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  1. Rough draft of the first 41 seconds of the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v-eY0RjsChG7WGleNodkl9dZWpu0FTNx/view?usp=sharing
  2. Making overlays is easier than it seems, especially when you're going for a 1985 aesthetic.
  3. Small update. Fixed some small bugs and made the rocket roll before pitching in the script. I'm also deciding if I should make the AMM solar panels rotate. Also added Hull Camera and Vapor Vent:
  4. Been practicing Mars landings again and trying to buff out little details. A few new issues popped up, but nothing that was difficult to fix. This is the closest I've come to landing near Mangala Valles. I think I'm almost ready to fly this mission and film it!
  5. I would have never guessed in a million years that my part lighting problems were owing to an inverted blue channel on my normal map. I'm glad I know some 3D artist friends. The stretched MS-IC does lift the stack with the heavier MEM into orbit, though. After texture touch-ups, I can get back to the final flight tests and then mission planning.
  6. Getting there with the S-IC stretch. It's not going to look like a proper stretch since I'm only stretching one tank, but trying to stretch both is more work because I'd have to remap the textures.. I might try it later on. Speaking of textures, I'll have to get those to work properly along with the retro thrusters (which should require setting up the thrustTransform vectors).
  7. There hasn't been much going on with the mission and project that's report-worthy until now. Last month was mostly upgrading visuals and practicing landing on Mars (again). I am going for a landing style that's true to the book this time, so no using the side covers as air brakes like before. That means adding more fuel to the descent stage, which means more mass for the Saturn VB into orbit. Unfortunately, the current Saturn VB configuration I have doesn't have the payload capacity for the heavier MEM. However, after doing some comparison with my LV to the LV in the novel and doing some research and math, I did find out that the Saturn VB in the novel does use a stretched first stage, which turns out to be the proper proposed Saturn VB I did some flight tests with my LV expanded with some procedural tanks and found that the novel's LV would likely lift the heavier MEM and everything else into orbit. Unfortunately, the procedural tanks don't look right on top of the DECQ parts, and they also impede DECQ's decoupling mechanism between the S-IC and S-II. So I need a stretched version of the DECQ S-IC. I have contacted DECQ to see if he'll make one, but I'm also going to try and stretch his S-IC myself.
  8. I'm finally nearing the point in my project I left it off at. In fact, I might be a tad past it. I did the launch to rendezvous test with the command stack and readjusted RCS and OMM fuel loads. Also properly added parachutes to the Venus probe and tested the Mars lander a bit. Going to have to relearn how to land on Mars. Also tried to squish as many visual bugs as I could, but I can't squish them all because it would take way too much time and effort. The only bug I do want to try and resolve is one where my re-entry trails seem too weak. Might be a setting I need to adjust, though. Not going to bother with the sharp limb/atmospheric "box" issue, though. There doesn't seem to be a solution to that problem anyway, and it might just be a feature of RSSVE. Finally, I've started planning out the video. Might be nearing the end of this long project.
  9. Long time, no update. Took a bit of time off of the project, then started back and kept forgetting to update the thread. So I made a custom docking port so I could use the gendered docking ports from the DECQ Saturn V and NAR_MEM pack. Should have been a quick thing to create and test, but I ran into a really mysterious bug where my custom docking port only engaged when oriented in one direction. Enabling surface attach on the docking port fixed the issue, though I'm not 100% sure how it did. Maybe docking ports have to be surface attachable. After that was docking tests and balancing the RCS load on my AMM. Some minor issues, but docking works. I'm getting close to where I was in the project originally, but it is taking a long time to get back to that point.
  10. Update: Good news is that I updated the autopilot program and made my Saturn VB fly a much smoother and more fuel-efficient trajectory into orbit. I even have the MS-II stage shut off and throttle back like the S-II does on the Saturn V. Bad news is that I tried to tackle a graphical bug where the atmosphere of Earth would vanish when my rockets go above 140 km, and I don't know if I can fix it. I'm using RSSVE. I looked up possible solutions to this problem, but nothing has worked so far. It doesn't help that I'm still using KSP 1.3.1 for this, and it may be impossible to get mod support for an old version like that. Update 6/8/20: Good news: Fixed the disappearing atmospheres bug. Just had the wrong version of scatterer.
