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  1. Well this bodes well for the further development of KSP. Seriously though, thanks for what you accomplished Harv, without you we would have never had the game in the first place.
  2. Whatever happened to "console porting wouldn't effect main development"?
  3. It's just a cashgrab from Squad because they know they won't be making much more money off KSP anytime soon, and will be damned if they can think of something original.
  4. Aren't those SRBs from that SLS mod someone was working on?
  5. Whoa guys, I'm not sure if this is appropriate for the forum.
  6. Why are you doing it in the stock solar system?
  7. Go easy on the Zimmer kiddo. The animation was actually pretty good though.
  8. Sure, but they've been telling us that a fix is on the way in one week for six weeks now.
  9. If theres one way to make sure you mod never get's finished, this is it.
  10. -Squad -Lack of revenue Pick one. Also, modders have done all those things on their own without being paid.
  11. They've never released a game on the PS4, and haven't released a game for the PC in the last 15 years. Stop shilling so hard sal.
  12. They hired a freaking flash game maker to do this. This is ridiculous. I'm feeling pretty done with Squad right now.
  13. I've been away from this thread for awhile, did the kliper get a release, and did the PPTS get a service module?
  14. Yeah, I noticed this too, all of the games legal/technical stuff seems kinda outdated, if you look at the readme, you'll notice it still has the names of employees who no longer work for Squad on it.
  15. Pretty directly referencing the worst accident to happen in the history of space travel, in the form of an animated clip, does not seem that cool to me.
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