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  1. Oh, shiz. Nice save. I thought this one was going to fall by the wayside.
  2. minipacks worked fine in 1.3.1
  3. State Funding, EvaFuel, KVV. Love yer mod maintenance and creation! +1 Patreon
  4. Forgive the mundane adage, but have you tried restarting the client? it may just be a memory bug.
  5. is there a part required by the contract that isnt on the sat?
  6. So far, Kerbal has costed me 1.7 cents per hour of entertainment.
  7. I do this with ssto rockets. you pretty much have to lock retrograde SAS, enter atmo shallow enough that the engine and fins can take the heat, and not have TOO many fins. I also turn the control surfaces off, as they'll overcorrect and turn you around.
  8. Consider making your payload relatively small at first, too. It's going to be hard to get 12k dV with a 20 ton payload
  9. Personal request: is there a way you can start a transfer, and leave it while people add more modules to KSS/send off the scout ship?
  10. This is kind of my lay way to design station launches. The problem with dragging your load, however, instead of pushing it, is your thinnest part will dangle like a tail if you don't strut the heck out of everything.
  11. 472 pages to say "git gud at gravity turns, nubs"
  12. I can confirm this partially. Couldn't dock to a port i moved with KAS. I suspected a game reload would have cleared it up, but i didnt have the time to troubleshoot. also, apparently my mission post never went though or got deleted from the forum :< Guess I'll redo it whenever the save gets back.
  13. Maint mission to attach first hanger bay to jool ship. Spent better part of two hours realizing im terrible at building/flying space planes before i just reverted to a TSTO Rocket. I release the save: KSS.sfs
  14. I release the save: KSS.sfs It looks ugly now, but starting to add two hanger bays to the jool ship (and get rid of the ugly flat face of the engine nacelles). Oh, and current dV of Jool Ship is ~3700m/s.
  15. Welcome to the forums! Re-entering with spaceplanes can be a bit tricky. With a Pe of no less than 35km, try bleeding off speed by holding the nose of your plane up ~45 degrees. If you went straight in at this height it might burn your nose off, but in this way, you are sharing the heat load a little bit. Make sure you don't have anything with a low head tolerance in your re-entry profile! (mat science container for example, goes in or on "top")
  16. Initiating flat spin Looking for ear-muffs Hotglueing ablative back on
  17. Looks great! Will send up more stuff tonight. Thinking it's time to get back to building onto the Jool ship (and actually calculating how much dV it currently has).
  18. Can you add two halves of a transfer stage to the top and bottom ports, and just drop them in the upper atmosphere?
  19. Alright, I tried my best in the two hours I had to start migrating parts off the Class E. Incidentally, I think I know what's causing the quicksand. I think the rotation momentum is switching between the Class E's core and the station as a whole inbetween warp accellerations. Anyway: KSS.sfs
  20. This happened to me once, but a restart cleared it up. Haven't had the problem since.
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