  11. Worked on the models and textures of the other two parts. Good textures are hard to make, and the ones I have for these parts I feel aren't adequate, but they'll do for now. I went by the descriptions in Voyage for both of these parts as best I could. Venus Miniprobe: "...a sphere of thick metal" with "vanes on the sphere to make it spin, so that it was stabilized during the fall" with "...tough little windows cut into the surface so that the probe's instruments could see out." The vanes' aerodynamics proved hard to make work in the game, especially under FAR, but I did eventually get them to work along with using an offset CoM for the probe. This is the working vane orientation for the probe. A couple of those vanes are slightly rotated. I also don't have the windows created for the probe because I'm not sure how I want those to look. Overall, I'm not sure of this texture because it looks amateurish (but I am a newbie). I did realize that maybe the miniprobe is supposed to be a variant of one of the Pioneer Venus probes, but not after pretty much finishing work on this probe. OMM Fuel Tank: "...a fat doughnut fitted with a modified Apollo Service Module propulsion system." Thankfully, this was much easier to model and texture: I do want to make the texture better and maybe add more to the surface of the OMM tank, but I feel I have the basic tank design down.
  12. Thank you. I hope I can finish this and make an impressive video. Also, the AMM is finished. Big thanks to fellow modders for helping me learn how to port my part from Blender to Unity to KSP.
  13. Sorry for lack of updates. Been learning Blender with @Tokamak and working on the AMM. Tokamak's been a big help. It also helps that Blender is easy to learn. Still need to texture the part and create a collision mesh.
  14. Rebuilt the Ares Propulsion Stack with DECQ parts! Yep, changed the color scheme on the ET again. Also spent time detailing the aft docking port that will probably never see use.
  15. Good news: My old kOS script still works. Bad news: The PID loops may need retuning since I'm running on a better machine. Code definitely needs changes and improvements such as changing the pitch guidance. UPDATE: Further tests show the PID loops might be fine as-is.
  16. Just a small update. Created a diagram for the AMM, which I plan on creating in Blender. Also had to fix the plumes for the DECQ Saturn V. They either had no RealPlume configs or improper configs. Thankfully, an easy fix. EDIT: I forgot to mention that I might have to edit the launchpad since there are issues with SRBs clipping into parts of the launchpad and causing RUD upon launch. I also want to lower the SRBs so their nozzles are flush with the F-1A engines. Right now, I tend to get an SRB colliding with an F-1A during SRB sep.
  17. Is anyone else getting odd plumes with the RSS/RO version of the F1 engines, J2 engines, and sep/LES motors? Like, for some reason, RealPlume would put a Hypergolic-Upper plume on the DECQ F1. If so, I did write my own RealPlume patch for the F1, and it should work for the insulated F1. I just don't know what config file is tagging the DECQ F1 as "hypergolic." I'll correct the issues with the J2 engine and the sep motors/LES later.
