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  1. Well, now, I know why it doesn't work. For my sake, I thought about the issue moments after I had the plane undocked from its Eve injection module. I should have thought about it earlier, I'm so stupid That's the Kerbal way of life, all in all
  2. Today, I'm quite proud to have built my first SSTO in my KSP history (I played the 1 for quite a time and never got to terms of doing one myself). It may be a piece of crap for the most advanced builders, but it's working, and I hope it will work when I'll send it to Eve, cause I intend to retrieve 3 stranded kerbals there. (Please, don't spoil me the surprise, I guess it won't be enough to get out of eve, but I want to try it).
  3. Could you follow the contents of this post? I'll look unto your log and hopefully we will be able to find something that will help
  4. It happens to all key bindings. When you launch the game, you have to open the key binding interface and update a binding in order for the key binding to be load to what you saved.
  5. I assume it's a bug. Can you explain your problem with more details?
  6. I can't say exactly if it's related. But I encountered strange behaviors (crashes, unability to launch a vessel from the VAB, etc…). I deleted my game data folder and started from a blank page, and the game was much more responsive, loaded faster, etc… I hadn't that much vehicles in orbit, no more than 5 to 7, and about the same number of debris. But I guess it's expected that the game performs better on a clean save than on one that has multiple objects to track
  7. Seriously, this just smells of troll... Smelling is a cute verb in that case. The guy was so angry he typo'd his own name, and posted in the first section he saw, unfortunately, it's not the correct one for his subject… I think there's nothing to see there.
  8. Seems like a bug where the engine still thinks your ship is landed (can you check that's your issue?)
  9. And a lot of key binding are static Accelerate / Decelerate ground vehicle Move Left / Right a ground vehicle Exit map view Grab ladder Board ship (guess there are more I didn't thought about / discovered)
  10. In my opinion, there's little use to have multiple of these windows opened at the same time, so I would suggest to move them in a tabbed window, where you would have a tab for Engineer report / part manager / etc… This would remove clutter in the VAB, where we need space
  11. That's actually right. But it may be a poetic licence (cause it's beautiful, even if inaccurate)
  12. Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I forgot what I was looking at. Good point. Again, my appologies
  13. Chill up Now that you said that you cannot destroy them from map view either, that's another issue. Because you didn't say so in your first post, and we don't alway think of a hundred ways to solve something. (or sometimes, we miss an obvious one)
  14. Hi. Can you have a look there and post details on your issue?
  15. Yes, because destroying debris from the map view works (for me, and a lot of other players)
  16. It's not really a bug. More likely an habit to take or a suggestion to change that
  17. Sometimes, it happened to me that the Navball was completely stopping from refreshing its indications. Speed, altitude, orientation, nothing is updating. I don't reall know how I reproduce it, I had this on several occasions (entering Eve SOI and trying to create a maneuver, fooling around in jetpack on Gilly. I think mostly it happens when I'm in a certain situation and I try to create a maneuver. In fact, in both case I'm citing, I was on an escape trajectory from a body, and I was trying to create a maneuver node. There must be another condition, because I don't reproduce the bug every time. However, I noticed that error spammed in the game while the problem occurs, and I think that's related : Seems like the game have issue on planning the next orbit conic, thus preventing the navball to update? However, I didn't notice that the physics engine was not working as intended, since I was able to rendez-vous with a vessel orbiting Gilly with my roaming Kerbal with his broken navball.
  18. Lol. It looks like it's the same problem with the KSC popping randomly in space, or even in the KSC (the vertical KSC problem)
  19. This issue may be caused by a lot of different reasons. You should give details about your setup (CPU / GPU / RAM), send in your Player.log file so that we may have a better idea of where the game failed. It can be caused by a large number of things. Just look at this post, just above yours, which is addressing quite a number of cases:
  20. Also, wheels controls are statically mapped to WASD and you cannot change them in the settings
  21. Make that 30. But that's beside the point. It happens everyday that people download a game on Steam and something is missing or corrupted. That's why it's handy to check the files integrity. It does not costs you anything to run it
  22. I'm not sure if that's related to your issue, but the start of my player.log has a little difference that strikes me Did you made a Private division account and successfully logged into it? Are you online when you launch the game? I really don't know if it's related to being online or what, but that's the only thing unusual I see on your original issue (and since you downloaded the game in 30h, I think that may be related). EDIT: tried to start the game without using the PD Launcher, and I didn't had the pduserid argument this time on the command line, and the game started, so that may not have to do with that. I'm a bit at a loss. Did you verify game file integrity on steam, in case something wrong happened during your long download?
  23. My bad. I was only saying that if your system specs are way below requirements, that's probably why the game don't run.
  24. I'm sorry about your issue, but the devs says the minimum is a 5600XT. You should have expect the game won't run on your system .
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