don't know where to start since I've only just started getting use to this language, but I can't quite wrap my mind around how to make it work. The black skybox and .konfig show that they should work on 0.2, but nothing loads (and I only get on kpatcher line in my log files, and it's a ton of errors). If anyone could help, the .konfig codes are: Mun Rotation Konfig: [Target(Mun)] [Module(CelestialBodyComponent)] [Data(CelestialBodyProperties)] Data.rotationPeriod = 800; Data.rotates = true; Data.isTidallyLocked = false; Module.SetDefinition(Data); Custom Skybox Konfig: [Target(Black)] [Module(Skybox)] [Data(int)] Data = 1024; Thanks for the hard work on this mod. I'll continue to attempt to create the .patch files for the above in the meantime. If I come across a solution I'll update as needed.
  10. Thank you for this amazing mod. I spent hours patching with MM after I understood the syntax but now I'm working on learning how to create the .konfig files and could use a little help with a (hopefully simple) part patch. I would like the radial decouplers to have a much stronger max impulse so I used the solid fuel booster patch example as a framework and tried to work out how to implement this using a language I'm not very familiar with (yet). I came up with the following, but I'm not sure if I have the syntax correct: [Target(decoupler_1v_radial)] [Module(Module_Decouple)] [Data(Data_Decouple)] Data.ejectionForce *= 10; [Target(decoupler_2v_radial)] [Module(Module_Decouple)] [Data(Data_Decouple)] Data.ejectionForce *= 10; I can not get it to update the ejection impulse in-game. Am I on the right track or do I need to attempt this from another angle?
  11. Well that is awesome to hear. If I put my WakaTime from just MM coding for KSP1 public I would likely exile myself for shame. Think I spend more tweaking things than playing lol. Oh, off topic, but your SISS came out amazingly!
  12. As the title states, I'm assuming something akin to Module Manger will come to KSP2, but I just figured I'd throw in a request or (maybe more-so a question) as to if/how/when MM or something similar could be implemented? If I'm able (time allowing) I really want to start modding, maybe using the base mod creation tutorial (obviously I'd have to do some more digging, different game and all) as a base, but I am a script-kiddie at heart and would love to delve into modding for this game at the start. If anyone else reading this has any other guides/systems/programs that would help in this regard I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  13. Really looking forward to module manager (hopefully), that'll be fantastic for player-sided balancing.
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