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  1. * Fix Profanity filter for Kerbal Names in Russian. sounds like a nerf.
  2. what timezone do you mean? Also, even with all dependencies updated to 1.3 i still cant use core b9 module so i'm waiting eagerly :> Have fun whatever you're doing!
  3. Sorry, to bother, but any idea when will HX part pack be updated to 1.3? installing 1.2.2 version causes my game to crash on load and i have quite a few ships with those nifty lights included in the pack
  4. As you may guess from the post title, i have a problem with timewarp causing me to los performance. Whenever i engage timewarp, FPS drops down to 1ps, in the highest gear. I have about 5FPS on 1k timewarp. This coincidentally met with deepfreeze telling me i dont have enough electricity on my craft ot keep one kerbal frozen, despite having 20k EC and a reactor from USI. Does anyone have any idea, if that is the issue? Before i do anything drastic and purge my KSP directory. Modlist in file and screenshots below http://imgur.com/K95mJPn https://pastebin.com/usecMkWb
  5. Mechjeb can be the issue, but I have a workaround. At least for my game. First things first, try to switch to another vessel by a doubleclick. If that does not help, alttab from the game and back into it, and then try to alttab to another vessel again - necessarily one with mechjeb. AFter that, game should go back to normal.
  6. Am i the only one that gets those 2.5m alt-mode engines simply losing power at 3km mark? I cant get past 300m/s at this altitude with three such engines
  7. I seem to have encountered an issue. I have both Atomics and NFE Patch for NFE. And the engine reactors read nothing, making engines useless http://imgur.com/fsMSoc0 What to do with that? Scratch that, it works in vacuum. EDIT: Nevermind that, I still have the same problem, it simply occurs only on SSTOs for some reason. As seen on a screenshot below, I am in vacuum, with power, radiator, fuel (one tank on the engine for test) and yet still the reactor and the engine are not working. http://imgur.com/ecan47t
  8. Thanks for the clarification, however Does that mean there is a possibility that GC will work with MKS without boxes?
  9. I watched a mod review and a presentation, and a question comes up - metals. Seems to be the only resource required to create ships and other things with Ground Construction - does that mean that MKS will put less pressure on exotic mineral and rare metal extraction? Will those only be used to produce machinery and such, and not construction materials? How will GC affect converters? Will there be a USI-specific way to build things on-site without delivering the box? Is earth really round? The mod and it's resource requirements seem MUCH easier than previous material requirements. Unless i'm horribly wrong.
  10. so, we have Ground Construction bundled up - does that mean that EPL is absolutely obsolete? Also, if i have it installed, do i remove it along with USI, then reinstall USI - or do i just get rid of it and not care?
  11. Have i missed an important update removing flexotubes, or did i just install the mod wrong? ;___;
  12. So, i'm fiddling with USI kolonization tools and found myself thinking of colonizing new stars. proceeded to download 1.2.2 compatible star mods. However, the journey cost and time is too damn high! So, i first downloaded Interstellar extended, to see it's many massive radiators, receivers and other things i propably wont use. I was interested in the Warp Drive. I also have Roverdude's warp drive mod. Still, i'd love to see more warp drive mods, as i plan on making big colonising crafts to conquer those new systems. Queue next issue: kerbal transport. As much as i love designing big ships, i realised that transporting kerbals to my ever-growing colonies is not an option all of the time. Money and logistics of such operations can be too much. So, if anyone could point me towards a mod that would allow my kerbal to multiply in numbers in their bases, (preferably compatible with CTT's "colonization" node in 1.2.2) i'd be greatful. o7
  13. Thank you @dboi88, but does that mean i can have a truck with an empty exoticminerals tank and then fill it using that iode alone? Or, is there a math to how much exoticmineral do i get per 1resource from iode?
  14. I think i have missed a few updates, but what are those "resource iodes"? How does one approach them? Do we just point a drill at it and mine? What resource does it yield? How do we check what resources would it yield?
  15. Are there more people who have issue with construction docking ports not joining? I read the issue on gthub and have to say that reloading does nothing for me - instead of locking in the ports were just smooching up a storm. I am also using KJR if that affects anything.
  16. Question: When will we see the mod featured on Umbra Space Industries?
  17. Yeah it's a stock issue, the more you spend in VAB/SPH the more it flickers. You even have obstructed vision of costs/available funds, and stages tend to dissapear. It was widely reported on clean installs, and there is a thread for it somewhere. " No single mod causes the problem and it only happens in the VAB/SPH. " Reportedly, it's also connected to larger numbers of modded parts (even though it persists on clean plays, tested myself). So, not your fault.
  18. So, the new fuel flow thingiemabobber is in. Problem is, i have no freaking idea how to build shuttles anymore :C I was used to the old and clunky system, i had everything balanced and all... But not anymore. Does anyone have any idea how to make shuttles as of 1.2? Or, do we switch to SpaceX and praise our Lord and Saviour Elon Musk?
  19. Dude i have entire UI flickering, especially in VAB o.0. And seems like nobody is mentioning it.
  20. *obligatory CKAN mantra* Also, when will it get own butten on USI page, like any other mod (except for malemute, for some reason).
  21. Seems like you'll make it before christmas. And so, AAA devs will see another loss in sales.
  22. I like how it looks stockalike, but still, it's pretty basic - i already have MKS.
  23. A question for more experienced mod-nauts. Is there a mod, or several mods, that would fit in with Roverdude's kolonization mods, expanding those to a level of self-sustaining and expanding sivilizations on the conquered planets? Preferably one that would fit "civilization" nodes in CTT.
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