  18. This version works in 1.3.1. EDIT: The RealPlume configs are bugged in RSS/RO, but the rocket flies.
  19. Yeah, I got very technical with this project initially trying to make a near-perfect recreation of it in KSP. I taught myself new things while doing this project, such as what PID controllers were and how you tune them. That stuff was fun, but it took a lot of time, and I started to fear that the project was taking too much time compared to other KSP videos. It's why I started wanting to rush it, which then created a problem of overwhelming myself and worrying about working at a pace faster than what I can do. I also did burn myself out working hard on some of the past stuff. Fun or not, burnout is never good. I also still don't know anything about video editing. That's where this project will slow down for me again. I'm not sure about doing the alternate timeline broadcast now. I wanted to do that when I had the idea of making a whole series of videos on Voyage missions (alternate Apollo 11, wet workshop Skylab, Moonlab, and Apollo-N) and potentially either a miniseries or movie based on the book. I'm not so sure about doing a project on that scale now. At least I'm finally gaining momentum again. I was able to alter the real KSC config files to remove the Space Shuttle tower and place the Saturn VB and associated LUT on SLC-39A. I'm not sure if I can write a module manager config to make the necessary changes to the config files. I looked at it, but I wasn't sure I could tell MM what to change without bugs. I was able to directly edit the config files without any bugs, so I may just leave the config files edited and not bother with a MM patch. Speaking of MM patches, I easily adapted my old throttlable F-1A patch to work for the DECQ F-1A engines. Might do a test flight after properly assembling the Ares Mission Module to figure out a thrust curve for the SRBs and patch that in.
  20. I'll look at that. I currently use Streamlabs for streaming games including KSP. Hopefully, it'll make video editing relatively painless. I've thought more about how I'll do this video. Really want to use the Star Trek: The Motion Picture soundtrack, particularly the VGER (Vejur) bits. I can imagine those fitting well with parts of the Ares mission. The only downside is copyright issues on Youtube, but might have to just not worry about that. I also need to port the kOS launch script over and finish developing the heading to inclination equation. Furthermore, I realized my hypotheses about the abort scenarios might be inaccurate, so I want to change LES jettison to happen after MS-IC sep. Overall, I have a lot of things to redo, but they shouldn't take as long because I already did most of the hard work already. I'll see if I can't get back to work.
  21. Hi everyone. I hope it's okay for me to bump and old thread, but I have updates to my situation, and I also want to gauge any interest in a video being created. Obviously, work on this project took a hiatus owing to personal issues, burnout, and a lack of faith in my current hardware. The good news is that I have a new desktop that can run RSS/RO very smoothly even while streaming. It should be able to record video easily once I figure out how to do it. The only unknown that remains for me is if anyone is still interested in me making a video and future videos. I started this project in 2016 to build my skills in KSP RSS/RO, improve on a video of an alternate history mission I really enjoy, practice coding, and to hopefully start a hobby in making KSP videos. I had a lot of fun working on the series and learning new things, but I just hate seeing the work I did not go towards a complete product. I also worry that if I put a lot of work into finishing this project that the fruits of my labor will go unnoticed. It might be an irrational fear, but part of the drive for me to succeed was the interest people had in my work. I just want to know if there's still interest in seeing a video on the Voyage mission along with potential future RSS videos. I have done a bit of work in KSP using @DECQ's Saturn V and @AlphaMensae's modular launch pads patched with Tweakscale. As you can see, I switched to a tapered interstage between the S-II and MEM to more closely match the description of Ares in the book. I'm still not sure of the real-life stability of the design, but it should be fine in KSP. There's also a crew tube standing in for the AMM. I'm not sure if I'll try to build the AMM with procedural parts like last time or just create my own part via Blender or something. My next step is to put it on top of LC-39A from Kerbal Konstructs after I delete the launch tower that KK puts on there. I might adjust the fit of the swing arms since they are out of place and some don't physically touch the rocket despite being coupled to it.
  22. Not sure if this is Restock+ or Probes Before Crew causing this, but I am getting part test contracts for parts that are marked "soft-depreciated." I was getting frustrated when I would accept a contract to test a RT-1 Mallet only for the contract to fail itself in the VAB. Here is my mod list:
  23. I don't know if this has been asked before, but why aren't 1.25m fairings put in the tree earlier, or even at the start? I personally like having fairings for my rockets, but that's a personal preference. Not requesting a change to the mod. I can change the tech tree myself and have.
  24. I updated the mission to fix a bug where the mission doesn't advance after you dock with the KPM.
  25. What specifically is going wrong? This mod works fine for me in w/ RSS and RO and the patch @Stone Blue found, as in the parts load in the VAB for me.
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