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  1. Hello @Elon Kerman If you use 0.9.6, you can try to replace 'RocketSoundEnhancement.dll' in 'Plugins' folder by this one : https://github.com/ensou04/RocketSoundEnhancement/raw/master/GameData/RocketSoundEnhancement/Plugins/RocketSoundEnhancement.dll Maybe it will be better for you. This is a patched version made by @ensou04 after the 0.9.6 update. 0.9.6 update made my game very unstable and this patch run it smooth.
  2. Hello @lajtix and welcome to the forum, with this sort of problem if you want any support, you must read this post : So that we need is your Player.log and ModuleManager.ConfigCache files to help you.
  3. Hello @darthvader15001, I'm surprise by this disinterment. I forgot my own mod since KSP integrates his own shiny shader and new textures that came with. To answer you, it was never compatible with restock, because restock use new models with others textures.
  4. Compare the first and last pic, and you can see that reddish light from PlanetShine is visible on ship. (same thing if you are on Kerbin, you will see the bottom of your ship is lit by blue light witch come from ground) PlanetShine create one light when you are close enough from the celestial body which is supposed to send back a light (on the side lit by the sun). For example, when you are on Kerbin, you receive a blue light from the ground and receive no light from Mun. Conversely, when you are on Mun, you receive a grey light from Mun ground and no blue light from Kerbin. Also, when you are in orbit, you can see this is not an ambient light only, because you can see on your ship that there is shadow area between area lit by celestial body and area lit by the sun. When you are on ground it seems that is a ambient light but I'm not sure.
  5. Yes, auto load for tracking station was work good on and still work good after my patch. Besides, we can have a profile for tracking station and another for flight map, because this is two different scene. It's not necessarily useful but it is possible.
  6. Hello @miklkit, this issue is due to "adjustScaledTexture" set to on. Personally, I set it to off (adjustScaledTexture = False) and I use another texture to Kerbin. I adjust brightness, contrast and saturation directly on this new texture and load it in game by a texture replacer mod named DiRT.
  7. Hello @JonnyOThan, I saw you've made a bug report on Github that point on my post : I've found a solution and I sent you a PR.
  8. Profile is firstly exported on Player.log (when UI say it exported on KSP.log) and later on KSP.log Otherwise, I get an issue with profile auto change when I switch from flight scene to map view, UI say : Current scene: FLIGHT map view active: True internal cam active: False Current profile: MyStrongProfileToSeeIfIsActive So info are correct but I can see that my profile isn't loaded (moreover it don't auto load any profile even default profiles). At this stage, if I manually pick this profile again, it's loaded and I can see it. But when I revert back to flight scene and I switch to map view again, I can see no profile is loaded. Also, I can see in my persistent.sfs that MapSceneProfile is set correctly, so it's just an auto load issue. Is there someone else who get this problem ?
  9. I think you meant "when one is installed withOUT the other". Yes it's a fringe case, and today players without Scatterer are very rare. I'm eager to see the new Spectra !
  10. No, sorry mistake from me. I edited it. I especially wanted to draw your attention on this syntax : _MainTex { value = EVEVolumetricsTest/detail1 }
  11. There are so many different configurations for EVE and very little documentations, did you try something like this ? : I don't know if it will help, but your bug is very strange so you need to explore every lead.
  12. So, I'm back. New build seems to work good. Mach Effects Amount at 0% is now saved correctly and the rest seems to work good also. Good job !
  13. Hello, I get some issues with last update (0.9.6). With UI, I can't save Mach Effects Amount. Other settings are saved correctly but not Mach Effects Amount. Each time I'm reload scene, Mach Effects back to 90%. I tried to directly change MachEffectsAmount to 0 in settings file and it work (when I'm reload scene, Mach Effects is to 0%)., but I get no sound from engines and some time the game crash. I'm revert back to 0.9.5 and everything is fine. I haven't been further in my investigations, I thought you may be will know where it from, but if you need more tell me.
  14. Sorry for you @blackrack. Look after yourself, go outdoor and enjoy the sun. After that, come back to us in great shape !
  15. Hello @DfA-DoM, I was never encounter this odd behavior, so I had no chance to show it. Can you explain what do you mean by this ?
  16. Yes, it was me. I asked to know how it work for others who use RSS and RSE. About "physical reality", my words were a little hard but I don't make any judgment, everyone is free to play KSP as they see fit. This is what is the strength of this game. You did well to specify it, I should rather have said: If you prefer to consider camera is virtual and not a physical object. I'm sorry, I had to be tired at that time.
  17. I've made a little video to see what we can expect with RSE and its settings. Don't hesitate to pump up volume !
  18. I was completely forgot that the mach effect can make that what happened to @mateusviccari. I wasn't really sure about atmosphere density or altitude, so I didn't mean to say stupidity. But I suspected that you had done something clever, and in that way RSE can be compatible with any planet by its atmosphere, so compatible with RSS or OPM. Thank you for your feedback. Like @ensou04 said, it must become silent if you set Vacuum Muffling to silent. Normally, sonic boom can only be hear when your ship is over sound speed (mach) AND if your ship is in atmosphere AND if you look this ship from back to front. When you look your ship from back, the camera is behind your ship and this ship (and this camera) goes faster than sound, so camera can't hear sound from this ship, and when you turn this camera around this ship to front you start by hear sonic boom and then the sound of ship. If it doesn't happen like that, it's a problem. If you don't like physical reality (that may seem weird, but real), follow instructions given by @ensou04 just above this post.
  19. Hello @mateusviccari, No, it's not the expected behavior. On Kerbol system it working like we can expect, muffling start at about of 10km and is silent over 45km (of course, when RSE mufler is set to "Silent"). I don't know if RSE muffling depends by air density or by altitude, but in any ways the sound shouldn't come back if your ship altitude increase. I never tested it on RSS, if someone else did it, it would be nice to know how it work for him.
  20. Having the two sounds at 14s and 15s of the video would be great ! For the idle sound it would be nice to have it only when we open gas on full just before launching.
  21. Hello @ensou04, Same for me, only Chatterer as another audio mod. So we can ear it a lot when we switch scene from a manned craft, but it's also obvious when we switch from KSC with stock audio (eg: KSP_SpaceCenterAmbienceDay) or any another scene with stock audio. Also, I noted that more you revert a flight (eg: revert launch), more any scene loading is longer and so, more audio stuttering is longer and this until we restart game. This is certainly a stock issue but it's more obvious when add mods (more things to load), so maybe more RAM can help but it seem to be an issue that is in KSP deep. If this is the case, so maybe hiding misery is the only solution (nuclear option), but if you can found better it would be wonderful ! It seems to me that the old mod "Audio Muffler Redux" had same issue and by take a look on the topic, I found someone that talking about of this: Maybe it can help ? I will try. Except this, RSE make sounds of rockets, rovers, planes or any craft we can build so much immersive ! I've already saying you thank you for the audio mixer, but I also wish to say you thank you for your sounds library (RSEDefault).
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